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  • Wear it out

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  • Regatta 2010Wear it out

    Contents Mens Sandals and Summer Shoes 07

    Mens Trail Shoes 10

    Mens Walking Boots 14

    Mens Wellingtons 18

    Womens Sandals 19

    Womens Trail Shoes 21

    Womens Walking Boots 24

    Womens Wellingtons 28

    Boys 31

    Girls 33

    Socks 35

    X-ert Rucksacks 37

    Adventure-Tech Rucksacks 40

    Survivor Rucksacks 43

    Landtrek Rucksacks 45

    Lifestyle Rucksacks 47

    Kids Daypacks 49

    Point of Sale 51

    Longer days and lighter nights bring out the adventurous side in us all and Regattas new range isfully equipped to accommodate every familys explorations.

    Adventure-Tech is introduced for the first time giving more choice with techy look sports mouldings.X-ert remains the most technical range with a revamped X-LT Low Profile Sole Technology. Thereare specific soles for men and women and the ladies styles get a feminine twist. Key value optionsacross the ranges really push home what Regatta is aboutgood quality products at great Regattaprices!

    Good value product is even more important to fast growing feet and our Kids range now offersgreater choice with pretty feminine details for girls.

    There is a wider selection of rucksacks for SS10. Our new Landtrek range has modern looks withtonal print detail. X-ert rucksacks have been updated in design with a slimmer shape and moretechnical look. Our daysacks are sleek and stylish and available in a wide choice of colours.

    Whether youre playing in the rock pools, walking across dry brittle terrain or splashing throughsummer rain, Regatta is with you every step of the way!


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    Introduction to Regatta Footwear Ranges

    Regattas most technical performance range uses premium technologies and the

    highest quality components. X-ert products are built to wear in true outdoor

    environments i.e. up the mountain or on the trails. To go the distance they feature

    hardwearing premium upper materials and authentic performance soles, designed

    to offer grip on all terrain.

    X-ert Performance

    The Adventure-Tech range offers a modern outdoor look with techy trim and design

    details. The mix of modern and traditional upper materials, along with a wider

    range of colours, allows for a diverse range and offers a more 'adventurous' look.

    The Ad-Tech range is intended for more recreational outdoor use, utilising

    general-purpose technologies.

    Standard Isotex technology

    ATL water resistant treated leather

    Easy clean leather / synthetic upper materials

    Sports mouldings

    Comfort footbeds

    Durable rubber outsoles

    Typical Adventure-Tech features include:

    In addition we offer more traditional footwear, blending classic design with

    functional durable upper materials. The range offers good, solid, reliable sandal, trail

    and walking boot choices suitable for a range of outdoors pursuits.

    Standard Isotex technology

    ATL water resistant treated leather

    Leather / synthetic upper materials

    Comfort footbeds

    Durable rubber outsoles

    Classics features include:



    Typical X-ert features include:

    Premium Isotex technology

    Seam sealed waterproof construction

    X-LT lightweight premium upper materials and sole technology

    ATL water resistant treated leather

    Ergo contoured footbeds for underfoot cushioning

    X-LT compression moulded phylon midsole for shock absorption

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    Waterproof ConstructionAll seams on all waterproof styles are internallysealed, greatly reducing the chance of waterentering the footwear.

    IsotexFootwear with the new Isotex logo offers thesame exceptional standards as Isotex, but aremade from premium sourced materials for anoverall higher spec.

    Carbon Rubber This durable outsole compound is hard wearing andnon-marking, taking the brunt of the wear and tearplaced on performance footwear.

    Compression Moulded EVAEVA (phylon) is a very lightweight shockabsorbing material, filled with tiny air pockets.It is used in both our midsole and footbedconstructions to reduce product weight andgive enhanced foot cushioning.

    ATL Water Resistant Treated Leathers All our waterproof leather styles are speciallytreated with Atl. This enhances the level ofwater repellency and also offers stain resistanceto help keep footwear clean.

    Waterproof MembranesTo prevent water reaching your foot, allwaterproof styles are fitted with internalwaterproof membranes, which sit inside the shoeconstruction. We have two levels of waterproofmembranes - our standard offer and Isotex. Isotex is a waterproof and highly breathablebootee membrane specifically developed forRegatta. It is independently tested to ensure itoffers exceptional breathability, windproofingand waterproofness.

