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Transcript of CGI

  • 1. CGI
    • Computer-Generated Imagery
  • By: Josh Watson

2. What is it?

  • application of computer generated graphics into...
  • 3D computer graphics
  • special effects in film
  • television shows
  • commercial
  • simulators
  • video games usually use real time computer graphics, but any games with video clips or film mostly use CGI

3. Why is it used?

  • it is used to make manipulating visual effects a lot easier
  • you can change little things a lot easier then other then such things as miniature models
  • also allows the creation of images that would not usually be able to be created with other technologies
  • gives a single computer artist the capability to create such scenes without actors or scenes, simply a computer
  • since CGI began, it has given small companies and artists the chance to create amazing films, games, and other art from their own home

4. How does it work?

  • an image that has been taken from a CAD(computer-aided design) file
  • converted by computer software that manipulates the lighting and reflections
  • this then creates a photorealistic image
  • itcombines 3D models of objects and hand "keyframed" movements
  • models are constructed out of geometrical vertices, faces, and edges in a 3D coordinate system
  • objects are moulded much like real clay, working from simple forms to specific details with various sculpting tools
  • a bone/joint animation system is set up to deform the CGI model
  • in a process called rigging, the virtual doll is given many controllers and handles for controlling movement
  • animation data can be made usingmotion capture , orkeyframingby a human animator

5. The first bit of CGI 1980s 1980s

  • first used in movies in 1973, Westworld
  • first use of 3D wire framing in the sequel in 1976, Futureworld
  • Stars Wars then used it for the wire framing of the Death Star and for the Millennium Falcon
  • Black Hole used raster( formation consisting of the set of horizontal lines composed of pixels that is used to form an image on a CRT ) wire framing to create the simple image of a never ending black hole
  • 1982- Tron & The Last Star Fighter were the first two full films of use of CGI for visual effects, but directors seemed to think that they were trying to make it look computer generated and did not like it

6. 1990s

  • 1991- Terminator 2(Best Visual Effects) & Beauty and the Beast(Best Picture) had seamless CGI integrated into scenes
  • 1993- Jurassic Park, where they used big puppet dinosaurs on set and used CGI to make them real. Babylon 5 & SeaQuest used CGI as their #1 way of visual effects
  • 1994- Forrest Gump, CGI was used to input him into many historical events, and also make the ping pong ball move faster then it actually was
  • 1995- Toy Story was the very firsttotally computer generated film

7. 2000s (the creation of new CGI)

  • CGI became the #1 source for visual effects
  • it was possible to create a virtual stunt double
  • camera tracking- where an actor could wear bright colour dots on the moving parts of his/her body and the camera would then track the movements of those dots (EX: Video games such as NHL, NFL, FIFA, games where they want to collaborate a real persons actions into a game)
  • flocking- or crowd simulator software, where the animator can create crowds with the computer, no longer needing extras
  • virtual sets

8. Behind the Scenes of Avatar- Virtual Camera 9. Creation of NHL 2K9 10. Film & Visual Effects Studios

  • Blue Sky Studios
  • Blur Studio
  • DreamWorks Anima tion
  • Marza AnimationPlanet
  • Pacific DataImages
  • Pixar
  • Walt Disn ey Animation Studios
  • So ny Pictures Animati on
  • Lucasfilm Animati on


  • Industrial Light & Magic
  • Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Digital Domain
  • Double Negative
  • Modus FX
  • Rainmake r Digital Effe cts
  • Rhythm andHues Studios
  • We ta Digital
  • Tippe tt Studi o
  • Framest ore
  • The Mill
  • Rising Sun P ictures
  • Scanline VFX

Visual Effects 11. Sites

  • Google Images
  • Youtube