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A simple lesson I learned about teaching my kids how to celebrate the beauty of life

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  • 1. Celebrate thehappiness thatfriends arealways giving,make every day a holidayand celebrate just living! Amanda Bradley

2. My children spenttheir formative yearsattending Ground hog dayprognostications,only now, have I come to realizethe full effect thishas had on their view of life 3. They believethatGroundhog dayis a major holiday. 4. They are surprised that in their new community, people barely mentioned it and that some peopledont even realize thatit is Groundhog day. 5. In our home, Groundhog day,is an early morning and apancake breakfast, a simple celebration that replaces the manyyears of getting up early,getting them bundled up,and driving to seethe Groundhog.My kids have fondremembrancesof those times. 6. Heres what Iremember 7. Trying to figure out the when things actually happened at the event.Trying to get organizedenough to get all the outdoor clothing, getting up and out the door in time to be there and then get back to school and work. I remember bad coffee andcold pancakes, and at leastonce one of the kidsthrowing up in caron the way home. 8. Despite all of thehassles involved ingoing, my kidsremember being apart of somethingspecialCelebratewhat you want to see more of.Thomas J. Peters 9. I learned that celebrative moments in life are notones that involve hugeundertakings, presents, or great expense.They are the consistentmoments that take us outof the mundane of our every day and help us to know that every day weshould celebrate the simple things: 10. being together; hoping for Spring; the beauty of a morning; the joyof each day. 11. When yourealize how perfect everything is you will tiltyour head back and laugh at the sky.Buddha