CESI (Consumer Education Services Inc) Review

CESI (Consumer Education Services, Inc.) Review


CESI (Consumer Education Services Inc.) offers debt relief for individuals struggling with unsecured debts, such as credit card debt. They offer a variety of tools and resources to help folks get out of debt. Overall, they seem like a company you can trust. We recommend checking out their full review on BDC and comparing them to other top ranked companies on BestDebtCompanys.com. You can find them at the link in the slides or heading directly to the site.

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CESI (Consumer Education Services, Inc.) Review!

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Who is CESI?!Consumer Education Services, Inc. has been in business since 1998. It was founded by Dr. Diane Chen who is now the CEO. With over 100 employees, they have grown in the industry and have proven that they are leaders in it. !!In 2009, they created a housing department to help people with issues like foreclosure and purchase counseling. Over 4,000 clients have been helped through their services ever since. !

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Services Offered!•  Debt  Management  •  Housing  Counseling  •  Credit  Counseling  •  Financial  Educa7on  •  Bankruptcy  Counseling  •  Assure  Money  Services  •  Representa7ve  Payee  •  WiseTrac  by  CESI  •  Assure  Money  Services  •  Student  Loan  Solu7ons  •  Beneficiary  Services  •  EAP  Solu7ons  

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•  Credit Cards!•  Collection Accounts!•  Personal Loans!•  Medical Bills!•  Department Store Cards!•  Disconnected Telephone and Utility Bills!•  Gas Cards!•  Repossession!

What Kind of Debt Can Be !Included in the Program?!

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Yes!!•  Credit and Debt Resource Center!•  CESI Financial Blog!•  Financial Calculator!•  Video Resources!•  CESI Guide to Personal Finance!•  Webinars!•  Planning and Saving!•  Bankruptcy Resource Center !

Do They Offer FinancialEducation Resources?!

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•  They offer a free debt analysis right on the website so you can get a ballpark idea of what it is going to take to handle your debt issues. !

•  The debt relief calculator is also nice to use since it can give you a realistic idea of what monthly payment you can expect while on the program.!

•  9 different Resources listed on the website with each one having numerous other resources for you to use.!

Other Resources!

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With a debt scenario of having $10,000 in credit card debt and an income of $50,000 per year, the website calculates a debt management monthly payment of $270 for a total of 54 months.!!


What Do They Charge?!

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•  There is a one time activation fee.!•  A monthly service fee is added to your

monthly debt management payment.!•  These can vary from state to state so make

sure to inquire.!

Are There Other Fees?!

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•  This is an accredited business since 2008!•  A+ rating!•  There have been a total of 13 complaints closed

in the last three years with 3 closed within the last twelve months.!

•  1 complaint was for advertising and sales issues, 4 were for billing and collection issues, 1 was for problems regarding delivery, and 7 were related to problems with product or service.!

BBB Rating!

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Their core values include the following:!•  Quality Programs!•  Professional Staff!•  Timeliness!•  Honesty!•  Integrity!•  Confidentiality!•  Transparency!•  Accessibility!

Company Core Values!

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Once you have done a free financial assessment, a counselor will get in touch with you and help you figure out the best option for your financial needs. Your creditor information is gathered up so an estimated monthly payment can be calculated. You pay CESI one easy monthly payment, and then they pay your creditors. !

How Their Program Works!

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•  This company has been around for long enough that you can rest assured that they have the expertise to help you to financial freedom. !

•  There is plenty of information on their website that indicates how they have grown over the years and what that means to you.!

•  They are bursting with resources for clients so you can take an active role in your debt management program. !

The Pros !

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•  Their prices seem a little bit high when compared to other companies in the industry. !

•  Other than that, there is nothing in our opinion that would require us to warn you away from doing business with them.!

The Con’s!

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We feel that CESI is a good company to consider for your debt management needs. We are impressed with the quality of information on their website, as well as the transparency they seem to do business with.!

The Bottom Line!

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We like what they have to offer.!!You can learn more by visiting their profile on BDC at the following link:!!http://bestdebtcompanys.com/company/cesi-review/!

Want to Learn More?!

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