ChildServe’s Bubble Ball · • Bubble wrap must be core element! – Pick up bubble wrap from...

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Saturday, April 4, 2020 7PM Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center Grand Ballroom ChildServe’s Bubble Ball

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Transcript of ChildServe’s Bubble Ball · • Bubble wrap must be core element! – Pick up bubble wrap from...

  • Saturday, April 4, 2020 • 7PM Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center Grand Ballroom

    ChildServe’s Bubble Ball

  • Bubble Ball Goals

    1.  Have fun! 2.  Raise money to help

    children with special healthcare needs and their families

    3.  Teach people about ChildServe

  • ChildServe’s Mission

    •  We partner with families to help children with special healthcare needs live a great life.


  • About ChildServe

    •  Non-profit organization started in 1928

    •  Locations: –  Ames –  Des Moines –  Iowa City

    •  Over 30 services •  4,600 children served annually

  • By the Numbers

    •  Nearly $1.5 million raised •  1000+ attendees •  100+ models/performers •  120+ designers •  60+ volunteers and

    committee members •  1 memorable night

  • Attending the Event

    •  Anyone solely responsible for creating at least one design –  1 free designer ticket (non-transferrable) – Opportunity to purchase one $50 companion

    ticket •  New This Year: Strict deadline for

    designer and companion ticket requests, due to event demand – Deadline: January 6

  • Attending the Event

    New this year: •  Designers and their

    guest will have assigned seats among the event guests

    •  Plated meal, open bar

  • Design Guidelines

    •  Bubble wrap must be core element! – Pick up bubble wrap from ChildServe

    •  Colors: Pink, Red, Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Brown, Gold, Silver and Clear– small bubble

    •  New this year: Bubble wrap is stored off-site •  Pick up is by appointment only:

    Contact 515-727-1480 or [email protected] to set up a time

    •  Must fit into 2020 design theme

  • 2020 Theme

    Fantastically Magical!

  • Fantastically Magical!

  • Specialty Performers

    •  Specialty acts will perform as part of the show.

    •  To design for one of these performers, check the box on your designer preference form.

  • Designer Preference Forms

    •  List your top 3 design ideas – be specific – We may allow more than one of any

    specific character this year. •  REQUIRED: Submit a photo or sketch •  Optional: Pick a song that fits with magical

    and fantasy •  Submit your design preference form by

    Nov. 15 to [email protected]

  • Models for Runway Designs

    OPTION 1: •  Provide your own. •  When thinking of

    who you want to model, keep in mind that this event is more than just a runway show – it’s about entertaining the audience.

    OPTION 2: •  We will connect you

    with a professional model for free.

    •  Design for a ChildServe child

    •  Contact ChildServe by Jan. 31.

  • Hair & Makeup

    •  Hair stylists and makeup artists for runway models will be available on-site prior to the event.

    •  No charge for appointments •  All appointments must be scheduled by

    contacting Stacey St Ores by January 31 ([email protected])

  • Hair & Makeup

  • Choreography Rehearsals

    •  Runway designers and their models must attend 1 of 3 pre-event rehearsals together. – Held at Franklin Jr. High – March 1, March 8, and March 22 from 2-4pm – The last rehearsal is typically the busiest so

    consider attending the first or second if possible.

    – Rehearsals run first come, first serve, so arrive early if you want to be done early.

  • Choreography Rehearsals

    •  Please come with a plan in mind for your models. There is not a lot of time to work out your choreography during the rehearsals, so be prepared.

    •  Stage layout will be similar to last year. •  Each piece will be on stage for about

    30-45 seconds. Multiple pieces within a design will get more stage time.

  • Choreography Rehearsals

    •  Confirm the spelling of your name and models’ names for event program and show graphics.

    •  Fit your model, if necessary.

    •  Confirm hair & make-up appointments.

  • Design Drop-off

    STATIONARY: •  On-site setup on

    Saturday, April 4th •  8am – 4pm

    RUNWAY: •  Bring your piece with you to the rehearsal

    on Saturday, April 4th

  • Mandatory Day-Of Rehearsal

    •  Runway designers only •  2pm on Saturday, April 4th •  Grand Ballroom of the Community Choice

    Credit Union Convention Center •  MANDATORY, NO EXCEPTIONS •  Run-through of runway show –

    no costumes or hair/makeup

  • Professional Photos

    •  Make sure to have your photo taken in full costume and makeup by our on-site professional photographer

    •  Last year’s photos available on the Bubble Ball Design Guild Facebook group

    •  Bubble Ball books are in production!

  • After the Event

    •  If you wish to keep your designs, take them home after the Bubble Ball on Saturday.

  • Tools of the Trade

    •  Low-heat glue gun •  Non-stick teflon sewing machine presser foot •  Duct tape or clear packing tape •  Velcro •  Modge-podge glue •  Floral pins and styrofoam •  Xtreme wax sticks and wire •  Hair straightener to fuse two pieces together

  • Adding Color

    •  Apply acrylic paint with a small roller for a faster finish than brushing it on.

    •  Most spray paint flakes. Try Plasti Dip instead.

    •  Modge-podge tissue paper onto the back side of the bubble wrap.

    •  Don’t forget, ChildServe has colored bubble wrap available!

  • Online Resources

    •  Visit and click on the “Designers” page

    •  Downloadable copies of info packet/forms •  Photo gallery from last year •  Design inspiration websites and videos •  Links to our designer facebook group and

    pinterest boards

  • Bubble Ball Designers’ Guild

  • Publicity & Social Media

    •  Let us know if you finish your design early! •  Media opportunities may be available. •  Tag @ChildServe and use the hashtag

    #bubbleballdsm in your facebook, twitter, and instagram posts

  • Don’t Forget To...

    •  Make sure we have your email address

    •  Turn in your preference form (if you have it ready) OR plan to email it by November 15

    •  Ask a ChildServe team member for a tour if you’re interested