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3351 West Burleigh Blvd.Tavares, FL 32778


Our menu features a unique dockside twist to the classic Hurricane Grill & Wings® menu. Hurricane®

Dockside Grill infuses several traditional Hurri-cane Grill & Wings® menu items, including their award-winning jumbo sized chicken wings and

32 original sauces.


Buy One Get One1/2 Price

TuesdayKids EAT FREE

with paid adult

WednesdayLadies Night

Ladies get complimentary house drink

Friday & Saturday10% Off CARRY OUT

Live Entertainment

Kick BackDockside

Where Great Food and A Relaxed Atmosphere

Await You!

11am-10pmSunday -Thursday

11am-11pmFriday and Saturday

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OFFAny Installation

Offer good through 9/30/12 FREE

ESTIMATESAluminum Contractors, Inc.

“Never less than the Best”

352.323.0068Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Lic#SCC056665 #CBC1250226 Proud to use American-Made products

Front Entries

Screen Enclosures


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inside this issue volume 1 issue 5


PGA Players on Par for VeteransEnjoy Pro Golfers in Howey-in-the-Hills at Mission Inn on Veterans Day 7

Silky Smooth...Alan DarcyMeet local musician extraordinnaire, Alan 10

Business of the MonthAluminum Contractors, Inc in Leesburg, one of the most reputable aluminum contractors in the 12

Pups & FriendsDog Fashion Show, at Green K9 in Mount Dorapg. 14

Feature: YMCA Wellness GroupCertified Personal Trainer, Nikki Van Culin works miracles with her 24

Health and Fitness5 tips and motivation hints to start your fitness routine this 36

MeetAmy SellersArtist of the Month

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1950 Classique LaneTavares, FL


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With summer coming to a close and kids going back to school, thing have picked up again. The dog fashion show was a huge success. There were hundreds of people out. I want to thank Bonnie Whicher for covering the event and turning in some great photos. You can catch some of them in our current issue.

We are in the peak of our hurricane season, so plan ahead and be prepared. Our local sports teams are gearing up for another exciting year. Go out and support your local teams no matter where you live in the county.

We are going to be covering some exciting events this coming month. Go on our Facebook page for updates on events and happenings around Lake County.

I want to thank everyone on their great feedback and please keep them coming in. We rely on your comments to bring you the best content in our magazine.

See you all next month.

Sincerely,Al AsgharPublisher

meet the publisher

Al Asghar

staffLew Claytoncreative director

Pam Thompsonsales

Stephen Michael Natalestaff writer

Lew Claytonphotographer

Contributing writers:Amir AsgharProf. Gustaf Borgia Y AguirreLynn Van DykeJacinta HawthornMichelle TurnerStephen HallDerrick Holder

Contributing photographer:Bonnie Whicher

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on the cover:Dog Fashion Show painting by Mount Dora Artist Amy Sellers

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808 N. Donnelly Street, Mount Dora, Florida 32757



Specializing inAntiquarian, Out of Print

and Used Books

About 45 minutes northwest of Central Florida, there is a small commu-nity called Howey-in-the-Hills, where you will find the magnificent among the ordinary. Mission Inn Resort & Club is a sprawling resort that features breathtaking Spanish architecture and pristinely manicured Bermuda grassed golf courses. The 18-hole El Campeon course is one of the oldest courses in Florida, having opened in 1926, and offers as much challenge as beauty. This fall, on Veterans Day weekend, El Campeon’s slopes and lon-gest tees for a par (72) will not only challenge 18 PGA players, but it will be the site of an Inaugural Pro Am Golf Tournament. Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter, Florida Inc. has identified a dire need to address the issue

of Veterans Housing in their community. According to, of the 23.4 million veterans in America, 1.7 million of them live in Florida. Of those, 50-75,000 of them reside in Lake and Sumter Counties. Many of them are without housing, or live in substandard conditions. As a way to elevate and educate the community on this issue, Habitat for Humanity of Lake- Sumter, in partnership with Mission Inn Resort& Club and The PGA, will be hosting the Inau-gural Pro Am Golf Tournament on Veterans Day weekend.

Over the two day tournament, both tour pros and amateurs alike will do their best to conquer the almost 7,000 yards of greens and up to 85 feet in elevations that El Campeon has to offer. On both the front and back nines one will find wet, low-lying holes with some tumbling up and some tumbling down. Some of the highlights include holes four through seven that make for a quite a dramatic stretch- all par fours, playing through elevated trees, and down and back up elevated greens. The back nine doesn’t get any easier. The 16th, for example, has a green almost entirely encircled with water, requiring a very precise short iron onto the green. The 17th, is a double-dog-leg par 5 lined with trees, plus one in the fairway near the green- only to finish up with a tricky approach shot over the water.

Why would someone want to challenge themselves in their free time? Why would a PGA player want to face such hazards when they do that week in and week out? Why would an amateur voluntarily sign up to face such golfing obstacles? The answer is quite simple. The challenge and obstacles of El Campeon pales in comparison to the chal-lenges and obstacles our veterans face during and after their service to our country. The commitment of the PGA players to actively participate in The Pro-Am Golf Tournament at Mission Inn Resort and Club shows that the golf-ing community recognizes that our veterans face obstacles many can never even imagine- even after they return “home”. They face many insurmountable challenges as they try to transition back into civilian life. Many are left homeless. If they have a “home”, it is substandard and dangerous. In an effort to provide safe, affordable housing to the veterans of their community, Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter, Florida launched its Veterans Housing Initiative.

As their inaugural builds for the Veterans Housing Initiative, Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter will have two builds for veterans. With the sponsorship and support raised from the Pro Am golf tournament, a disabled Vietnam Veteran will be receiving a home in Wildwood, Florida and a 15 Bed Transitional Housing facility for Veterans will be constructed in Leesburg, Florida. With the support and volunteerism of all those involved, these two builds are just the first tee in a very long round that Habitat is committed to playing on behalf of veterans in their community.

