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The Treasure is in the Data - How Three International Brands Found Marketing Gold. Alice Donaldson from Exponential, presented this deck at iMedia Brand Summits, Asia. #imbsummit

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  • 1. Click to add presenter and title Click to add title 1Turn Inc. Confidential Cindy Deng | Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, TURN Move Over, Big Data - It's Time For Big Action 1

2. @TurnPlatform Turn Inc. Confidential 2 In a Digital Media Second... Source: APPs 900 Downloads 6k Tweets 35K Searches 400k Page views 55K Video Views Activity seen by 1,300,000+ a second In a Digital Media Second... 3. @TurnPlatform Turn Inc. Confidential 3 Organizing disparate offline and online data sets to enable action Global Technology Platform Massive Data Infrastructure INTEGRATIONS 10,000,000 Advertiser metadata updates daily 1,300+ User data files ingested daily across 230 clients 70,000,000 Daily audience real-time API pushes DATA 1.5 BILLION device and browser profiles stored 20 TRILLION attributes stored and available for query 100 BILLION data events processed daily 6 PETABYTES real-time data processed CLOUD 162.2 TeraFLOPS global compute power 300,000 events replicated globally each second 21 PETABYTES big data storage 80,000+ CPU cores providing elastic computing services SCIENCE 15 learning algorithms bid prediction, forecasting, budgeting, targeting, and recommendation 30+ targeting categories with hundreds of options available for each one. PMML-based customization an industry first 4. @TurnPlatform Turn Inc. Confidential 4 Solutions for Marketer Empowerment MediaPlanningandExecution Consumer IntelligenceMedia Intelligence Brand Measurement Digital Data Centralization Ensuring optimized ROI with each campaign Helping to create and measure distinction between you and your competitors Understanding the impact of campaigns for future improvements Understanding your audiences through behaviors, intents, and actions Organizing disparate offline and online data sets to enable action Platform Five areas of focus 5. @TurnPlatform Turn Inc. Confidential 5 SUVFour-Door Sedan People who buy four-door sedans are 60% more likely to own an iPad.* Automotive company * Than those who buy SUVs Consumer Intelligence & Media Execution 6. @TurnPlatform Turn Inc. Confidential 6 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Asian Don't speak English Read horoscopes Work in software Live in Las Vegas Widow Physician / Dentist Farmer Over $10M Live in Nebraska Advice-Oriented Self-Directed Self-Directed Predictors Advice-Oriented Predictors Consumer Intelligence: Personal Definition Solution: Find predictive characteristics for each personal defined by offline segmentation models Goal: Tailor website content to resonate with offline persona categories 7. @TurnPlatform Turn Inc. Confidential 7 Consumer Intelligence Personal DefinitionMedia Intelligence: X-Campaign Exposure Solution: Find optimal campaign frequency and duration settings Goal: Lower cost per sale across RTB and Non-RTB buys RTB Media Delivery (Turn-served ad) Real-Time Monitoring (Turn tracking pixels)