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Transcript of Character: Nosferatu Archetype: Setting/Sect · PDF file Nosferatu Character Portrait...

  • Nosferatu Character Portrait


    (Assign 7 dots to your primary attribute, 5 to your secondary, and 3 to your tertiary. Choose one focus in each attribute.)



    Physical Bonus Attributes ¨Strength ¨Dexterity ¨Stamina



    Social Bonus Attributes



    Mental Bonus Attributes

    ¨Charisma¨Manipulation ¨Appearance ¨Wits¨Intelligence¨Perception

    Academics___________ Animal Ken__________ Athletics_____________


    Performance__________ Performance__________ Science______________


    Empathy____________ Firearms_____________ Intimidation__________


    SKILLS (Choose one skill and assign 4 dots. Choose two, and assign 3 dots each. Choose three, and assign 2 dots each. Choose four, and assign 1 dot each.)

    Awareness____________ Brawl_______________ Computer____________


    Science______________ Security_____________ Stealth______________


    Investigation__________ Leadership___________ Linguistics___________


    Crafts_______________ Crafts_______________ Dodge______________


    Streetwise____________ Subterfuge___________ Survival_____________


    Lore________________ Medicine____________ Melee_______________


    Drive_______________OOOOO ___________________Occult______________OOOOO

    Backgrounds (Assign one background 3 dots. Assign a second

    background 2 dots. Assign 1 dot to a third.)

    Disciplines (Choose one in-clan discipline and assign it 2 dots.

    Assign 1 dot to each of your other in-clan disciplines.)

    Merits & Flaws (Buy up to 7 points of merits and 7 points from flaws.)

    _____________________ ___ _____________________ ___ _____________________ ___ _____________________ ___ _____________________ ___ _____________________ ___

    _____________________ ___ _____________________ ___

    ___________________ ___________________ ___________________


    ___________________ ___________________ ___________________



    ___________________ ___________________ ___________________


    ___________________ ___________________ ___________________


    ___________________ ___________________


    _____________________ ___

    Willpower Morality

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6


    Blood (Generation determines maximum blood,

    and limits blood spent per turn.)

    ¨¨¨¨¨ ¨¨¨¨¨ ¨¨¨¨¨

    ¨¨¨¨¨ ¨¨¨¨¨ ¨¨¨¨¨

    • 10/1, •• 12/2, ••• 15/3, •••• 20/4, ••••• 30/5


    Health Levels (Incapacitated characters lose their simple action.)

    Common Test Pools Beast Traits ¨¨¨ ¨¨¨

    Incapacitated ¨¨¨

    Healthy Injured

    Status ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________

    (Initiative is your higher attribute: Mental or Physical.) (Pools are your Attribute + Skill(or WP) + Wild Card)

    Initiative:_____________ (All Beast Traits are removed after a day's sleep.)1 — Wrong Another, 2 — Inflicting Injury, 3 — Killing, 5 — Heinous Acts 1 Beast Trait

    Rage: Test if you take 4 damage; Hunger: Test if out of blood; ¨

    Fear: Test if immersed in fire or sunlight. 2 Beast Traits

    Rage: Test at 3 damage; Hunger: Test if blood is below 1/3; ¨

    Fear: Test if burned by fire or sunlight. 3 Beast Traits

    Rage: Test at 2 damage; Hunger: Test if blood is below 1/2; ¨

    Fear: Standing too close to fire or sunlight. 4 Beast Traits

    Rage: Test if you take any damage; Hunger: Test if not at full blood; ¨

    Fear: Seeing sunlight or fire larger then a lighter. 5 Beast Traits

    Lose a permanent point of Morality. ¨

    Difficulty Scale: Easy —5, Standard —8, Difficult —15, Challenging —20, Epic —30


    Character: Player: Archetype: Title: Setting/Sect:

    (Characters begin play with 6 Willpower.) (Characters begin on Humanity, with a Morality of 5.)