PGA Players on Par for Veteransby Michelle Turner 7

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living green

What shade of Green are you, unlike 50 shades of Grey you can go green or be really green. Many new home owners and some previous homeowners are starting realize that greener homes equal better resale value but also help to reduce the cost of living in the home. Studies show that green home improvement projects may not be as popular as traditional non-green improvements. Every house requires maintenance. And for most homeowners is mostly just a pain. But for those who favor green living, home maintenance can be an opportunity to take addi-tional steps down that green path.

Solar outdoor lighting Solar lighting doesn't require electrical wiring, there are no additional charges to your electric bill and you can relocate the lighting any place desired. Solar lights enhance the look of walk ways, landscaping and security.

Hot water heater maintenance First, if you have a working hot water heater and there's no need to replace it, then make sure you wrap a blanket around the tank. This will help hold in the heat and reduce your monthly energy expenses. Also if it’s time to replace your water heater you should consider a tank-less system. The hot water is heated and supplied as needed and you can save 15%-20% because you are not heating a full tank. Finally, if you're really ready to go green, replace your hot water system with a solar heater. This system will be a more expensive upfront but it will last longer and get you a decent tax return it while reducing your carbon emissions.

What green tips can I do for my home? by Derrick Holder

Page 9: Canine Couture

Green Landscape Pesticides, fertilizer, watering and time all take their toll on the environment as well as your time and pocket book. Planting native plants, using recycled mulch and natural fertilizers or pest control reduces the amount of time and energy required to keep your lawn looking great. Use alternative materials. Consider natural stone, bamboo or other sustainable flooring instead of carpeting. Ditto for the outside of the home, stone and other sustainable building materials often require less maintenance, painting and other ongoing costs.

Energy saving appliances There are more choices than everwhen it comes to energy efficient appliances designed to save time money and do your part for the environment.

Weather proofing If your house is weather proofed well it will useless heat in winter and less air conditioning in summer to stay comfortable. Test plumbing for leaks annually. Even small leaks can add up to a large loss and cost without knowing it.

Automation Did you know that you can use timers for your lighting, heating and air conditioning and water heater instead of leaving them on all day or night? By doing so you can regulate how much energy you are using daily and when you are using that energy.

Environmentally Friendly Ways of Reusing and Recycling Paper, Books and Mags by: Reuben Frye

As consumers demand the need for more paper, whether it's for newspapers, plain paper or books, we continue to cut down vast numbers of really old trees. It will take numerous years to see this turned over. Reusing and recycling paper is really important nowadays.

All paper, including books and magazines, are virtually wholly biodegradable, meaning they don't clog landfills for many years and will merely degrade into nothing. The fact that there is a need for more paper makes it appear daft not to recycle as much as we possibly can. That is why we should reuse and recycle.

The traditional means of recycling paper is by making use of recycling facilities. You will observe that where you dwell, there are opportunities to recycle, including in numerous cases your local grocery store. You may notice that your local area has different bins so you can sort your paper for recycling. So that the paper can be usable once again, the recycling process should be put in place. This saves the trees and makes for a healthy environment. Paper recycling is not always straightforward and can be made challenging by the stapling of books and mags. Magnets may be utilized to handle the problems of metal and recycling companies are constantly try to find ways to better the process.

Mags and books can be reused, it is only a matter of using our imagination. Those old books and magazines are a fantastic learning resource for your kids and they will have the chance to give them to other people in the future. An old book will be of use to somebody else and it is not hard for us give it this way.

living green 9

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When Gabriel blew his horn the walls of Jericho fell. EverythingLake Magazine (EL) heard that when Alan Darcy comes to Lake County the notes from his sax resonate with, in party terms, a blast. A blast that, parallel to Ga-briel’s legendary horn, is divinely inspired. On a Friday Night in early August under the clearing skies of a perfect evening at Pieces Rising in Mount Dora we came to see if the inferred pyrotechnics about Darcy had any spark.

Not only did we catch Darcy’s show, but EL Creative Director Lew Clayton and I had the opportunity to sit down with the versatile sax player before the

show and during his few breaks to find out what blows his horn. We also had the chance hear what Pisces Rising managers and their unreserved crowd had to say about Darcy.

Upon our arrival we were introduced to Alan Darcy who is slightly shorter in stature than his lofty reputation and stage presence would suggest. Darcy is open, engaging and personable, cor-dially greeting not only us, but some of his fans as they arrive at Pisces Rising surprising early; a full hour and a half before his 7 PM starting time. It becomes obvious as we talk with Darcy many of Pisces Rising‘s clientele were ensuring themselves a seat, fill-ing the upper deck and bar area then spilling to the lower deck tables in anticipation of his performance.

When asked about his favorite places to play in Lake County, Darcy diplomatically says he likes all the Lake County establishments he

has entertained in. But when pushed, he sheepishly and reservedly reveals he really enjoys outdoor venues on the water or with water-

front and sunset views. Pisces Rising fits perfectly into that preference, as do many other venues in Lake County like

ALS landing and Ruby Street Grill, and still others Darcy is hoping to receive invitations to play. Darcy is also quick to follow up stating specifically, “it is the people of Lake County that make me feel comfortable here.”

Darcy says it is this level of comfort that helps him “make a connection” with his audience and a

bond he says he draws energy from. Unlike many bands & entertainers that employ

rigid set lists Darcy relies on this nexus to define the type of experience his

crowd is looking for, then he deliv-ers. We here at EL will attest to

his ability to deliver better than Fed-Ex.

Darcy is an exception

Alan DarcyBy Stephen Michael Natale Photos by Lew Clayton

Silky Smooth


Page 11: Canine Couture

nally talented artiste; his sax play is silky, smooth and liquid. With his voice added the music he offers is blend of elevated elation and soft sensual spontaneity. His repertoire is primarily jazz, R&B and top 40 hits from the golden years to modern day including his own compositions. Darcy per-formance included varied styles and genres from the likes of: Earth Wind and Fire, Billy Joe, Frank Sinatra, Kool & The Gang, James Taylor, Santana, Wayne Newton and Michael Buble.’

