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  • 8/14/2019 CGH 2009 Booklet

    1/8w w w . c g h t e c h . c o m

    Satisfaction through Quality ...with every solution


  • 8/14/2019 CGH 2009 Booklet


    CGH Technologies, Inc.was founded in 1989 as a woman owned smallbusiness. Incorporated in the state of Maryland, CGH headquarters is locatedin Washington, DC. CGH is a forward-thinking information engineer-ing and management support company dedicated to providing innovativesolutions to meet each clients unique requirements. Incorporating the latesttechnologies, CGH focuses on services and products that add value to thedecision management chain. We have extensive expertise in the migrationof legacy data to centralized knowledge repositories, the engineering, re-engineering, security and automation of critical business processes, andthe development of custom and web-based applications, including solutionsusing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial technologies.

    Our Missionis to provide the highest level of professional services and

    contribute the greatest value to the organizational effectiveness of our clients. With technology as a tool, and our extensive experiencein dealing with business processes and organizational goals andobjectives, CGH is committed to developing solutions that strike theappropriate balance between process, technology and the environment.

    To win in todays competitive marketplace requires more than just hardwork - it requires theVISIONto implement the right processes and theright technology creating a balance that fosters growth and success.

    Service CodesNIGP Codes208-27-00 Communications: Networking, Linking

    (includes Clustering Software)208-00-00 Computer Software for Micro-computers918-58-00 Governmental Consulting920-22-00 Data Preparation & Processing Services

    CAGE Code: 1Q1L6

    NAICS Codes 541430 Graphic Design Services541511 Custom Computer Programming Services541512 Computer Systems Design Services541513 Computer Facilities Management Services541519 Other Computer Related Services541611 Administrative Management And General

    Management Consulting Services541612 Human Resources and Executive Search

    Consulting Services541618 Other Management Consulting Services

  • 8/14/2019 CGH 2009 Booklet


    Business CerticationsFederal/Local/State Government QualicationsFederal GovernmentWoman-Owned Small Business

    District of Columbia GovernmentLocal Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise: (LSDBE)Number: LSD00262012009Preference Points: 7 (2 for LBE; 3 for SBE; 2 for (LSDBE)

    G A che ule A ian t S B GWAC

    M CBIT IIMille nia Lite



    L E

    a e n te era Aviat on dmini t ratio FA )on tra r A-0 - - 31

    SA eduleI rmo i n Tec hn lo (IT 0 P o f s ional

    ervic sontra ct um ber: S-3 - 31

    liant all Bu ne s v rn n ecq isi on C (Allian WAC)on r umber : 0 75

    v rn t M l e rds nC t act n i erin , n a l, nd P r gr mmat ic vic

    Co t uN mber: N 01 78- 06- -4 16Miillen nia Li etC ntra ct N ber S0 7

    t Ag eme nts ( ) Per n nel M em t ( )

    o tr ct u ber: B 1

    r en cq isition C r s (GInf r n T chnolog y S olutionsCon rat ct Number : GS- 6F-051 Z

    Miss oi n O rien e d Busi n t e r (MO IS)

    r Nu e - -800 H

    O Contra tContr ct Num b r R -08 R- -

    I Sntr ct Num b r: TFAWA- -- -

    Dep art ment o f onsume r n g l ffairs D A)

    n a c r

    o a a I f r a T chnola e t On c N ber -- -A

    CGH is a highly-charged, fast growingrm specializing in customized BusinessSolutions design, development, andimplementation. We have a commitmentto our clients and provide a partnership for success.

    On behalf of CGH and our staff, I ampersonally committed to provideservices that are based on ProvidingSatisfaction through Quality with everySolution. Thank you for the opportunity andwe look forward to fostering an outstandingrelationship.


    Cindy D. TroutmanPresident,CGH Technologies, Inc.

    Contract Vehicles


    State of South CarolinaMinority Business Enterprise (MBE)Number: MBE0329921009

    New York

    Puerto Rico

    Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA)

  • 8/14/2019 CGH 2009 Booklet


    Key CapabilitiesBusiness, System & Process Engineering

    Business Solutions Planning and Execution Business Process Re-engineering

    (BPE, BPR, BPM & BPI) Asset Management Document Management Life Cycle Management Resource Monitoring and Statusing Workow Management

    Communications, Networking andIT Infrastructure Wireless and Data Communication

    Knowledge/Development Enterprise Multi-Platform Network Design,

    Integration, & Management Performance/System Monitoring & Management Customization, Migration, Porting, Redundancy Verication & Validation of Build Disaster Recovery Infrastructure Security Policies & Procedures Requirement denition & analysis Detailed Systems Analysis Design Network & technology selection & procurement Enterprise-wide end-to-end installation Post-installation support & certication

    Automated Aviation Tools ASSET Sector Analysis and Design Tool (SDAT) Fee for Service

