CES 2010 Review

CES 2010 Review #BMPR January 2010


Nan Palmero recaps his favorite tech gadgets from CES 2010

Transcript of CES 2010 Review

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CES 2010 Review#BMPR January 2010

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Powered via USB

Audio via 3.5mm

Entire house produces sound

Japan only for now

NXT Paperspeaker

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Charges the internal batteries with wind or solar power

Batteries are available to charge USB compatible devices

Minibiscuit (left) - $40 | HYMini (right) $70

Miniwiz Wind + Solar Chargers

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Entire PC built into keyboard

All ports are available on the top

$500-$600 Feb 2010

Eee Keyboard PC

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$950 for the Cupcake CNC Deluxe

$10 per pound of plastic

Make anything up to 4” x 4” x 6”

Makerbot 3D Printing

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Skype on LGTV

Page 7: CES 2010 Review

Oscillating magnetic field provides power

TV has a capture coil

Can do 1080p wireless

Haier Wireless HDTV

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Boxee Box

Streams Photos | Music | Movies | TV | Facebook | Twitter

HDMI | Wifi N | USB | SD

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Spring Design + Google Partnership

Android 1.5 powered Touchscreen on

lower screen Wifi only Borders as content


Alex eReader

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Mobile Broadband built in RFID tagged tools and reader in truck

Ford DeWalt Truck

Page 11: CES 2010 Review

Built-in camera for first person view from Drone

Controlled via iPhone

Parrot AR Drone

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AR Drone flew too high, hit Engadget balloon

AR Drone fell to it’s death on the Engadget trailer

Engadget Balloon | Parrot AR Drone Killer

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Resonates sound through hollow items

Li-Poly battery 3.5mm input $69 available now


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Samsung Moment running Android

Compatible with OTA DTV service

Currently demoing in Baltimore & Washington

Samsung Moment with OTA DTV

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No laptop needed


AC Adapter

Easy Setup

BlackBerry Presenter