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For Immediate Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DENVER, CO DENVER, CO Nine Denver Police Officers received the Citizens Appreciate Police (CAP) Award lastyear and will be honored today with a Mayoral Certificate of Appreciation. The ceremony will take place at 10:30am in the Rotunda of the City and County Building. Formed in 1978 by Mayor Bill McNichols and District Attorney Dale Tooley, CAP is a non-profit organization that recognizes Denver police officers that serve the public above and beyond the regular call of duty. Since inception, more than 200 officers have received the CAP award. The CAP board, consisting of 16 citizen volunteers, meets four times a year to review nominations, select recipients, and present awards. Each award winner receives a pin that is worn on the officer's uniform and a plaque. Nominations for the CAP Award come primarily from letters to the Chief of Police from private citizens commending an officer for their actions while either on or off duty. To submit a nomination directly, letters may be sent to: Citizens Appreciate Police, 3921 Holly St, Denver, CO 80207, Attn: Rene Werner Last year's CAP Award winners are: Officer Hana Ruiz (03024) and Officer Robert Martinez Jr. (04084) Officer Ruiz was dispatched on a welfare check of an elderly, disoriented, and lost male. Officer Ruiz contacted the party and learned he had left Virginia on a bus, got off the bus in Denver and lost his way. He was out of money, had his checkbook but was unable to cash a check and had no means of providing for himself. Officer Ruiz contacted his bank in Virginia and found he had a case worker Officer Ruiz contacted the case worker who relayed that the male had Alzheimer disease. Officer Ruiz and the case worker developed a plan to have money wired to assist with the purchase of a plane ticket. Officer Ruiz arranged lodging and purchased food with her own money. The next day, Officer Martinez assisted with getting him ready and transported to the airport. Officer Martinez purchased clothes for him at his own expense. He was not able to fly back to Virginia. The officers took him to the bus station and purchased a bus ticket. Both officers used their own money to buy him food. Officers Ruiz and Martinez are commended for their attention to duty, diligent service to a disabled citizen, compassion, creativity and tireless work ethic. They responded to a person in need with the highest level of customer service. Detective Michael O'Neill, Jr. (96025), Detective Joey Perez, (98003) and Detective Jay Lopez (01014) went above and beyond the call of duty when they volunteered to help a terminally ill eight year old child see his wish come true. His wish was to meet Denver Bronco Quarterback Tim Tebow. The child, a Florida native, was diagnosed with brain cancer and given less than six months to live. On New Years Day these officers volunteered their time to escort him and his family to the Broncos game. Throughout the day, the officers stayed by the boys side and at one point carried him up four levels because he was too weak to do so himself. The companionship and safety these officers provided is simply beyond words. Officer Wilbur Murray (06122) assisted a female on Christmas Eve who called the district station and said that she had not received her Christmas present. After a great deal of confusion, a check of her address, and a number of telephone calls, it was discovered that she had received a gift basket of food the previous year from The Colorado Gerontological Society. For some unknown reason, she was not on the current list to receive a gift basket. She explained that she had no food and requested assistance. Upon hearing of her request, Officer Murray acted quickly. He responded to her residence and determined her immediate needs. He then drove to the Denver Rescue Mission where he was able to pick up a large box of food and a fifteen pound turkey. Officer Murray returned to her residence, gave her the food items and spent some time speaking with her. Officer Murray is commended for his compassion and concern for a senior citizen whose children

live out of town and she was forgotten by her care providers. Officer Murray's actions are a demonstration of his professionalism and exemplify the finest traditions of the Denver Police Department. Officer Joel Charette (05141) assisted a female who had been homeless for a year and a half after losing her job in the recession, forced to live in her car with her dog and cat, she had to move from one parking lot to another in Aurora and Denver. After being contacted by a suspicious party and fearing for her safety she went to District 5 and came in contact with Officer Joel Charette. Officer Charette contacted one of the departments homeless outreach officers, and it was arranged for her to stay at a womens shelter. Unfortunately, in the only room open, animals were not permitted. She was faced with a wrenching dilemma. Officer Charette stepped up and made the difference, he found out that the Max Fund shelter would house the animals free of charge, but the animals had to be vaccinated. Officer Charette paid for the vaccinations out of his own pocket. The party said that Officer Charettes simple but uncommon acts of decency saved her life and the lives of her much loved pets. Corporal Zachery Phillips (03011) and Officer Christopher Hill (05138) assisted with a family who wanted to thank the officers for preventing their mentally impaired family member from getting into a strangers vehicle while walking down a freeway. Officer Hill may have saved her life that night. Above and beyond this he called to report the circumstances, placed her in a motel, made sure she was fed, and kept in contact with the family until they could drive to Denver to pick her up. Corporal Phillips also contacted the family indicating their son-in-law, also mentally impaired would be waiting for them to pick him up at the Denver bus station.

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