As he performs he casually strolls through the crowd at times focusing on a particular person or maneuvers to the center of the dance floor and joins in. And once playing directly to a pampered pooch, a shot our photographer missed because the dog either didn’t like ‘Misty’ or was more interested in the table scraps. We also missed a shot of Darcy, who says he doesn’t use props, wearing a red, lighted, Mohawk wig provided by a female audience member while playing a jazzy dance piece. Well our guy didn’t miss the shot, Darcy ducked the camera when he saw us coming. These are exam-ples that, though Darcy calls himself purely an entertainer, he does facilitate a party.

Pisces Rising‘s Event Manager Albert Newell tells EL, “Darcy is one of the most professional musicians we work with. And Pisces Rising loves how animated Alan is, interacting with the crowd.” Newell also revealed to us Darcy’s perfor-mances are typically extended into overtime, ending only because of Mt Dora’s noise ordinances and that they see a noticeable uptick in business when Darcy is playing. Newell’s statements are easy to believe watching the crowd as Darcy performs, which is a mixed group of thirty-somethings ranging in age to the upper stratosphere; all dancing to the variety of beats and genres coursing over the Pisces Rising deck and at times forming a circle around Darcy when he slips amongst them.

Back Story Born in Staten Island but raised in Orlando, Alan Darcy’s music lead him back to New York after attending Florida State. When a family tragedy struck three years ago, Alan’s older sister’s ill-fated battle with cancer, he was drawn back to Central Florida. Now, though Darcy still travels to some of the most prominent Jazz stages in the Northeast, he calls neighboring Ocoee home base and performs a touring schedule heavily weighted with gigs in Lake County.

Darcy plays three differing saxophones the Tenor, Alto and Soprano as well as the flute. He combines these instruments with a harmonic voice during his performances and on his four albums with Rebel Re-cords. Darcy is now working on his fifth, titled ‘Momentum’ hoping to release it by Christmas. All Alan Darcy’s music can be purchased through his website as well as finding more information about his music and tour schedule. Darcy also tells EL he will be fulfilling a dream this year when he gets to play at the Clearwater JazzFest.

Darcy reveals that even though his schedule takes him all over Florida he really treasures coming to Lake County. Darcy zealous-ly states, “The people here in Lake have really embraced me, really made me feel welcomed and appreciated.”

Perhaps this is one reason EverythingLake observed him demonstrating such passion during his performance.

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business of the month



Jimmy MooreOwner


Page 13: Canine Couture 13

business of the monthWorking in your home community has its advantages. These rewards were the driving concepts behind Leesburg resident Jimmy Moore’s decision to in 1994 leave his job in Orlando, earn his Specialty Contractors license and start Aluminum Contractors Inc. in Leesburg. Since then, Jimmy has built Aluminum Contractors Inc. (ACI) into one of the more reputable aluminum construction businesses in the area.

The guiding principle of the business was simple. Provide exactly what customers want. Then show them how to do it economically and safely while treating people fairly without the all the upsell. ACI’s business model is to eq-uitably provide the highest quality American made materials, crafted with the best workmanship for a wide array of aluminum construction services that include; screen rooms, lanais, carports, entry doors, Florida rooms, garage screens, glass rooms, pool enclosures, and vinyl windows to customers in Lake, Sumter, and Marion Counties. All at a fair and competitive price.

Most all of ACI’s room and port projects feature Structall insulated panels, which are available in thicknesses from 3 inches to eight inches and in multiple colors customers can choose. The advantage of these panels beyond the aesthetic value is the ease of design and construction, especially for those projects enclosing large areas. The structural integrity of these panels eliminates engineering requirements for redundant support compulsory for other aluminum roofing systems over large spans. These panels in the thinnest 3” version can span widths up to twenty feet without posts and beams in the middle of your room, giving each new addition a wide open unob-structed feeling.

ACI’s motto of “never less than the best” is a bold theme that the company backs up with its Workmanship War-ranty. While many companies in the area upped the common 1 year warranty to two years trying to increase mar-keting, ACI pushed all in; raising their area leading 3 year Workmanship Warranty to a full 5 years and forcefully asserting their level of quality is not just advertisement.

An aspect of real interest to clients, and their neighbors, is in how ACI actually builds their projects. Unlike other aluminum contactors’ construction practices that produce hours, if not days, of screaming saws, ACI Pre-fabricates large portions of each project in the shop. This technique considerably reduces the amount of time, construction noise (and annoyance) created by the common aluminum construction jobs. This method also entails a process of challenging detail planning to produce projects to an exacting, self-imposed standard of 1/16th on an inch. Toler-ances that are, in construction terms, extremely tight; especially for “pre-fab” work.

Clients can typically expect their projects to begin within two to six weeks after their free estimate depending upon the scope of the project, design and permitting durations and other project spe-cific variables. Most jobs start quickly and even though ACI is not on site, with the prefab aspects, projects many times are underway in the shop even before the permits are issued. Also of note is that all of ACI’s projects are individually designed with stamped structural engineering plans and the longer wait times are usually for particularly complex projects.

To further control the quality of installations and satisfaction of customers ACI uses only employ-ees, not subcontractors. Most of these employees have been with the company for at least 10 years. Employees are background checked and then trained in ACI techniques that include blind screw construction, and their Pre-Fab methods.

For more information about Aluminum Contractors Inc., see examples of their work, contact Jimmy or professional estimator, Adrian; see the AD in this issue of EverythingLake magazine, visit ACI’s website or Facebook page.

