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Panama Investment: Invest a minimum of US$300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand US Dollars) in titled Panama real property. This must be equity, as mortgages do not count. based on the Panama Canal and international banking, and the use of U.S. currency, and Panama becomes an easy choice. Altos Escondidos is Panama’s first Eco- Luxury Resort, on the Continental Divide, with views of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Only one and a half hours from cosmopolitan Panama city, with its international banking, world class health care and lively nightlife and casinos, and only 30 minutes away from Why Panama ? Panama offers many advantages for retirement, investment, full-time or part-time living. It’s two long coastlines, emerald-green mountain ridges, off-shore islands, and an abundance of wildlife found in few other parts of the world make it a natural life-style choice. Add in a strong economy the famous Coronado Beach Resort, Altos Escondidos is located atop a cloud- kissed mountain, surrounded by lush tropical forests , more than 18 indigenous orchid species and nature’s beauty and abundance. Panama Self Economic Solvency Visa International investors have the opportunity to obtain Panama legal residency, Panama citizenship (and a Panama passport) by making certain investments in Panama. Contact us: Panama Tel. + 507 391 5440, USA Tel. + 1 646 452 4559, [email protected] w w w . a l t o s e s c o n d i d o s . c o m
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  1. 1. Panama Investment:Invest a minimum of US$300,000(Three Hundred Thousand US Dollars)in titled Panama real property. Thismust be equity, as mortgages do notcount.based on the Panama Canal andinternational banking, and the use ofU.S. currency, andPanama becomes aneasy choice.Altos Escondidosis Panamas first Eco-Luxury Resort, on theContinental Divide,with views of theAtlantic and PacificOceans.Only one and a halfhours fromcosmopolitan Panama city, with itsinternational banking, world classhealth care and lively nightlife andcasinos, and only 30 minutes away from Why Panama ?Panama offers many advantagesfor retirement, investment, full-timeor part-time living. Its two longcoastlines, emerald-greenmountain ridges, off-shore islands,and an abundance of wildlifefound in few other parts of theworld make it a natural life-stylechoice. Add in a strong economythe famousCoronado Beach Resort, AltosEscondidos is located atop a cloud-kissed mountain, surrounded by lushtropical forests , more than 18indigenous orchid species andnatures beauty and abundance.Panama Self EconomicSolvency VisaInternational investors have theopportunity to obtainPanama legalresidency, Panamacitizenship (and aPanama passport) bymaking certaininvestments inPanama.Contact us: Panama Tel. + 507 391 5440, USA Tel. + 1 646 452 4559, [email protected] w w . a l t o s e s c o n d i d o s . c o m
  2. 2. Contact us:Panama Tel. + 507 391 5440USA Tel. + 1 646 452 [email protected] HOTLINE:1 - 646 - 452 - 4559