    Information Solutions Architectures (Enterprise, Data,

    Infrastructure, Security, Applications) Application Development GIS and Spatial Information Visualization Web-based Applications Legacy System Transformation & Migration COTS/GOTS Integration and Re-Use


    Data Archive, Strategies, Architectures andInformation Repository Engineering

    Database Design, Development, Implementation& Integration

    Data Modeling (Logical and Physical) Data/Database Administration

    Database Consultation & Assessment Services Spatial Data Integration and Association

    Data Engineering

    Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Critical Infrastructure Protection Certication & Accreditation Firewalls, VPN & Crypto design & installation Network Defense Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Security Policies & Procedures Development Security Awareness & Training Security Architecture Systems security research & engineering System & Network Security Threat identication, risk assessment &

    vulnerability analysis

    Information Assurance

    PBO Implementation Strategic Operational Line of Business Performance Metrics & Results Management Budget Formulation, Execution, Monitoring,

    Tracking, and Reporting Requirements Denition through Deployment Technical Management and Project Oversight Project/Program Management (EVMS, PMBOK)

    Management & Planning

  • 8/14/2019 CGH 2009 Booklet


    Baselining System Service Cost, Performance & User Benets Budget & Financial Resource Support First Level Technical & Engineering Support for National Airspace System (NAS) Hardware and Software Facility, Electronic, Building, Spectrum, Environmental Engineering Infrastructure Operations, Maintenance and Modernization Identifying Systems Operational Deciencies Integrating & Documenting Facilities Functional Requirements Program / Project Management Planning, Organization, Management Recommending Alternative Solutions based on Costs, Benets, & Risks Spectrum Engineering Support Systems Engineering and Integration

    Facilities Engineering

    Customer/Supplier Relationship Management Cultural/Change Management Staff Augmentation Organizational/Team/Individual Coaching Partnership/Stakeholder Management Systems Thinking Training Workload & Job Task Analysis

    Organizational Strategies & Workforce Development

    roven and successful methodologies and architectures toeverage client investments in data, systems, processes and peo ple....

  • 8/14/2019 CGH 2009 Booklet


    DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA)

    Department of Agriculture (USDA)

    Department of the Defense (DoD)

    Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

    Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

    Department of Transportation (DOT)

    Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

    Financial Management Services, Federal Finance (FMS)

    Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

    Internal Revenue Services (IRS)

    National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

    Ofce of Personnel Management (OPM)

    Ogilvy Public Relations & National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)

    Oklahoma Department of Health

    South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC)

    State of Alaska

    State of Maine

    State of New York

    State of Rhode Island

    US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

    Client Partnerships

  • 8/14/2019 CGH 2009 Booklet


    Industry Served



    Command & Control







    Human Resources


    Licensing / Permitting


    Personnel Management


    Regulatory Compliance



  • 8/14/2019 CGH 2009 Booklet


    2008 & 2009 - U. S. Chamber of Commerce Advisor Member: Presented inRecognition and Appreciation of Your Investment in Our Work

    August 2009 - Microsoft Partner Program Earning Microsofts competency for Networking Infrastructure Solutions

    December 18th, 2008 - DC Chamber of Commerce, Outstanding Services andDedication as the Chair of the Business Growth & Development Committee

    December 2008 Best of Washington 2008, Computer Systems Consultants, USLocal Business Association

    November 2008 - Radio America Recognition Award hereby presented inrecognition of Your Commitment to Community Service Radio Announcementsregarding area Blood Shortage on WFED.

    July 2008 - Microsoft Certied Partner Congratulations on earning a MicrosoftCompetency which recognize Your Commitment, Expertise and Superiorityusing Microsoft Products and Services

    July 2008 - Microsoft Partner Program Mobility Solutions earning MicrosoftCompetency and Business Process and Integration Award

    July 2008 - Microsoft Certied Partner Recognizes Technological Excellence andImpact on Our Customers through Microsoft Products and Services

    2008 American Biographical Institute, Outstanding Female Executive, AviationTechnical Solutions ABI-USA

    2008 - International Womens Review Board Administration-Business-Consulting-Design-Technical: 10th Anniversary of Whos Who of Profession BusinessWomen

    2008 - International Womens Review Board - Leadership, Administration,Technology, A Woman Who Sets the Standard (10th Anniversary InternationalWhos Who of Professional Women

    2008 - Stevie Award for Women in Business in recognition of outstandingachievement in business, nominated as the Technology Innovator of the Year

    2008 - Washington Business Journal - 25 Small Technology Companies - Rankedby Metro-Area Revenue: Commitment, Determination, Vision

    2008 One of the Top 10 IT Systems, The Phytosanitary Certicate Issuance andTracking (PCIT) System, has won three national awards from the IT industryincluding the prestigious Government Computer News Award.

    CGH Awards

    600 Maryland Avenue, SW Suite 800W, Washington, DC 20024Phone: 202-554-7774 | Fax: 202-554-5263

    Email: [email protected]