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This is a short presentation I gave to teachers at Sts. Philip and James School New York by Skype on February 26th 09

Transcript of Changing Classrooms Globally

  • 1. Changing Classrooms Globally professional blog: presentation resources: presented by: Paul McMahon

2. Constantly looking for 3. Learning Preferences

  • Children were presented with another list and asked which three were their preferred ways to learn. Similar to previous years survey findings, the favourite option is learningin groups (55%), followed bydoing practical things (39%), learning with friends (35%) and by using computers (31%).

4. 5. Far too much ofthis 6. Lead me back tothis 7. What is the Purposeof Education? 8. increasinglydigital 9. Is Technology just one item in theToolbox? 10. Too many choices for Teacher PD 11. Need a bit more than thecelebrity chefmeal 12. Now thingschanged! 13. 14. 15. bloomsrevisedtaxonomy Remember Understand Apply Evaluate Create 16. Rethinking Assessment 17. Going back ishard! 18. 19. It may not be all about theMarks! 20. Learning Sources

  • When asked to choose the three people that help them learn the most, a majority of schoolchildren opt for their parents: over three in five choose theirmother (62%) and half saytheirfather is one of the most helpful people (50%). Despite the fact that most structuredlearning tends to happen at school, less than half of children thinktheir teachers help themlearn the most (44%). Other commonly-cited sources include friends, siblings andgrandparents.

21. He isLucky! 22. validating sources of online information cybercitizenship being secure online managing online profile using social networks Etc. effective search strategies using social bookmarking 23. technology embedded 24. Maybe the same endpoint Via adifferentjourney 25. 26. 27. using technology successfully in the classroom is a mindset not a skill-set 28. whats thenext stepfor you? 29.

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