    Regatta Footwear Comfort and Performance

    Comfort is intrinsic to the build of all Regatta footwear.

    Regatta lasts give us unique fit characteristics. Using our own fit

    data, combined with our knowledge, we have sized and

    graded our footwear accordingly, using specific lasts for men,

    women and children.

    Comfort is enhanced by the internal construction of the

    footwear. Socks are a great way to make small adjustments to

    the fit of footwear and Regattas wide range of performance

    socks do just that!

    Ultimate Comfort

    Wicking linings will keepfeet cool and dry.

    Regatta soles offer excellentunderfoot comfort, utilisingtechnologies such as EVAmidsoles and cushionedfootbed impact zones.

    Leather uppers(including suede andnubuck) are natural

    materials and are breathable.

    Waterproof Performance

    Impact Performance

    Deep padded collars andtongues offer extra

    cushioning and support.

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    Regatta Footwear Comfort and Performance

    The correct level of foot support and stability is important when walking in the outdoors. The Regatta footwear range is madeup of product offering varying levels of supportive flex according to their end use.

    X-LT Trail Technology

    X-LT Technical Hiking


    Lightweight nylon shank.

    Moulded EVA midsolewith recess to houseshank.

    Lightweight flutedsteel shank.

    Stability boardsupports and cups theheel, allowing forforefoot flex.


    Metal shank.

    Insole stability board.

    Moulded midsole.

    Our fast and light trail styles incorporate

    synthetic shanks, which are a lighter weight

    option compared to traditional steel. The

    Formation X-LT family uses a nylon shank

    which allows for greater flexibility within the

    shoe but still provides good foot support,

    which is important when moving over

    uneven ground.

    Regatta's most technical hiking boots

    incorporate a sprung steel shank combined

    with stability plates built into the insoles to

    help stabilise the foot. This offers maximum

    rigidity and stability to protect the foot and

    ankle from twisting in wear.

    Our entry-level outdoor styles also feature

    metal shanks which create a backbone for the

    shoe, helping to control how much the shoe

    flexes in wear. This provides sufficient stability

    for general outdoor usage.

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    Otter (1U2)

    Regatta Footwear Comfort and Performance

    Orange title indicates

    new products for

    Spring/Summer 2010

    Orange colour indicates

    new colours for

    Spring/Summer 2010

    on existing lines


    specific last

    Products with this symbol

    must be sold in multiples

    of 6 i.e. 6, 12 18 etc.

    Colours are printed as accurately as the printing process will allow. Our policy is one of continuous improvement, so we reserve the right to change specifications and colours without notice.

    Fabric Care

    Size Chart


    Mens / Womens

    UK SIZE 3 4 5 6 6.5 7 8 9 9.5 10 11 12

    EU SIZE 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47


    UK SIZE 11 12 13 1 2 2.5 3 4 5 6

    EU SIZE 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39

    DONT "DO "


    Rinse off mud and dirt with plain water. Remove any

    stubborn dirt with a sponge, damp cloth or brush.

    Hand wash only in tepid plain water.

    Do not clean the footwear in a washing machine as this

    may permanently damage it.


    Dry your footwear naturally over time in a cool,

    dry place with good air circulation.

    Never use a tumble dryer.

    Never force dry your boots as this will damage the

    leather upper.


    Water resistant footwear - Regularly apply a suitable

    waterproofing treatment applicable to the type of

    footwear you have purchased. This will help to maintain

    performance and also ensure easier cleaning.

    Do not use a proofing agent that will restrict the

    breathability of the upper components on Isotex

    lined footwear.

  • Seaswell RMF190

    Seapoint RMF149

    Black/Seal Grey (28P)

    Clove (4BF)1 Black (800) 1


    Special features Adjustable hook and loop straps with webbing

    trim to ensure correct fit Lightweight and cushioned phylon sole unit

    Special features Lightweight PU nubuck upper Neoprene underlay for next to foot comfort Adjustable foot and heel straps