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pups & friends

Poncho, (L), and Paris,both 2 yr. old Chihuahuas escorted by Sarah Albin


Page 15: Canine Couture 15

pups & friends

Petey, 2 yr old, Beagle Mixescorted by Bethany Chambliss

Ike, 3 yr old Walker Houndescorted by Michelle Lindhurst

Precious, 3 yr old Red Heelerescorted by Lou Buigis

Nutmeg, 24 pound Norwegian Lunderhund mixescorted by Heather Graham

Rosemary, 2 yr old, Mini Schnauzer mix

Dog Fashion ShowPhotos by Bonnie Whicher

It was great to see a ton of people out for this event. With the help of the dog models from different shelters from all over Lake County and the ladies and ensembles from Frugal, this event was a huge success.

Enjoy the photos and rescue a dog.

Page 16: Canine Couture


pups & friends

L-R:Christine Vossberg, Bethany Chambliss, Michelle Lindhurst, Frugal’s Owners, Benjamin Mosley & Lindy Colvin, Kim LeRoux, Thuy Lowe, Brandy Vanzant, Heather Graham

Kim LeRoux


Page 17: Canine Couture 17

Try one of ourSauces today.

You don't know what your taste buds

are missing! Email:

[email protected] Phone: (630) 395-7900

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restaurant spotlight

Jennifer Hartley Bar Manager

Roxanne Leach Server

Derrick Haggerty General Manager

Patrick Haggerty Asst. Manager


Page 19: Canine Couture 19

restaurant spotlightMy culinary taste buds took me to Hurricane Dockside Grill this month. This casual restaurant is located on the Dead River in Tavares. You can reach this wonderful restaurant by land and sea, making it easy to get there.

With its waterfront dining, a volleyball court and on premises catering facilities, this restaurant offers a little bit of ev-erything for everybody. “We have done a lot of catering events” explained Derrick Haggerty, the Executive Chef and General Manager. “We recently catered for the governor’s event and also for Fox and Friends in The Villages”. The restaurant is decorated with an island/beach theme. The restaurant offers food that is a combination of Florida and the Caribbean. It includes fresh seafood and mouthwatering steaks. They also offer famous chicken wings with their 32 different sauces to compliment them.

I got to try a few of their signature dishes. I started with their Hurricane World- Famous Garlic & Parmesan Fries. They were crispy and I could not put them down. Next up, from their entrées menu, I tried the Island Grilled Shrimp. The shrimp are seasoned your way and they use sugar cane skewers. Delicious!!!! Hurricane’s offers a full liquor bar. From a full selection of rums and tequila to their 16 draft beers, 50+ bottles of beer and a full wine list, there is something for everyone.

They offer daily specials all week long. Kids eat free with a paid adult on Tuesdays. Wednesday’s is ladies night and the ladies get one complimentary house drink. There is live entertainment Thursday thru Sunday. The restaurant offers valet parking on Saturdays and Sundays.

Hurricane’s is open Sunday thru Thursday from 11am to 10pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 11pm.They are located at 3351 West Burleigh Blvd, Tavares. You can reach them at 352-508-5137 or online at www.hurricanedocksidegrill.comFor your eat-in or carry out, you cannot go wrong with Hurricane Dockside Grill.

As they say at the restaurant,

Kick Back Dockside… Where great food and a relaxed atmosphere await you. 19

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My dad had asked me if I wanted to go to the media day harvest feet grape stomping at Lakeridge Winery and I said yes not knowing what I was getting into. I thought it was just a tour of the winery, little did I know.

We arrived a little early that day and were greeted by two ladies at the reception desk. They handed us our name tags and took our pictures in these huge half barrels. I met the rest of the media that were there for this event.

After a short wait, they took us out to the vineyards and showed us all the grapes grown on sight. The grapes they grew are hybrids and muscadine. Hybrid and muscadine grapes grown in Florida survive because of their disease resistance and adaptability to our warm, humid climate.

I had noticed this huge harvester and a tractor with a harvest collector on the back of it. I was thrilled when I heard that I could ride on the back by the collector. The huge harvester had a shoot that dropped into the harvest collector. As we started our harvesting, I noticed that the grapes falling into the big collector. I actually got to help by holding down the shoot where the grapes were coming out of. I had asked if those grapes where edible and was told that they were. We filled up our collector fairly fast.

Next, they took us over to the juicing area and showed us how they get all the grapes clean and into the huge juicer. We actually drink the juice fresh from the juicer. Next, it was off to the whole wine making experience. They have huge tank were they store all the wine and it is kept at 65 degrees all year long. Some of the wines were for the muscadine varieties and they used Noble (red); Carlos, Welder, and Magnolia (whites). After that, we ended up in the bottling and labeling center. Next to that was the huge storage areas were they kept the wine for shipping.

Just when I thought this could not get any better, we were taken to the grape stomping. I could not wait to get in this barrel. After stomping for 2 minutes, my toes were full of grape skin and juice.

I Have to hand it to my dad; this was one of my highlights this summer.

My Day at Lake Ridge WineryBy Amir Asghar

Page 21: Canine Couture 21

Akira McGee18, Junior

Eustis High School

I am looking forward to going back to school but I had a fantastic summer. I was supposed to go out of town

with my immediate family to visit other family members but they decided to come see us instead. We had a blast. We went to Miami and that was the first time I had ever

been there. Man, it was rockin’! I had so much fun.

I am excited about my classes this year. Especially my AP classes. I am taking AP English and AP History. I like these

classes because they are going to give me a headstart when I do dual enrollment next year. It will prepare me

for classes at Lake-Sumter Community College. These classes also make me try harder, I like the challenge

alot. It will be nice to have some college classes behind me when I graduate high school next


Here I come better watch out! 21

Page 22: Canine Couture

Paris and her goggles

Makynna Goodson14, Freshman Tavares High School

Going back to school? Now that’s something no teenager is looking forward to, especially not me. Why you may ask. Because first of all, I will be in high school this year, as a freshman. Second of all, because nothing can be more confusing to a freshman than a big high school campus, that is very easy to get lost in. Finally the fact that there are A days and B days that divide up the 8 classes in total that you have.

