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Transcript of Capabilities Presentation Kendall Final

  • 1. Lead Nurturing andSocial Media A Capabilities Presentation

2. OnlineDifference

  • Conversions
  • Commerce
  • Conversation

3. OnlineConversions 4. OnlineCommerce 5. OnlineConversation 6. ProvenCapabilities 7. ProvenProcess 8. ProvenTeam

  • Jim Cudney
  • Randy Lawrence
  • David Kriegshauser
  • Jack Clark
  • Paul Keiser
  • Leah Jones

9. ProvenSolutions 10. National-LouisUniversity Objective:Increase lead generation, improve usability Results:Web-based leads up 30% in first 6 months 11. DeVryUniversity Objective:Support DEM sales process, align with new brand identity Results: Easy to use for new advisors, cost-effective to update 12. DeVryStudent Finance Objective:Eliminate paper-based system, advisor accountability Results:Beginning 3rd Enrollment year of use across all locations 13. PilcrowLiterary Festival Objective:Document all aspects of the event Results: Photos, Tweets, blog posts and videos by over a dozen participants 14. RebathBlog Monitoring Objective:Reputation management through monitoring Results:Blog has #2 search result, ReBath took 8 months to respond 15. Lead Nurturing& ProspectContact Management 16. Lead Nurturing: The Opportunity

  • Leverage Kendall Marketing Investments at the Top of the Funnel to Yield a Higher Return of New Students
  • Most Inquirers Dont Turn Into Buyers but Remember the Kendall Brand
  • People Who Inquire but Dont Buy Represent Your Strongest Long-term Prospect Pool

Total Universe of Buyers EnrollmentTeam Focus 17. KendallProspect Process Today 18. KendallProcess Tomorrow 19. Strategy& Program Design

  • Guarantee Automated Follow-up Pre & Post Event

20. AutomatedLead Nurture

  • Top Three Reasons
  • Relevant Communication Over Time Yields Higher Conversion
  • Communication Can Begin Immediately and Persist Over Time
    • Relevancy Based on Segmentation
      • Area of Interest
      • Life Stage
      • Events
    • If We Know These Things What Should We Say to Them?
  • Improved Management of Dormant Leads
    • Engage Them With Value Add; Not Head-banger Telemarketing
    • Bring Nurture Process In-house for More Control

21. NurturePrograms & Conversion Source: JupiterResearch, The ROI of E-mail Relevance These Results Are Produced by Increasing the Communication Relevancy to the Prospective Student Nurture Programs Focusing on Lifestage + Behavior Yield Highest Conversion Broadcast Lifestage Behavioral Primarytargetingtactic Everyone gets the same message Timed to where prospective student is in the consideration lifecycle Uses behavioral information to inform what message will provoke the desired action Email: Avg. unique open rate 20% 26% 33% Email: Avg. click-through rate 9.5% 14% 14% Email: Avg. conversion rate 1.1% 2.8% 3.9% 22. Lead Nurtures Powerful Revenue Impact 23. Next Steps:Discovery

  • Assist Kendall Team in Answering Key Questions:
  • What SF.Com Data to Use for Prospects?
  • What Prospect Segmentation Analysis is Required?
  • What Content/information Resources Are Available to Create Automated Nurture Programs?
  • Integration Requirements for Integrating SF.Com and Email
  • How Frequently Will SF.Com Be Updated?
  • What Kinds of Reports Are Needed?

24. Social Media for Prospect Relationship Building & Image Management 25. Unlocking the Value of Social Media

  • Viral is an Outcome, Not a Strategy
  • Use the Technology - The Technology Doesnt Use You
    • Online Research
    • RSS & Monitoring
    • Blogs & Blogger Outreach
    • Facebook Fan Pages
    • Online Photos & Video

26. OnlineResearch

  • Discover what students, faculty and potential students are saying online
  • Find the online communities where conversation is taking place
  • Evaluate current messaging compared to perception online
  • Build strategy based on research for online programs and outreach

27. RSS& Monitoring

  • RSS brings information to the user automatically from blogs, news sites and persistent searches
  • Using RSS for monitoring to keep up with day to day conversation
  • Set alerts to be able to respond quickly online to questions from students
  • Turn monitoring into a customer service channel

28. FacebookFan Pages

  • Official Presence on Facebook
  • Give Customers and Consumers a Place to Show They Like Your Company
  • Plan Events and Share Information
  • Metrics and Engagement Advertising

29. OnlinePhotos & Video

  • How Are People Telling Your Story Visually?
  • Help Connect Customers to Each Other Through Sharing Photos
  • Invite Users to Share Photos for Contests or Use on Web Sites
  • Find Photographers to Invite to Events
  • Do Behind the Scenes or Man on the Street Interviews
  • Cost of Doing Each Is Dropping Dramatically

30. Blogs& Blogger Outreach

  • Build Relationships with Consumers Online
  • Have Room to Tell the Whole Story
  • Get Feedback from Customers and Address Customer Questions
  • Give a Voice to People Inside and Outside of Company Walls
  • Search Engine Optimization

31. Discussion& Questions