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Leisure homes are which gives you a pleasant stay during your vacation. It should be a place which gives you and your family happy moments away from the day to day tension and work. This house should posses a greater interior design, living room with black and white combination is very trendy now-a-days, and red will give energy and every colour has its own effect on our mood. Bedrooms should be colourful and spacious, so that we can sit there and have a cup of tea, kid’s room should be playful; cartoon characters painted on the wall and filled with lots of toys. Talking about bathroom, we just don’t bath in there; a spacious bathroom can be utilized as a place of rest, exercise or a little romance. Kitchen is the root of a house, most of the people prefer to have outdoor kitchen for their leisure homes. This always gives a greater ambiance; outdoor cooking, dining in the garden enjoying the fresh air. Balcony should always open to a greater view like hills, water fall or a garden. If we have a little garden, placed with a table and chair, it will give us immense pleasure. A combination of all these will make a perfect leisure home.

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