Chapter 5 Sketching Applications. Introduction Sketching (i.e., freehand drawing) –Drawing without...

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Chapter 5 Sketching Applications

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Transcript of Chapter 5 Sketching Applications. Introduction Sketching (i.e., freehand drawing) –Drawing without...

  • Chapter 5Sketching Applications

  • IntroductionSketching (i.e., freehand drawing) Drawing without drafting equipmentOnly paper, pencil, and an eraser neededFast, visual communicationAsset for communicating technical concepts

  • IntroductionSketching may be used by:DraftersComputer-aided draftersArchitectsDesigners

  • Sketching Tools and MaterialsPencils Should have soft leadCommon No. 2Mechanical pencil with H, F, or HB leadAutomatic 0.7-mm or 0.9-mm pencil with F or HB leadPoint should be slightly roundedPaperAlmost any type works

  • Sketching Straight Lines

  • Sketching Circular LinesTechniques:Trammel methodHand-compass methodNail-and-string method

  • Measurement Lines and ProportionsAll lines are related in sketchesSize and directionSketches should be proportionalActual size depends on paper and sketch sizePencils May used as a ruler for measurement

  • Measurement Lines and Proportions (contd.) Blocking Helps determine shapes and proportions

  • Introduction to Multiview SketchesMultiview projectionViews of an object as projected upon two or more picture planes in orthographic projectionElevation viewsTwo-dimensional views established by a line of sight perpendicular to the object surface

  • Isometric SketchesProvide a three-dimensional (3D) pictorial representation of an objectIsometric lines are on or parallel to one of the three original isometric axesCircles and arcs appear as ellipses

  • Orthographic ProjectionProjection of features of an object onto an imaginary plane (i.e., plane of projection)Projection of features is made by lines of sight perpendicular to the plane of projection

  • Multiview ProjectionEstablishes two or more views of an object as projected on two or more planes Uses orthographic projection techniquesElevationsTwo-dimensional exterior views of a structureProper view selectionSix primary views

  • Projection of Features from an Inclined PlaneIn multiview projection, features of objects that are: Parallel to projection planes appear true size and shapeNot parallel to projection planes are foreshortened, and not in true size and shape