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  • 8/20/2019 Cherry Hill - 1021.pdf

    1/28 OCT. 21–27, 2015 FREE

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    Ethan Schwartz and Lexi Agnew pick pumpkins at Cherry Hill Township’s annual Harvest Festival on Sunday, Oct. 21. The festival, fea- turing Fire and Life Safety Day, gave residents a chance to pick pumpkins, try some arts and crafts, meet members of the Cherry Hill Fire and Police departments, listen to live music and more. For more photos, please see page 15.

    Picking perfect pumpkinsCH East girls tennis team

    captures sectional

    title with win By MIKE MONOSTRA

    The Sun

    Last Tuesday’s South Jersey Group IV championship between Cherry Hill East and Lenape was a grudge match in many ways.

    It was the third straight year the two teams faced off for the title. In 2013, Cherry Hill East won, 3-2. In 2014, Lenape returned the favor with a 3-2 win of its own.

    In 2015, it was Cherry Hill East that was able to snatch the cham- pionship back from Lenape.

    The Cougars won their second South Jersey Group IV champi- onship in three years, edging Lenape, 3-2, to win the sectional.

    The victory was due in part to the efforts of Cherry Hill East’s senior class, which wanted to make its last playoff run one to remember.

    “We just stepped up and played very well today,” senior third sin- gles player Rachel Pham said.

    Avenging last season’s heart- breaking championship match

     please see GRUDGE, page 21

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    A Cherry Hill-based travel baseball team has been scoring a lot of runs while helping those fighting breast cancer in October.

    The South Jersey Storm, a 11- 12-year-old youth baseball team, is doing a unique fundraiser in October where it is raising money for the Tyanna Foundation, a

    nonprofit dedicated to providing education, support services, care and more to those with breast cancer.

    Cherry Hill resident Debra Janove helped start the South Jer- sey Storm earlier this year with her husband Jerry. Playing in their first fall season, they want- ed to do something for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Oc- tober.

    “I didn’t want them to just have pink shirts,” Debra said.

    Players on the team and par- ents shared ideas on ways they could help others during the sea- son. They decided to donate to the Tyanna Foundation and to raise money based on how they played on the field. The team is donating $5 for every run it scores during one of its games.

    “I thought it was a really cool idea,” said Drew Savett, a Cherry

    Hill resident and one of the play- ers on the Storm. “It’s a great way to raise breast cancer awareness and raise money.”

    Debra and Jerry’s son Josh was excited when the team decid- ed to tie the fundraiser to the team’s offensive performance. He said this gave his team extra mo- tivation.

    “When I heard about the run thing, it made me want to score more runs because I know it’s going to a good cause,” Josh said.

    The team has played in a num- ber of tournaments since the be- ginning of the fundraiser and has attracted attention with its pink camouflage jerseys. Savett said the jerseys have attracted a lot of  attention from other teams.

    “One of the teams from the past tournament, when we were

    2 THE CHERRY HILL SUN — OCT. 21–27, 2015


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    Baseball team scores in bunches to raise money for breast cancer awareness

     please see TEAM, page 22

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    Deal Direct With The Owner

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    Camden County

    856-424-1610 Burlington County 


     Ser ving  So u th

     Jerse y since 1 97 5

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    The Winner of the 2014

    Certainteed Siding Award of Excellence

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    4 THE CHERRY HILL SUN — OCT. 21–27, 2015

    The Cherry Hill Police Depart- ment recommends that families trick-or-treat between the hours of 3 and 7 p.m. this Halloween, Saturday, Oct. 31, to ensure a safe, healthy and fun holiday for all.

    These are the same hours that have been recommended in past years. A 7 p.m. curfew is suggest- ed for children under 18 not ac- companied by an adult on Friday, Oct. 30, and on Halloween, and po- lice in marked and unmarked

    cars will be patrolling local streets, along with fire and emer- gency personnel and Neighbor- hood Watch Groups.

    Additionally, Cherry Hill Po- lice have issued the following rec- ommendations to ensure the safe- ty of trick-or-treaters, drivers and neighbors:

    • Keep exterior lights on throughout the night

    • Keep pets inside • Make sure cars are locked or

    in the garage

    • Watch for suspicious activity • Have children trick or treat in

    groups, and escort them in famil-

    iar neighborhoods only • Avoid masks that restrict vi-

    sion – if the child is bike riding, avoid masks altogether

    • Remove outdoor objects trick- or-treaters might trip over

    • Use caution throughout the evening, driving slowly while traveling on Halloween

    The National Confectioners As- sociation also recommends the following safety tips:

    • Wear light-colored clothing

    that is short enough to prevent tripping and add reflective tape to the sides, front and back of cos- tumes

    • Adults should accompany young children

    • Go in daylight and carry a flashlight in case of delay

    • Watch for traffic • Only give and accept wrapped

    or packaged treats • Examine all candy before al-

    lowing children to eat it • Avoid hard plastic or wooden

    props such as daggers or swords. Substitute with foam rubber, which is soft and flexible

    Police set trick or treating hours

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                 

           

       

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    Cherry Hill Township will host a shred- ding and recycling day on Sunday, Oct. 25 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Cherry Hill Public Works, 1 Perina Blvd.

    Residents will be able to shred their per-

    sonal documents safely and securely. Theevent is for resident only, no businesses permitted. There will be maximum of  three boxes allowed per vehicle for shred- ding.

    Residents can also bring numerous items for recycling. Single stream recy- cling, CFL light bulbs, electronic waste, rechargeable batteries, plastic bags, tires, used oil and car batteries can be recycled. For one-time only, residents will also be al- lowed to recycle rigid plastics.