Now I must admit that there are also pro’s of going back to school such as getting new clothes, not so much for guys but mostly for girls. Plus going to high school means meet-ing more people from different middle schools. Also, moving into high school means only 3 years left until no more school unless you’re going to college like me.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on going back to school. Hopefully my first year of high school will be a good one.


Page 23: Canine Couture

EUSTIS — The Lake County Community Traffic Safety Team (CTST) and Lake County Schools’ Transportation Depart-ment are offering motorists, parents and students a collection of safety tips from the Florida Department of Transpor-tation to help make the upcoming school year as safe as possible.With the first day of school on Monday, Aug. 20, traffic and bus safety is a high priority for Lake County Schools and Lake County CTST. Students, parents, teachers, administrators, District transportation personnel and the motoring public all play important roles in keeping children safe as they start the new school year.TRAFFIC SAFETY: • With increased traffic, allow extra time to reach a destination. • Know and obey the law with regard to stopping for school buses loading and unloading children. • Be aware of the speed limit and your speed, especially in school zones and around schools. • Obey all crossing guard directions.CHILDREN IN A CAR: • All passengers must wear a seat belt or an appropriate car safety seat. Motorists and passengers can and will be ticketed for not wearing a safety belt. Adult drivers are responsible for their passengers under 18 years of age when it comes to proper safety belt and car seat use. • Remember that many crashes occur while novice teen drivers are going to and from school. As a parent: require seat belt use by the driver and all passengers; limit the number of teen passengers; do not allow eating, drinking, cell phone conversations or texting to prevent driver distraction; limit nighttime driving; and limit driving in inclement weather.CHILDREN ON A BIKE: • Always wear a bicycle helmet, no matter how short or long the ride. The law requires children under age 16 to wear a helmet. • Ride on the right; in the same direction as traffic (younger children should use sidewalks). • Use appropriate hand signals. • Obey traffic lights and stop signs. • Wear bright color clothing to increase visibility. • Know the “rules of the road.”

Lake County CTST issues back-to-school safety tips 23

Page 24: Canine Couture


Amanda Bombard, a 24 year old from Sorrento, finds herself mulling through the clothing aisles of a local store when she suddenly, yet hap-pily realizes she is in the wrong section. For so long she could only shop the limited choices of plus-sized fashions, a location that by habit she ended up in, but

where she now no longer belongs after losing 80 pounds. Amanda tells EL magazine, if it was not for the Golden Triangle YMCA and Certified Physical Trainer Nikki Van Culin, she would never be in the position to be delighted by absent-mindedly making the mistake of browsing her former clothing

section. “Nikki changed my life.” Amanda’s finding herself in the big ladies section and now having the positive self-esteem to laugh about it is but one anecdote to the life altering changes occurring for mem-bers of the Golden Triangle YMCA.

As EL magazine spoke with many of Nikki Van Culin’s students we real-ized there were a lot of ‘F’ words flying around the Golden Triangle YMCA facility. We heard words like, focus, festive, friendly and futures, all used in describing the programs offered and the people at “The Y.” Fitness, fellowship and fun set in a folksy, family atmosphere based on a foundation of edification, foster-ing fervor for the fulfillment of one’s life. As a writer I never used that many “Fs“ in a sentence before, but then again they’re not my words (well I added one). What we at EL experienced in talking with mem-bers of Nikki’s group was the favor-able ‘F bomb’. Through concerted effort, self-de-termination and a dash of personal courage the six ‘Y’ members EL spoke with lost a phenomenal total of 421 pounds under Nikki’s tute-lage. “That’s the bomb,” a bomb that blasts away unwanted fat and flab (more F’s) returning fitness, health and a heightened self-esteem as “collateral damage.” Oh, and they tell us “Nikki is the Bomb” too.

Eustis resident Nikki Van Culin is not only a Certified Personal Trainer working at the YMCA, but accord-ing to her Boot Camp Cadets, Zum-ba Warriors and just about anyone else in the programs she’s lead for the past four years, Nikki is a friend, a personal advocate, a motivator and a mentor.

YMCA Wellness GroupThe Favorable F Bomb

by EverythingLake Staff, photos: Lew Clayton


Page 25: Canine Couture

Oh, and a harsh “for your own good” task master that is “always accessible and really cares” about the people she works with. Nikki pushes her charges not just to reach and then exceed their personal lim-its, but to attain their own goals. Of the incredible number of activi-ties available at the Golden Triangle YMCA for all ages, (of which there are just too many to list) Nikki leads Boot Camp, Zumba, IGT, Cardio & Muscle Conditioning, Shallow and Deep Water Aquatic Aerobics and Pil-oxing which is described as a combination of Pilates and Boxing. All conducted in a group atmosphere that is welcoming and com-fortable, especially for beginners and new members. Unlike other gyms and workout facilities the ‘Y’

does not have the muscle-head in-timidation or the aloof “better than you” snobbery.

Nikki’s training philosophy is simple one. Strengthen your core and you change your life. It is, in her words, “a mindset. I teach people through a system of progressive learn-ing how not only to eat correctly and exercise but to make lifestyle changes in support their Goals.” The basic style employed in the pro-grams Nikki leads, is that she tries to instill in the group, a commitment to each other of transitioning their lives together. Then Nikki acts as the catalyst and the support system for the group. The results are life altering.

Read the reflections from Golden Triangle YMCA members that have indeed changed their lives and this may be just the catalyst to light your fuse to join them.

Al Bond, 60, has been a member of the YMCA since 1969, joining the Golden Triangle ‘Y’ in 1996 and says “Nikki doesn’t accept slacking. She forces us to use our brains as well as our bodies.” Since getting involved with Nikki’s pro-grams he has lost weight but to him more important-ly he is stronger and at 66, much healthier.

