Chicken feed! - LACP Zeimet from Worms ... Not just chicken feed ... lyst manufacturing plant in...

download Chicken feed! - LACP   Zeimet from Worms ... Not just chicken feed ... lyst manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China. The plant,

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Transcript of Chicken feed! - LACP Zeimet from Worms ... Not just chicken feed ... lyst manufacturing plant in...

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    T H E E M P L O Y E E M A G A Z I N E O F E V O N I K I N D U S T R I E S A G 2 / 2 0 0 9

    Chicken feed!

    Evonik employees in Germany, Belgium, and the USA produce amino acids that make animal feed more nutritiousand thereby serve a growing global market

    ComplianceThe significance of the Integrity Code

    North AmericaLockland plant paints a

    picture of innovation

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  • 2 C O N T E N T S

    3 Editorial Weathering the storm

    4 Magazine Evonik in the Chinese aviation industry, new facilities in China, awards for Evonik

    6 Cover story The amino acid DL-methionine makes animal feed economical and environmentally friendly. Business is thriving as a result

    12 Perspectives At a New Years reception in Brussels, Dr. Klaus Engel took advantage of the European stage to present the Group and his ideas about energy efficiency

    14 Compliance/IT Security A new series in Folio makes it clear why compliance is becoming increas-ingly important for every employee

    16 Employee portrait The day shift manager Stefan Drees strikes the right note at work and at play

    18 Reactions Lithium-ion technology is a focus of media interest

    23 Rally puzzle Win one of four iPod nanos

    24 Evonik people Hans-Jrgen Zeimet from Worms

    On the cover: Karsten Bootmann photographed Plant Director Tom De Bruycker on the roof of the methionine plant in Antwerp.

    Readers with questions and suggestions can contact the editorial offi ce at:

    Folio 2 | 2009

    MASTHEADPublisher: Evonik Industries Aktien gesellschaft, Dr. Klaus Engel; Office Manager/Head of Internal Communication: Stefan Haver; Editor in Chief: Sven Scharnhorst (responsible according to press law); Editorial Consultant: Christoph Peck; Art Direction: Wolf Dammann; Managing Editors: Stefan Glowa, Ulrich Raschke; Head of Group Editorial Office: Steffen Henke; Senior Editor: Christof Endruweit; Authors in this issue: Dr. Karin Assmann (ASS), Horst-Oliver Buchholz (HOB), Christine Drath (CD), Oliver Driesen (OD), Christof Endruweit (CHE), Volker Hilbt (VH), Ursula Jger (UJ), Nina Labitzke (NL), Thomas Lange (TL), Anna Mondry (AM), Sven Scharnhorst (SVS), Anna Sieradzki (AS); Address: Rellinghauser Strae 1, 45128 Essen, Postfach 10 32 62, 45117 Essen, Tel. +49/(0)201/177-33 40, internal 992-33 40, Fax +49/(0)201/177-31 81, e-mail:; Picture Editor: Karsten Bootmann; Design: Martin Bartel, Arnim Knorst (head), Silke Mller, Susana Oliveira/Redaktion 4, Hamburg; Copy Desk: Wilm Steinhuser; Translation: TransForm, Cologne; Publishing house: HOFFMANN UND CAMPE VERLAG GmbH, a company of the GANSKE VERLAGSGRUPPE, Harvestehuder Weg 42, 20149 Hamburg, Tel. +49/(0)40/441 88-457, Fax +49/(0)40/441 88-236; Management: Manfred Bissinger, Dr. Kai Laakmann, Dr. Andreas Siefke; Publication Manager: Eva Maria Bbel; Production: Claude Hellweg (head), Oliver Lupp; Marketing: Kirsten Beenck, Tel. +49/(0)40/688 79-139, Fax +49/(0)40/688 79-199, e-mail:; Reproduction: PX2, Hamburg; Copyright: 2009 by Evonik Industries Aktiengesellschaft, Essen. Reprinting only with source credit and voucher copy. The content does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publisher.







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    Energy, Efficiency, EvonikAt the reception in Brussels, Executive Board Chairman Dr. Klaus Engel explained what Evonik is doing to safeguard the energy supply and protect the climatePAGE 12

    Not just chicken feedService and know-how make Evonik one of the leading suppliers of DL-methionine, an essential amino acid in animal feed PAGE 6

    LOCAL NEWS 19 North America Procter & Gamble honors Evonik with

    award; Lockland plant paints a picture of innovation; Sales and Marketing training now available on Plateau; Active Oxy-gens donates to Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization

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  • Weathering the stormGiven the current economic climate, it is difficult for many of us to think beyond the doom and gloom dominating the daily headlines. The economic crisis we face today has created great uncertainty for companies and individuals alike.

