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Categories of music videos

Categories of music videos

The music videos are categorised into 3 different types, which differentiates them from each other. The procedure and content is defined according to the theme, song and artist or directors idea. The role of the categories is to identify a message that is being presented directly or indirectly. PerformanceNarrative Conceptual

Performance music videos

In these videos, the artist or band are performing. This could happen either in front of an audience that is being included in the video or in front of the camera. The method brings more interest to the viewers as it gives a different experience which makes them think that they are at a concert. However, the performance music videos dont allow the audience to engage with the song and they are only dedicated to the way it is being performed. In a performance music video is very likely that close up shots of the artists will be used. Also, rare places are being used by the artist to perform such as a studio (The 1975-Girls) or church (OneRepublic Counting Stars)

Narrative Music VideosNarrative music videos have a story line which is used to help the audience relate to the songs lyrics. They are mainly used to promote new movies and they create a synergy. The lyrics and the visuals are combined to create a meaningful story line which in most cases are based on romance as they tend to have an emotional impact on the audience. They are also used to transmit an important social issue to create awareness among the audience as it is an easy way to attract their attention. This is because a vast audience it will have access to watch the music video. In order to create a narrative music video, there are a few elements that have to be considered: A variety of shots will have to added in order to create a clear story or message as there is a limited number of minutes. eg. Music videos normally have a 3 minutes durationIntersexuality and which type of layout should the music video have : linear/fragmented.Linkin Park made a music video for In my remains song to promote The amazing Spider Man movie.However, there are music videos that have their own story line. In the music video The one that got away by Katy Perry. It is a short movie which has a beginning middle and end.

Concept music videos.

These music videos are based on a concept and focus on a significant editing technique to represent a metaphor. They might not have any relation with the lyrics or the song itself as they have a random approach. The main reason of the music videos is to capture the audience attention and keep them entertained throughout the video. An example of a concept music video is Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie. It used a stop-action editing technique to emphasise on the songs lyrics. It represents a normal day of a girl while she is still asleep in the bed.

Conventions for Music Videos

Camera ShotsThroughout the music videos there are keys shots included in order to emphasis on particular areas that have emotional impact on the viewer. Long mid and close up shots are mostly used in order to make the artists emotions and the settings stand out.

Camera movement:In a music video, the camera movements are used to follow the artist preforming by using tilts, pans and tracking shots.

Editing:The editing process is an important stage in the making of music videos. The shots taken are put together in order to meet the artist or director expectations. Special effects are added, the scenes are cut down and the transactions are included. This process helps in creating a relation between the song performed and the way it is being presented throughout a video.

Sound:The sound has two categories:Diegetic sound- the sounds source is visible on the screen.Non-diegetic sound- the sound is added during the editing process.The sound represented in a music video is the song that is being promoted. However, there can be music videos that have an opening or a plot that sets the atmosphere before the song is being played. A good example is the Lady Gaga and Beyonces video Telephone. In the music videos, the sound parallel sound technique is being used to make the song match the mood that is being presented in the video. The music video Give me love by Ed Sheeran is a good example, as the song has a slow and sad theme that is being emphasised by the chosen shots. Also, at the beginning of the music video, diegetic sound is used for the police sirens.

Mis en sceneThe mis en scene is a key factor in a music video, as it is focusing on:Props - the equipment used throughout the music videoCostumes the significance of the costumes wear by the people in the music video Lighting the type of lighting that is being used eg. natural lightLocation where the action within the music video is taking placeMakeup the way an artist is presenting their style eg. extravagant -Lady GagaColour the technique of interpreting the mood.All this elements help into the realisation of a specific genre and how the people within the music video are being portrayed.

Conventions of music genreConventions of POP music videosThe target audience are mostly the teenagersInfluenced by narrative or story linesColour is an important elementQuick transactions between the cuts are used to emphasise on the vibe created by the songDance moves

Conventions of RockThe music videos are mainly performance basedThe singers are wearing dark coloured clothes followed by messy hair and makeup. This emphasises on their rebellious look.Tattoos and body piercing are promoted throughout the music video. Close ups shots and handheld camera movements

Conventions of Hip HopLocations: clubs, mansions to represent their rich lifestyleMany artists are used to feature in the music videoProps: gold jewellery, designer clothingWomen are used as a sex object through their dance moves and provocative clothes.Throughout the music video, low angels are used to make the audience feel dominated by the singers.