Shannon Sheets, 32, from Leesburg joined the “Y” a year ago and Takes all of Nikki’s Classes, averaging 6 days per week, 2 hours per day. With that work rate she has lost 25 pounds and moved her body mass in-dex downward 24 percent. She exclaims, “This place is addicting, we are having fun with the added bonus of weight loss and fitness,”

Debbie Morris a 59 year old from also from Leesburg started at the “Y” five years ago to address weight and health issues states that since joining Nikki’s pro-grams she has lost 25 more pounds, in addition to the 40 pounds she lost working on her own. The big thing is she says “I kept the weight off, I feel stronger, healthier and firmer. Nikki is so motiva-tional. She really helps my self-esteem.”

Nikki Van Culin, CPT

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Karen Bradner of Eustis lost 56 pounds in her first 8 months working with Nikki. She says “My self-esteem has grown immeasurably, a sedentary lifestyle had me so far out of shape and I had the onset of osteopo-rosis. Those issues are now gone. But this place is not just about working out, it also about gaining friends.”

Amanda Bombard, a 24 year old Sorrento resident and 2 ½ year member of the “Y” lost 80 pounds most of it in her first year. She tells us, “My Life has changed so much. Nikki is so encourag-ing I have such a sense of accomplishment. The ‘Y’ feels like home. I am so much happier

Heather Himes, 35, from Grand Island at one time was 305 pounds, very insecure and a self-imposed house bound when she decided to do something. Dieting on her own she moved her weight down to 256 pounds. Since joining the ‘Y’ and Nikki’s programs 1 year ago she lost another 95 pounds. Through tears she tells us, “I’m a better Mom, I’m a better wife, Nikki changed my life!”


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(352) 735-7411

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artist of the month: Amy Sellers


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Amy Sellers was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, and has a deep connection with her Cajun heritage. She was raised in the small town of Wexford, Pennsylvania. At age 12 she was encouraged by a young art teacher, Al Spekis, who was teach-ing his first year. In 1983 Amy headed to Tampa, FL. She graduated with a Fine Arts degree at the University of South Florida. Amy and Andrew Sellers met and married in 1995 and have three sons. In 2002 their middle son, Andrew, was diagnosed with Autism. For the next few years Amy dedicated her art work to funding charities that assist children and families affected by autism. She opened her art gallery, the TREE FROG Artisan Boutique, in October of 2011. It is located in the historic Renaissance Building on Donnelly Street between 4th and 5th Avenues. Amy had the privilege of contacting and thanking her first encourager, Al Spekis, after 35 years. He is still teaching art today. Amy contin-ues to create art in 3 distinct styles, Expressionism, Abstract and Whimsical.

DedicationThank you to all of the wonderful people who have inspired me to recreate them in a collection that captures a moment in time. It has been an honor and a blessing to create this series of paintings featuring iconic buildings and people of historic Mount Dora, Florida.

Thank you to my family and friends who give me support and unconditional love.

Thank you to the caring art teacher, Al Spekis, that inspired me to follow my dream of art when I was 12 years old.

Thank you, God, for giving me the gift to bless others through art.

Many of her works can be seen on her website:

Meet our cover artist:

Amy Sellers

artist of the month 29

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Eustis resident, Donald Betterton was born on March 26, 1944, thirty miles outside of a little town in Virginia called Chatham. He was delivered at home because back then, doctors still made house calls carrying their big black bags of mystery items, used for healing and a curiosity to most.

His parents were sharecroppers and both had dropped out of school in 7th grade to join their family in the fields harvesting tobacco. His grandfather had worked in the fields as a young boy just like his father. Don thought it was the “manly” thing to do and couldn’t wait until they would let him work the fields. He soon discovered it wasn’t as glamorous as he thought it would be and couldn’t wait to get back to playing and doing kid things. The days were long in the fields and Don can remember one time where he was in the hot fields and had an agonizing toothache. He had been complaining all morning because the pain was getting worse and the heat was making him sick. They pulled the tobacco leaves one at a time and were always covered with black tar. His dad got tired of hearing him complain and dragged him to town to have his tooth pulled, nasty, grimy clothes and all. Then made he get back in the field. No time to recover, there was tobacco to pull.

He has always been a lover of cars and can remember as far back as first grade, standing in the classroom windows with his friends and each one identifying the make and model of the cars parked on the street. He got his first car, a 1951 Ford Victoria, when he was fifteen but didn't get his license until he was sixteen. He would drive his car

with an outdated license tag which he had ingeniously painted and changed to look “legal”. He was out driving in his illegal vehicle one night and got stopped by a

police officer directing him to wait for a funeral procession to go by. The officer didn’t notice, but the experience led him to go ahead and get

that tag, he wasn’t going to take a chance like that again.

He graduated from Chatham High in 1962 and worked odd jobs until he joined the army in 1964. He was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany and was assigned to drive earth moving equipment thus starting his love for driving big trucks. He really didn’t like the army and when approached to re-up upon his discharge in 1967, Don stated “no thanks, I don’t like people yelling at me all the time. My dad did that when I was growing up. Didn’t like it then, don’t like it now”.

Don went back to Virginia, settling in Danville, twenty miles from his hometown of Chatham. After a short stint working for Trailways Bus as a driver, He went to work for a trucking company named J. Clint Fleming & Son thus starting a forty three year career as a driver, trucks and buses. He worked for Greyhound Bus twenty one and a half years and Benton Trucking fourteen and a half, where he estimates he

covered about 3,000,000 miles during his trucking career. Don retired in 2006 where he lives in Eustis with his wife of twenty two years, Patricia. When asked what he liked the most about being retired he said ”I love the fact I don't have to hurry home to sleep” It has also

given him more time to enjoy his love for cars. He has owned 90-100 cars , sometimes two at a time, including a 1939 Ford

coupe and a 1954 Ford 2 door sedan.

