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Teachings Kids about Cartoons - How to make Cartoons, Projects, music and have fun n learn sessions. Also learning how to make Cartoons and even learn Political cartoons

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2. Creative Writing using Comics Objective: To use comics to foster creative writingand Vocabulary skills Visual Learning Enhance Critical Thinking Skills Think out of the box 3. Cartoon Resources Content material Newspapers Kidsfreesouls Websites and Free Cartoon sites 4. Classroom Activity Explore Cartoons Read Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead Visual listening to Popeye The SailorMan song Explore other Cartoon Books in theLibrary 5. Conduct a CreativeThinking Session Ask: What is the message? Get the facts. Get aware. Generate possible purpose of the cartoontheme What is the message conveyed Find Opinions and Reactions 6. Flow Creative Juices Conduct SMART Activity related to the Comics Scrap Book Activity Art Draw and color Read Comics and trace Word Balloons Build vocabulary Elements of writing like exclamations, punctuations,hyperbole, idioms, phrases, Make list of words from Comic books Paste Cartoon Stickers 7. Creative Writing Enhanced Identify Comic themes Education Humor Message oriented Any other 8. Identify Cartoon Learning skills Thinking abilities Creative skills Message Analyzing Debating skills Communicative skills Participation willingness 9. End Results Team collaboration Individual learning abilities Visual Understanding Critical Thinking Speech and communication skills Creative Writing abilities 10. COMICS : Samples Some Sample Presentations: Think out of thebox and jot down noting 11. COMICS : Samples (Continued) 12. COMICS : Samples (continued) Father questioning the son on his Report Card 13. COMICS : Samples (Continued)JUGHEAD eating Junk Food : Burgers,Soft Drinks. Creative write the No JunkFood Message supportive to readingmaterial 14. COMICS : Samples (Continued) POPEYE The Sailor Man goes to Seaand eats Spinach that gives himStrength. Convey Message to eat whatis right Supportive to video and singingthe song Im Popeye The Sailor Manand think of Go Green message 15. COMICS : Samples (Continued) Safe Driving : Using Mobiles 16. COMICS : Samples (Continued) POLITICAL CARTOONS : Creating Awareness onPolitics and Elections 17. CARTOON RESOURCES & CREDITS Cartoons in this Presentation are used for Educational Purpose only.Credits go to the many resources as: Narendra Modi: Popeye From ComicsJug Head From Comics Etc. Literature cartoons can be found at 18. Conclusion Cartoons Power the brain and flow juices of creativity toenhance Learning Abilities This presentation is for Educational Purpose andconducted in classroom Project at Children Library classroom) If you wish to interact, contact Ilaxi patel : freesoul@kidsfreesouls.comVISIT KIDSFREESOULS.COM/CARTOONKIDS.HTM FORMORE RESOURCES AND LINK ENJOY! 19. Comic Project for Kids I helped kids to create comic strips with brainstorming sessionsusing Imaginations - with words and picture stickers. Here's sometips to help: Vocabulary: Students can learn to get involved in communicationand language structure. Use of words: Help them to create Balloons to fill in simple wordsof addressing and expressions like hi, oh, ouch, hmm...etc Script : Talk to them about the picture sticker and help themimagine to create a script. The flow of the 3/4 panel story comeswith their imaginative inputs Message: The message selection can be social or anything thatcan be humor too. Simple ways for beginners to express words. 20. Comic Project for KidsContinued. Story Continuation: Encourage kids to write a story first.Then write dialogues. This may also ease the making ofcomic strip process. Pairing : Pair the children in a group of 2 or 4. Make it funsession. Let them share comic books, jokes or quotes.Engage them in group discussions to warm up beforewriting Happy to Create Comics in simple way comes quitenaturally when motivation follows to spark creative juices.Kids are at their best only when they are ready to Do It.Forcing them to engage in activities gain no results. 21. www.kidsfreesouls.comNEWSPAPER FOR KIDS WITH RESOURCES FORPARENTS AND TEACHERS