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  • 1. Meet Our Fairy Tale Characters By: AKW, Room 13 Students
  • 2. If you have met my step sisters you may have heard of me, but you would have never seen me. I do the cooking, cleaning and the rest of the house work. Im forced to wear ragged clothes to make my ugly stepsisters look beautiful. Im beautiful on the inside yet ugly on the outside. The clock struck twelve and I ran out. Yet I was the only one to fit the shoe, so I married the Prince and lived happily ever after. By Timothy Elisara
  • 3. Little Red Riding Hood Little Red was a very helpful, caring and young girl. She was innocent, but very foolish. She had long black hair and bright blue eyes. She was of medium height and wore a red cape, a light blue dress and red chucks. She loved picking flowers and visiting her grandmother. She was very beautiful, but not very bright. She was a great friend to others. If you come across Little Red, be sure to give a wave and say hello. Jess and Natalia.
  • 4. There is a wicked wolf. He is homeless and he lurks around looking for little pigs to eat for dinner. He has long, curled, razor-sharp claws. His big yellow oval eyes glow in the dark. His ribs are sticking out. He has not had anything to eat for a long time so you better watch out. By Jacob Brouwer
  • 5. There was a pig; he is the littlest of all. The little pig has smooth pink skin. He is also nice and kind, but foolish as he made a house of straw. He thought it was good and strong but he was wrong! It fell down like a rock tumbling off a cliff. The pig has learnt his lesson and now never again will he make a house of straw. By Tamara Witchall
  • 6. Baby bear is the cutest, chubby little bear. He is brown with blonde streaks. He is an innocent bear who is harmless and quite sensitive. Hes got bulging big blue eyes that are the colour of the sky. If he gets picked on by anyone he is really sensitive. Baby bear wears a mop of hair. He is really furry. Some of the female bears like Baby Bear because he is so cute. His voice is really innocent; when he speaks it is so quiet that you can hardly hear him. By Eden Purvis.
  • 7. Princess and the Pea The Princess has very sensitive skin. She can feel a pea buried way under the bed. She is very kind and tries to not hurt their feelings when she tells about her bad nights sleep.
  • 8. Snow White Snow White is a princess in disguise. Her kind heartedness and innocence gets her into trouble. She likes to cook and clean and she lives with seven dwarfs. She has short black hair and she wears a blue, white and red dress. She has a wicked step mother that tries to kill her by making her eat a poisonous apple. Snow White is a trusting, loving and kind girl that died in vain. By Magenta Harris
  • 9. Jack who liked the outdoors was of a nimble, slim build. He came from a very poor background and when he was little his Dad disappeared. He was left with only his mother so Jack had to do most of the building and looking after the cattle which he would auction off for money. Jack had only one pair of clothes due to selling for money or tearing while hunting for food. You would be in for a surprise if you were to meet Jack and his beanstalk. By Taine Fleury-Auld
  • 10. An AKW Production