Cavalry in WWI

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Cavalry in WWI Drew Altman

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Cavalry in WWI. Drew Altman. Definition. Men that fight on horseback. Cavalry Weapons. Advantages. Disadvantages. =. “An American Soldier”. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cavalry in WWI

Drew Altman

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Men that fight on horseback

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Cavalry Weapons

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I’m an American Soldier, just trying to get by.Sometimes I wish I could break down and cry.

I'm over here protecting your freedom,Yet I feel you have forgotten me.

Over here across the sea,I hear the words spoken to me,

Words of hatred and of pain.It makes me feel there is nothing to gain.

I try to hold on and keep strong,Thinking of home and how I'm not alone.I keep on thinking how I hate to be away -

yet I know how much I want to stay.Being here is more than war - it is a time to let the Eagle soar.Freedom doesn't come naturally, it comes with time, and with

me.It comes with people standing up - it comes with hope - not

with luck.I will never think of war the same - I won't always give Bush the

blame.I can not promise the date when I am home.

But I promise you one thing, I won't leave you alone.

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