Categories of music video - The three types of Music Video

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Different Types of Music Video Jak Edgley

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Different Types of Music Video

Different Types of Music VideoJak Edgley

Performance Based Videos

Performance based videos often depict a band or solo artist performing their song, often at a gig or large event, or even in the recording studio. In these type of videos, the lyrics have no influence on the way the video is portrayed or set out. This type of video is often very cost effective, which is a good idea for any upcoming bands or groups who don't have the huge budgets to compete with the more established bands. These types of video sometimes allows the group or artist to portray their personality in a passionate way through song, it also allows the artist/group to show any characteristics they have and want to share with their fans. Some people criticise this style as the video can often be static and repetitive and lacks any entertainment value.Here the video solely focuses on the band and nothing else, critics argue this lacks creativity and is substandard.

Narrative based videos attempt to tell a story. This type of video generally involves a main actor(s), and maybe extras, to portray the story. The narrative of the song isnt always lyrically literal, but sometimes it is. Narrative based videos are often found when they feature footage from a film, for example Always by Bon Jovi. Another good example is Thriller by Michael Jackson, which many argue was the first video to explore a narrative concept through a video. Narrative Based Videos

This extract outlines an underlying theme/story before the actual song has even started, this adds more depth and substance to the video as a whole.

Concept based videos follow a single concept or idea, hence the name concept based, which are often unusual or show off a particular filming or editing technique used. Solely conceptual videos are not very popular since they are not greatly accessible, they dont fit the commercial demands of the world. There are similarities between this and performance based as both focus on one specific aspect/concept within the video. Concept videos often have no relation to the lyrics and are known for their eccentricity. Concept Based Videos

MIKAs video Happy Ending is a great example of a concept based video, the sheer eccentric nature of this video, following the concept of eccentric filming collaborated with the unusual content within the video itself.