Capital Punishment Bigger than Lowercase Punishment.

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Capital Punishment Bigger than Lowercase Punishment
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Transcript of Capital Punishment Bigger than Lowercase Punishment.

Capital Punishment

Capital PunishmentBigger than Lowercase PunishmentWhat is it?WE DONT EVEN KNOW!Execution of an offender sentenced to death after conviction by a court of law of a criminal offense. (Concise Encyclopedia)Limited to high crimesHistoryFirst evidence: Hammurabi of BabylonBritains taste for blood influenced colonies and worldFirst American execution: Jamestown, 1608

History of The Shire1800s: Capital punishment is widely challenged as cruel

1953: Rosenbergs are first civilians executed for treason

There and Back AgainFurman v. Georgia (1972): Supreme Court rules Georgias death penalty unconstitutionalGregg v. Georgia (1976): Revised death penalty supported80s 90s: Grim Reaper restricted2013 Gallup Poll: Death penalty support at all time low (60%)A Divided NationLegislation concerning Capital Punishment has taken the national stage at various timesFederal stagnation States Decision32 states still practice death penaltyTrend favors abolishing it

A Divided LawLargest controversy: Should criminals convicted before capital punishments abolition be executed? New Mexico, Connecticut, and Maryland

Its a pack of lies!!-D. GatesProponents claim capital punishment is more economicalIn fact, is astronomically more expensive Capital trials, enhanced security on death row, and legal representationSince 1978 California has spent 4 Billion on Capital punishment for only 13 executions.

Wheres the Party at?Split over issue no strong stanceLarge opposition at baseLargely in favorStrong stance

Not All Democrats are the Same

Click my face, I promiseInterest Groups Interested in AbolitionAmnesty International: Education and campaigning around the worldNational Coalition to Abolition the Death Penalty: Advocacy and legal supportAmerican Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): inherently violates the ConstitutionEducation, Litigation and Advocacy

12Support the death penalty (One of the few, the proud)Victims right to justiceDeterrent to crime

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