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Chichester is a Cathedral City built by the Romans.

It is in the county of West Sussex on the South Coast of England.

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The Walls

Chichester's city walls were built by the Romans in the late 3rd century and still surround the City today.

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Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral is the tallest building in Chichester and was built in the 11th Century.

There is a shrine to St Richard in the Cathedral who was the Bishop of Chichester.

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The Cross

The market cross is in the centre of Chichester.

It was built in 1501 as a shelter for the market traders.

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Chichester festival Theatre

Chichester Festival Theatre opened in 1962. It is unusual because it is in the shape of a hexagon and people sit around the stage.

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St Richard’s Catholic Church is situated right next to our school near the centre of Chichester.

Catholic Church and our School

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West Wittering beach and the Marina

West Wittering beach is one of the nicest beaches in the country.

There is also a marina which is the second biggest in the country.

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Goodwood is just outside Chichester and has a famous motor racing circuit and horse racing track.

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Museums and GalleriesChichester has a new museum called the Novium. It also has an Art gallery called Pallant House which has works of art by Lucien Freud, Howard Hodgkin and Peter Blake.

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Parks and sport

There are a lot of parks in Chichester. One of the biggest and the most famous is Priory park where Chichester Cricket Club play. Oaklands park is where Chichester Rugby Club and Chichester Football Club play.

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The shops

The shops in Chichester are really brilliant. Here are some examples; The Oldie sweet shop, Clares, Boots, Kids stuff toys, Fat face , The swift bakery, Paper Chase, Zizzis and last but not least New look.

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University and hospital

Chichester also has a hospital called St Richard’s hospital and a University