Don has slowed down a bit since his quadruple heart bypass in February of this year. The

hospital said he should be the poster child for everything that can go right and his

physical therapist tells him she wished all her patients were in good a shape

as him. He feels good but his energy level isn’t quite back where

it used to be. But it will return. He is patient saying “it

certainly beats the alternative”.Donald Betterton

Eustis, Florida30

senior spotlight

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ParksAstor Lions Community Park 54835 Alco Road, Astor, FL 32102 Open: Dawn to dusk, year round. Acres: 10 Astor Lions Park offers active recreation for everyone from the ball player to the tennis player. The pavilion and playground offer families a place to enjoy a picnic or day in the park. The regularly scheduled soccer, baseball and softball games by local teams offer an enjoyable way to pass a few hours. The park is also adjacent to the Astor County Library.

Ferndale Preserve 19220 County Road 455, Ferndale, FLOpen: Wed.-Sat. from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Acres: 192 Ferndale Preserve is located on the western shore of Lake Apopka. The preserve offers three trails each offering stunning vistas of Lake Apopka and on clear days down town Orlando.Trail lengths: Equestrian/Hiking Trail: 1.3 mile loop Multi-Use Trail (unpaved): 0.5 miles one-way The preserve is a former orange grove, which is being restored to a Long-Leaf Pine-Wiregrass, Xeric Scrub and meadow ecosystems. It offers nature lovers lots to enjoy with more than 140 birds, 40 butterflies, and numerous other animals, such as the Pine Snake, Gopher Tortoise, Bobcat, River Otter, American Alligator, Box Turtle and Fence Lizard. It is also home to many native plants including an endangered tree species.

Lake County’s Park Rangers lead regularly scheduled nature hikes and bird and butterfly surveys at the preserve. The park has plans for a fishing pier and observation tower on Lake Apopka, a scenic pavilion overlook and a short boardwalk through the wet deciduous woodland Haynes Creek Preserve 34606 S. Haines Creek Road, Leesburg, FL 34788 Open: Dawn to dusk, year round. Acres: 36.09 Haynes Creek Preserve is primarily an island that lies between a canal and Haynes Creek. It consists of wet deciduous forest with a small amount of upland. One can expect to hear Barred Owls and Pileated Woodpeckers while hiking the trails. During the summer nesting season, Prothonotary Warbler, Northern Parula and Red-Eyed Vireos are present. Other wildlife includes more than 20 species of butterflies and dragonflies, Race Runners, River Otters and American Alligators. Purple Gallinules and other waders can be found where the trails end overlooking Haynes Creek.Parking is limited.

Lake Jem Park & Boat Ramp 16141 County Road 448, Tavares, FL 32778 Open: Dawn to dusk, year round. Acres: 11 Lake Jem Park offers visitors the opportunity to launch a boat, canoe or kayak into the Beauclair Canal, hike the 1/2-mile nature trail, fish from the banks of the canal or have a family picnic while the children enjoy the playground shaded by huge Live Oaks.


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Marsh Park & Boat Ramp 36545 Yale Retreat Road, Eustis, FL 32727 Open: Dawn to dusk, year round. Acres: 35 Marsh Park offers boaters access to Lake Yale for great bass fishing or a relaxing day on the water. The playground and other amenities provide a place for the children to play, enjoy a picnic or just relax under the shade of the Live Oaks. The park has a five-acre restoration that has more than 100 native wildflowers. Pond Pines were planted on Earth Day 2007 to provide additional habitat to the many birds, butterflies, reptiles and mammals that live or feed in the park.

Minneola Athletic Complex 1300 Fosgate Road, Minneola, FL 34715 Open: 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Acres: 26.27 The Minneola Athletic Complex (M.A.C.) is being leased from the City of Minneola asof October 1, 2011 to provide active recreational opportunities to residents and visitors of Lake County. The complex has one baseball field (300’), one Little League field (200’), two softball fields (200’), one baseball/softball field (300’), soccer field, football field, sand volleyball court, playground, concessions and restrooms. Lake County Parks & Trails will be responsible for the facility and will be looking to make improvements over the coming months and years. Field reservations and lighting is available for a fee and is required for league play. The fields are open for public use at all other times. Parking at the facility is limited and we ask visitors to please park in designated spaces only or where it is legal to park adjacent to the facility. Additional parking is being planned and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Palatlakaha River Park & Boat Ramp 12325 Hull Road, Clermont, FL 32711 Open: Dawn to dusk, year round. Acres: 23Palatlakaha River Park offers boater’s access to the Crooked River and the Clermont Chain of Lakes. The park has two fishing piers, playground, and a pavilion with a grill. The park has a 0.8 mile loop trail that passes through the 18 acres of habitat managed for the Florida Scrub-Jay, as well as a Live Oak-Bald Cypress Hammock. The area is good for birding especially in the spring and fall. Butterflies and other animals are also often visible along the trail. The trail has numerous educational signs that point out various plants along the way.

Paisley Community Park 24956 County Road 42, Paisley, FLOpen: Daily from dawn to dusk. Acres: 8.10 Paisley Community Park with beautiful spreading oak trees allows individuals and entire families the opportunity to enjoy a few hours or the entire day in the park. Family reunions can plan on playing softball or horseshoes after grilling at the pavilions and watching the kids use the playground equipment. Shaded bench swings and picnic tables give the perfect place to picnic or just converse with friends. The trees are a resting place for many varieties of birds and if you are lucky, you will see deer moving across the pasture just east of the park. The Paisley County Library is also located within the park.



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Available exclusively at The GateHouse Gallery Lakeside Inn Mount Dora

From The depths of the KEYHOLE VORTEX…using the methods and techniques of metalworkers from antiquity, and the inspiration of legend, history, fiction and tradition, Comes A new limited edition Conceptual art collection…Cracker Gothic

by Borgia

Check OutOur

For more advertisingopportunities call407-697-7933


Delivering compassionate care to treat both mind

and bodyProviding state of the art medical care since 2000

Our clinic encompasses a broad spectrum of programs and services -- from expert medication evaluation and outpatient counseling for troubling personal issues to treatment for substance abuse and eating disorders to hospital consulta-tions (through Florida Hospital Waterman) for patients with acute medical conditions suffering severe mental illness. Our skilled clinical team evaluates, diagnoses, and treats patients facing mental health issues of all types and levels of severity. We treat children, adolescent, and adult patients with a treatment model that effectively combines current scientific evidence with alternative and complementary approaches for care. Our goal is to deliver responsive, affordable, comprehensive mental health care to each patient who seeks our assistance.