    But if we look back at past economic recessions, some firms have emerged from economic downturn stronger than ever. A downturn can present opportunities for companies to reposition themselves, establish new relationships, identify new opportunites and, ultimately, equip themselves for sustainable long term success. We will be one of these companies.

    To successfully navigate through these turbulent times we must take a number of actions including:

    Conserving cash and reducing costs.

    Increasing our competitiveness.

    Recognizing growth opportunities during these times and have the courage to seize them.

    I know the road ahead will be challenging, but at Evonik we have always risen above these challenges. This time will be no different. We will emerge a stronger, healthier and more innovative company.

    3 E D I T O R I A L

    Folio 2 | 2009

    Tom Bates,President Evonik Degussa Corporation

    The Evonik agenda for FebruaryVancouver, February 1112: Evoniks Acrylic Polymers Business Line will be repre-sented at Buildex Vancou-ver in Canada, a trade fair focusing on architecture, construction, and interior decorating.

    Kiev, February 46: The Health & Nutrition Business Unit will be one of the exhibitors at InterAGRO in Ukraine, which will be held this year for the fifth time. At this international trade fair for modern agri-culture, farming, and animal husbandry, trade visitors will be making their purchasing decisions before the start of the growing season.

    New Delhi, February 49: The Plastindia trade fair, which takes place every three years, is a well-known meeting point for leading representatives of the international plastics and rubber industry. The Perfor-mance Polymers and Inorganic Materials Business Units, as well as Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH, will be represented at the fair.

    Canton, February 2426: The latest trends in body care and cosmetics will be presented at the PCHi (Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients) trade fair in China. Evoniks Care Specialties and Advanced Silanes Business Lines will be represented at the fair.

    San Francisco, February 14: At the biggest global trade fair for biodiesel, National Bio-diesel Conference & Expo in California (USA), Evoniks In-dustrial Chemicals Business Unit will demonstrate its ex -pertise in the manufacture of catalysts for biodiesel produc-tion at its locations in Llsdorf (Germany) and Mobile (Ala-bama, USA). Evonik is also one of the trade fairs sponsors.

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  • Evonik named top employerIts official: Evonik Industries AG is one of Chinas best employers. Evonik Degussa (China) Co., Ltd. received three awards for outstanding human resources management in 2008. The most recent award saw Evonik being included with 23 other companies in the CRF international pub-lishing companys list of Chinas Top Employers 2009. The award ceremony in Shanghai on December 15, 2008, was attended by Evoniks Regional President Greater China Region, Dr. Dahai Yu, and employee representatives. A total of 386 companies competed for the award. The award jury praised Evonik Degussa (China) Co., Ltd.s outstanding internal training program, transparent communication structure, and flat hierarchies. This award honors the positive working environment weve created, which is an indispensable element in our ability to recruit and retain talented young people, said Yu.

    Targeted sales activities becoming more importantThis years International Sales (IS) winter colloquium focused on concepts and instruments for supporting sales at the Business Units. Patrik Wohlhauser, Chairman of the Board of Management of Evonik Degussa GmbH, with responsibility for Marketing, Sales, and Innovation, emphasized the importance of IS in a speech he gave at the colloquium: Especially in uncertain times like these, International Sales has to take on the difficult task of supporting the Business Units and the Business

    Lines as they seek to continue managing their businesses at a profit. Volker Grunwald, President Inter-national Sales, was also on hand at the event, where he underscored the importance of high-end selling in the form of key account and strategic account management: We need highly qualified people in this area if we want to achieve top performance and top business results. Grunwald also pointed out that low-cost selling will also become much more relevant because smaller customers around the world can be better served by retailers. Channel management is already moving in a very promising direction here, he said.







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    The names PLEXIGLAS SOUNDSTOP, ccflex, ROHACELL, and SOLIMIDE are protected brands of Evonik Industries AG or its subsidiaries, and are written in capitals in the text.

    Volker Grunwald (right) and Patrik Wohl-hauser agree on the great importance of Inter-national Sales




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    Evonik is constructing two new facilities in the Shanghai region. The photo shows the Oriental Pearl Tower

    Evonik building three new facilities in ChinaCatalyst plant in ShanghaiEvonik Industries has begun