    Character Sketch 1: name: player: title: sect: dot1: Off dot2: Off dot3: Off dot4: Off dot5: Off dot6: Off dot7: Off dot8: Off dot8a: Off dot8av: Off dot9: Off dot10: Off dot11: Off dot12: Off dot13: Off dot14: Off dot15: Off dot16: Off dot16a: Off dot16av: Off dot17: Off dot18: Off dot19: Off dot20: Off dot21: Off dot22: Off dot23: Off dot24: Off dot24a: Off dot24av: Off dot25: Off dot26: Off dot27: Off dot28: Off dot29: Off dot30: Off dot31: Off dot32: Off dot32a: Off dot32av: Off dot33: Off dot34: Off dot35: Off dot36: Off dot37: Off dot73: Off dot74: Off dot75: Off dot76: Off dot77: Off dot81: Off dot82: Off dot83: Off dot84: Off dot85: Off dot89: Off dot90: Off dot91: Off dot92: Off dot93: Off dot97: Off dot98: Off dot99: Off dot100: Off dot101: Off dot105: Off dot106: Off dot107: Off dot108: Off dot109: Off dot113: Off dot114: Off dot115: Off dot116: Off dot117: Off dot121: Off dot122: Off dot123: Off dot124: Off dot125: Off dot129: Off dot130: Off dot131: Off dot132: Off dot133: Off dot137: Off dot138: Off dot139: Off dot140: Off dot141: Off dot145: Off dot146: Off dot147: Off dot148: Off dot149: Off dot153: Off dot154: Off dot155: Off dot156: Off dot157: Off dot161: Off dot162: Off dot163: Off dot164: Off dot165: Off dot169: Off dot170: Off dot171: Off dot172: Off dot173: Off dot177: Off dot178: Off dot179: Off dot180: Off dot181: Off dot185: Off dot186: Off dot187: Off dot188: Off dot189: Off dot193: Off dot194: Off dot195: Off dot196: Off dot197: Off dot201: Off dot202: Off dot203: Off dot204: Off dot205: Off dot209: Off dot210: Off dot211: Off dot212: Off dot213: Off dot217: Off dot218: Off dot219: Off dot220: Off dot221: Off dot225: Off dot226: Off dot227: Off dot228: Off dot229: Off dot233: Off dot234: Off dot235: Off dot236: Off dot237: Off dot241: Off dot242: Off dot243: Off dot244: Off dot245: Off dot249: Off dot250: Off dot251: Off dot252: Off dot253: Off dot257: Off dot258: Off dot259: Off dot260: Off dot261: Off dot265: Off dot266: Off dot267: Off dot268: Off dot269: Off dot273: Off dot274: Off dot275: Off dot276: Off dot277: Off dot281: Off dot282: Off dot283: Off dot284: Off dot285: Off dot289: Off dot290: Off dot291: Off dot292: Off dot293: Off dot297: Off dot298: Off dot299: Off dot300: Off dot301: Off dot305: Off dot306: Off dot307: Off dot308: Off dot309: Off dot78: Off dot79: Off dot80: Off dot86: Off dot87: Off dot88: Off dot94: Off dot95: Off dot96: Off dot102: Off dot103: Off dot104: Off dot110: Off dot111: Off dot112: Off dot118: Off dot119: Off dot120: Off dot126: Off dot127: Off dot128: Off dot80a: Off dot88a: Off dot96a: Off dot104a: Off dot112a: Off dot120a: Off dot128a: Off dot80av: Off dot88av: Off dot96av: Off dot104av: Off dot112av: Off dot120av: Off dot128av: Off dot313: Off dot314: Off dot315: Off dot316: Off dot317: Off dot321: Off dot322: Off dot323: Off dot324: Off dot325: Off dot329: Off dot330: Off dot331: Off dot332: Off dot333: Off dot337: Off dot338: Off dot339: Off dot340: Off dot341: Off dot345: Off dot346: Off dot347: Off dot348: Off dot349: Off dot353: Off dot354: Off dot355: Off dot356: Off dot357: Off dot361: Off dot362: Off dot363: Off dot364: Off dot365: Off dot369: Off dot370: Off dot371: Off dot372: Off dot373: Off metatcheck1: Off metatcheck2: Off metatcheck3: Off metatcheck4: Off metatcheck5: Off metatcheck6: Off metatcheck7: Off metatcheck8: Off metatcheck9: Off beastcheck1: Off beastcheck2: Off beastcheck3: Off beastcheck4: Off beastcheck5: Off check1: Off check2: Off check3: Off check4: Off check5: Off check6: Off check7: Off check8: Off check9: Off check10: Off check11: Off check12: Off check13: Off check14: Off check15: Off check16: Off check17: Off check18: Off check19: Off check20: Off check21: Off check22: Off check23: Off check24: Off check25: Off check26: Off check27: Off check28: Off check29: Off check30: Off check31: Off check32: Off check33: Off check34: Off check35: Off check36: Off check37: Off check38: Off check39: Off skills1: skills2: skills3: skills4: skills5: skills6: skills7: skills8: skills9: skills10: skills11: skills12: skills13: skills14: skills15: skills16: skills17: skills18: skills19: skills21: skills22: skills23: skills24: skills25: skills26: skills27: skills28: skills29: skills30: skills20: status1: status2: status3: status4: status5: status6: status7: status8: initiative: CTP1: CTP2: CTP3: CTP4: CTP5: CTP6: CTP7: CTP8: CTP9: CTP10: CTP11: CTP12: CTP13: CTP14: CTP15: CTP16: CTP17: CTP18: CTP19: CTP20: CTP21: CTP22: CTP23: CTP24: CTP25: archetype: [ ] back1: [ ] back2: [ ] back3: [ ] back4: [ ] back5: [ ] back6: [ ] back7: [ ] disciplines2: [ ] disciplines3: [ ] disciplines4: [ ] disciplines5: [ ] disciplines6: [ ] disciplines7: [ ] disciplines8: [ ] disciplines1: [ ] Morality: [ ] meritsflaws1: [ ] meritsflawscost1