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Changes in Habitats by Denise Carroll Lets Save Our Earth! Slide 2 Habitat The place where an animal or plant lives and grows is called its habitat. A habitat is where and animal finds the food, water, and shelter it needs to live. Slide 3 How are animal habitats destroyed? Droughts Floods Lightning and Forest Fires Land, Air, or Water Pollution Storms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes Trees are cut down to build houses, buildings, roads, furniture, and paper products. THINK: What would happen if an animals habitat was destroyed? Many habitats are destroyed by people or by nature. Slide 4 Habitats are destroyed by... Droughts are when an area does not get rain for a long time. The ponds or streams will dry up. Most pond plants will die. Many pond animals die or move to other ponds. Some crops will not grow. Slide 5 Habitats are destroyed by... Floods are when an area gets a lot of rain for a long time. Plants and animals get too much water. Many plants die. Many animals die or move to drier places. Slide 6 Habitats are destroyed by... Sometimes lightening strikes a tree in a forest, causing forest fires. Plants and trees are burned and destroyed. Some animals die, others may be able to move quickly to safer places. It takes many years for a forest to grow back. Slide 7 Pollution Pollution is waste that harms land, water, or air. Pollution is harmful to people, animals, the environment, and destroys many habitats. 1. Land Pollution 2. Air Pollution 3. Water Pollution Slide 8 Habitats are destroyed by... Land pollution effects the land destroying life, the environment, and its habitats. Trash that people do not put in a trash can is called litter. Litter kills plants and causes animals to get sick or die. We need land to grow our food. Slide 9 Habitats are destroyed by... Air pollution effects the air we breathe. Plants and animals need clean air. Factories and cars put harmful smoke and fumes in our air. Air pollution causes major damage to our health and the environment. Forests are natures air cleaner. We need forest to help keep the air clean. Slide 10 Habitats are destroyed by... Water pollution effects the water and marine life. Water pollution destroys water habitats. Water pollution has caused animals to become endangered. All living things need clean water. Water is natures perfect drink! Water is a valuable resource that no one could do without. Slide 11 Habitats are destroyed by... Storms Hurricanes Tornadoes Slide 12 Habitats are destroyed by... Pollution Litter Construction: new houses, buildings, and roads Clearing forest to make wood and paper products. Droughts Floods Lightning and Forest Fires Storms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes PeopleNature Slide 13 Think: What would happen if an animals habitat were destroyed? Slide 14 Endangered or Extinct? The number of people in the world is growing at an alarming rate. But this is not true for all animals. In some cases, there are only a few of one type of animal left in the wild. These animals are endangered, or at risk of dying out. If they die out completely, they become extinct. Slide 15 Why does this happen? There are lots of reasons why animals become endangered or extinct. The most common are: loss of habitat (forests cut down, rivers drying up). pollution poison the animals. hunting (for sport, their fur, tusks or meat). Slide 16 Caring for the Environment It is in our own best interests to look after the world we live in. If a habitat is lost or damaged, it has an effect on everything. Remember - once something becomes extinct, its gone forever! Slide 17 Think: What can you do to help the environment? Recycle means to change something so it can be used to make something new. Reuse means to use something more than once. Recycle or Reuse Slide 18 Ways People Help the Environment Plant trees Recycle or reuse things Dont litter Dont pollute Walk or ride a bike Develop national parks Learn more about habitats Making laws to protect habitats Setting aside land for wildlife People can take care of their environment and keep it clean. Slide 19 Congratulations! You are on your way to building a safe and healthy environment for us to live. Slide 20 Resources