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  • 1. Unit Using the Internet ContentsStarting with You Whydo you think it might be Tech Talk: Going Onlineimportant to double checkinformation you find on The Internet and the World Wide Web (pg. 8687)the Internet? To find out why, go to the Online Getting Connected (pg. 8889)Learning Center at E-mail (pg. 9092) Choose Before You Be Safe on the Internet! (pg. 9394)Read Quizzes and takethe Unit 3 Pre-Quiz. Projects Project 1: Use the Internet Safely (pg. 96108) Project 2: Search the Internet Effectively (pg. 109121) Copyright The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Using the Internet Unit
  • 2. Going Online pg. 8695Key Terms You Will LearnInternetWorld Wide Web How the Internet and the World Wide Web are usedWeb site How computers connect to the Internetuniform resource How e-mail workslocator (URL) How to stay safe onlineInternet serviceprovider (ISP)Web browserelectronic mail(e-mail)netiquettespamfirewall Using the Internet Unit
  • 3. Going Online The Internet and the World Wide Web pg. 8687InternetA gigantic computer The Internet and the World Wide Web (the Web) are notnetwork that connectscomputers around the the same thing. The Web lets you access the Internets:world. (pg. 86) informationWorld Wide Web servicesThe huge collection of Web sitesinformation, services,and Web sitesaccessible throughthe Internet. (pg. 86)Web siteA specific location onthe Web that containsa collection of relatedfiles and resources bya person, group, ororganization. (pg. 86) Using the Internet Unit
  • 4. Going Online The Internet and the World Wide Web pg. 8687uniform resource What Is a Web Site?locater (URL) Every Web site has a unique address, or uniform resourceThe address of a Web locator (URL), that includes a three-letter extension thatsite, including http://,the domain name, and identifies the type of site.the subpage name.(pg. 86) Extension Type of Site Example .com Commercial or for-profit business .edu Educational institution .gov U.S. government .org Professional or nonprofit organization Using the Internet Unit
  • 5. Going Online The Internet and the World Wide WebExplain What is the relationship between the Internet, theWorld Wide Web, and Web sites?The Internet is a gigantic computer network (hardware) that connects computersaround the world. The World Wide Web is an electronic system (software) usedto navigate the huge collection of information, services, and Web sitesaccessible through the Internet. Web sites are specific locations on the Internet. Using the Internet Unit
  • 6. Going Online Getting Connected pg. 8889 The Internet can be accessed using a number of electronicInternet service devices, including:provider (ISP) Desktop or laptop computersA company thatprovides access to the Cell phonesInternet, usually for amonthly fee. Their Personal digital assistants (PDAs)responsibilities include Video game systemsmaintainingequipment, providingcustomer service, and You need four things to connect to the Internet:protecting thenetwork. (pg. 88) Computer Internet service provider (ISP) Modem Communications software (Web browser or e-mail) Using the Internet Unit
  • 7. Going Online Getting Connected pg. 8889 What is a Modem?Web browser To connect your computer to the Internet, you need aA software programthat lets you surf the modem to send and receive data. For home users, the mostWeb and interact with common types of modems are:Web sites. (pg. 89) Telephone (dial-up) DSL (digital subscriber line) Cable What Is a Web Browser? To surf the Web, you need a Web browser. Popular Web browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Using the Internet Unit
  • 8. Going Online Getting ConnectedList Identify four things you need in order to connect tothe Internet. Computer Internet service provider Modem Communications software Using the Internet Unit
  • 9. Going Online E-mail pg. 9092Electronic mail As a way to share information, electronic mail (e-mail) is(e-mail) easy to:A communication sentfrom one person to Accessanother over the UseInternet. (pg. 90) Track Using the Internet Unit
  • 10. Going Online E-mail pg. 9092How Do I Use E-mail?There are several ways to access e-mail:E-mail Method ExamplesSoftware programs Microsoft Outlook, Qualcomm EudoraWeb-based e-mail providers Hotmail, Yahoo!Handheld devices Cell phones, PDAsIntegrated applications Lotus Notes Using the Internet Unit
  • 11. Going Online E-mail pg. 9092netiquette How Does E-mail Travel Over the Internet?The good manners Just like a Web site address, an e-mail address containsone uses in electronic specific information. E-mail is sent to the correct networkcommunications.(pg. 92) (domain name) and recipient (user name).spam How Can I Use E-mail Successfully?E-mail that is sent inbulk to many peoples Practice good netiquette.e-mail accounts atonce; comparable to Avoid spam by using spam-blocking software and neverjunk mail. (pg. 92) opening messages from someone you do not know. Using the Internet Unit
  • 12. Going Online E-mailIdentify Which of the following does not appear in ane-mail address? http:// user name @ domain nameThe correct answer is:A. http:// Using the Internet Unit
  • 13. Going Online Be Safe on the Internet pg. 9394Can I Trust the Information on the Web?Do not believe everything you read on the Internet! Toevaluate the information you find on a Web site, ask yourselfthese questions: Is the sites creator reliable or unreliable? Biased or unbiased? Can you contact the sites creator? Is the sites information current? Can you confirm the sites information using other sources? Using the Internet Unit
  • 14. Going Online Be Safe on the Internet pg. 9394How Safe Is the Internet?It is extremely important to protect your privacy online byfollowing these common-sense guidelines: Never give out personal information unless a parent or guardian allows yo