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Capitol Hill Village—Experience in starting an urban village

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Capitol Hill Village—Experience in starting an urban village

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After 7+ years, what does Capitol Hill Village do?

• Capitol Village was founded in spring 2006 and opened its doors in October 2007

• Now, the largest village in the DC area– Over 400 individual members in over 300

households– More than 3000 services are performed each year

by 300 volunteers (90% of them) and vetted vendors

• Volunteers First. Just say No.

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Who are the CHV members?


Female 304 73%

Male 113 27%Grand Total 417 100%

AGE # %50 or less 9 2%50s 14 3%60s 99 24%70s 180 43%80s 62 15%90+ 53 13%Grand Total 417 100%

VOLUNTEER STATUS # %Non Volunteer 289 69%Volunteer 128 31%Grand Total 417 100%

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CHV is a leader in services during health and other crises

• Two social workers coordinate hospital discharge, transition to rehab or nursing home and home care support

• Village Connections matches each of 20 members with a volunteer to check multiple times weekly and coordinate services. – Two days of training– Monthly meetings of all VC volunteers– Regular check-ins with the CHV social worker

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Living & Learning in the Village• Sept. 2014 2014,, “Hard Choices Down the Road—the

Time to Plan is Now” topped 100 attendees• Nov. 2014 Financial & Legal Bucket …>50 registrants• Other programs – Health and long-term care insurance– Home maintenance and adaptation strategies– Home energy saving strategies

• Monthly newsletter writing, editing and graphics by volunteers

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Shared Interests, Friendship & Support• Petanque (Every Monday)• Qi Gong (Every Tuesday / Thursday)• Urban Walkers (Monthly)• Bridge Group (Every other Thursday)• Games/Puzzles (Every other Thursday)• Mahjong (Every Wednesday)• Literary Group (Monthly)• History/Biography Book Group (Monthly)• Opera Group (Monthly)• Cinephiles (Monthly) • Restaurants (Monthly)

• Theater Group (Monthly) • Travel Club (Monthly)• Genealogy, photo-archiving and other

special programs (SE Library Partnership)• Balance Class (Monthly)• Second Wind ( Every Wednesday)• Care Giver Support Group (Monthly)• Cancer Support Group (Monthly)• Recycling• Book Pick Up (Monthly)• Hazardous Waste Pick Up (Monthly)• Clutter Pick Up (Quarterly)• House Hold Goods (Quarterly)

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Volunteerism—the Heart of the Village

• Volunteers run each of the 25 clubs and support groups

• Volunteers provide 90% of the 3000+ annual services

• Volunteers work with social workers to produce half a dozen all-day or half-day educational programs a year

• Volunteers work one on one with frail members

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CHV Finances 2014INCOME STATEMENT $ in thousands

Membership dues $156

Donations $109

Event Income $94

Other Income $10


Payroll $235

Rent $29

Other Expenses $90



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How did CHVillage Start?

• Group of neighbors began meeting in spring 2006• Incorporated and got 501c3 in a few months• January 2007, sent a letter inviting people to become

charter members and founding donors.– By April 2007, 51 Charter Members @ $2000 for 2 years’

membership plus $500 donation– & 40 Founding Donors @$1500 donation. – Hired an Executive Director as of May 2007– 93 member households as of October 2007 when


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How did CHVillage grow?

• By April 2007, 51 members; October 2007, 93 members; July 2008, 162 members; December 2008, 192 members. – Hovered around 200 members until 2014 when

grew to 280 members.• Founders held about 40 gatherings in homes to

recruit members• About 35 are subsidized members; Board

authorized up to 45.

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Capitol Hill Village: Message to “Not Ready Yet”

• Reasons to Join the Capitol Hill Village– At some point we all need help, and we can’t always

depend upon or ask neighbors. Examples: --Showing you how to save digital photos --Watering plants while you are away

– Village-vetted vendors save time & money & often offer discounts.

– Villages advocate for members– Village events/contacts help avoid isolation– A village provides new friends & deepens relationships


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Staffing Changes—2007-2015

• Start-up to Jan 2009: Executive Director & Office Volunteers

• Feb 2009: Add part-time Bookkeeping Assistant• July 2009: Add full-time Community & Social

Services Director• June 2113: Add full-time Volunteer & Services

Coordinator• January 2115: Add full-time second Social Worker

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Challenge to find the right leader

• The leader (Executive Director) needs to– Have strong interest in people and empathy—to

connect them with each other– Know, or learn fast, a lot about what older people

need and where resources are– Be good at enlisting volunteer support from people

with all kinds of skills—writing, technology, event management, educational program development. Requires a deep respect for volunteers.

– Keep cool with many people and lots going on.

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For more information

• Village to Village network has list and website links for operating villages and villages in development.

• Capitol Hill Village website has many pages of information and links to recent newsletters.

• Mary Procter, [email protected]