Diagnostic Evaluations, EMDR Counseling, Psychotherapy, Psychiatric Medication Management, Hypnotherapy, Group Psychotherapy,

“Coming Soon” Electromagnetic Brain Stimulation

Hector M. De Leon, MD

Luis E. Torres, MD


1799 Salk AvenueTavares, FL 32778

440 Donnelly Street, Mount Dora, Florida 32757


Come visit us on Facebook

Whether sipping your favorite wine or indulging in a steaming cup of coffee, One Flight Up has the perfect atmosphere to accomodate your every mood.Enjoy cozy, intimate seating on the inside or dine outside onthe second floor veranda.Choose from soups, salads,wraps and more. For dessert, a variety of cakes will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Entertainment includes Trivial Pursuit on Thursday & Sunday nights, open mike on Tuesdayevenings and solo performers on Friday & Saturday.

If you come once, you’ll come again!

Voted the Best View of Downtown

Mt. Dora“

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The world of mythical creatures is filled with legendary names like the Yeti, Bigfoot, the Boogie Man, and Career Politicians, among many countless oth-ers. Just naming any of them can bring shivering and goosebumps to even the most courageous of us, and our worse nightmares are nothing when compared to what these things can potentially do to anyone at anytime. All the creatures inhabiting the realms of mysterious lore and dark closets have many traits in common like mischievousness, impulsive drives, aggres-sive temperament, manipulation and total carelessness for the well being of others but themselves, not to mention other small quirks such as snoring, flatulence and body odor. But it is all true. It does not matter that for many these are just legends or tall tales, but after all, the fact is, that legend has a foot solidly planted in reality, and we let this stories grow because our lives

are controlled by our desires, and our desires by our fears.

Just think about it. Everything we do or not do throughout our days, is mostly because we are afraid of something. Well, in reality we are afraid of many things or, lets say, should be afraid of many things; these fears sometimes being well justified, like is the case with taxes and a trip to

the dentist, but more often than not we fear for no reason, but fear we do. Nevertheless there are only very few truly terrifying things out there

that really exist and are worth of our serious consideration, and here I want to talk to you about a very particular one.

Beware, ladies and gentlemen, of the most infamous, nefarious, elusive, destructive, and horrendously power-ful creature of all; a creature so notoriously everywhere that we simply do not even think is there or pay much attention to it, but at the same time we constantly whine about their prescence. These creatures are capable of such degree of devastation that for the short period of time where we share an ecological niche with them, we can barely escape from all the damage and turmoil they produce. I refer to the Peripubertus homo erectus insapienti-cus, otherwise known as the human adolescent. You may be surprised about this revelation, but after reading this essay you will absolutely agree and ultimately empower yourself with the first hints of evidence coming from an ageless worldwide crusade to keep under control this ferocious entity and its terribly threats - preferably inside an electrified fence guarded by murderous trained armed gorillas. An Adolescent is generally considered a human being, although many experts have classified it as a completely different species with a tendency to experience cross evolutionary mutational changes of dramatic proportions. This means in simple terms that this type of monster generally starts as a human form, then mutates into its well known and active stage, and finally tries to evolve back again into a somewhat humanoid adult shape for the rest of its life, although many specimens remain as a hybrid form of the two known as Homo stupidicus adults, or com-monly called the “lazy jobless young adult still leaving at home.” Other less informed authorities define the adolescent as a human in a transitional stage of physical and psycho-logical development marked by some artificial boundaries generally occurring between what is known as puberty, often starting at age 13, and legal adulthood, a period commonly never reached. But what do they know? In any case, the debate to clearly define this question has continued for decades, but at least they have agreed with the idea that whomever started the famous urban legends about the number 13 and all its negative connotations, most have had a house full of adolescents, particularly teenaged girls. According to the research work of the well known Keyhole Society’s para-scientist Ephingham Darhuey, an adolescent can be easily recognized by several very obvious characteristics. Darhuey states that adolescents are

Are There Monsters Living Among Us?By Prof. Gustaf Borgia Y Aguirre


Page 35: Canine Couture 35

intensely curious and dabble in a wide range of pursuits, few of which can be considered of any use or benefit, but many, if not all of them, extremely expensive endeavours, illogical, detrimental and ineffective. To satisfy this pursuits the adolescent requires to subsist in a perpetual parasitic form. This parasitic stage, known as a “Teenager,” can only survive by draining every single drop of life out of its usually unaware adult host known as “Parent.” Not only the teenager dries the parent like a prune, but also sucks out the mental energy of the parent, making the adolescent into some form of “psychic vampire” almost indestructible, except for the fact that if they are suddenly detached from a source of electromagnetic energy for any amount of time, they immediately enter a stage of stupor that leads into a more regressive level, where they can be efficiently forced out of this environmen-tally hazardous stage and ultimately subdued. Therefore, It is crucial for the effective control of the adolescent or teenager, that the parent becomes resistant, fluent and versed in all the different sources of electromagnetic energy known to mankind, so they can remove them at all cost. Fortunately these objects come as four well recognized and easy to identify forms, known as cell phones, computers, ipads, and video game consoles. An adolescent without any of this is just a harmless big headed mass of hair with unmatched colors. Another famous researcher, Deiter Torquemada, experimented for many years with some unique adolescent specimens. His detailed observations on them, along with his monumental discoveries on the parallelism of Javelina pigs’ and human behaviors, are the foundation of the modern philosophies seeking to understand the adolescent in all its possible incaulcations. For instance, Torquemada demonstrated that the adolescents have a constant need to stand in front of mirrors, and therefore it can be possible to also control them by completely eliminating any kind of reflective surface from their reach. Another of his famous theorems states that adolescents “show disinterest in conventional academic subjects but are intellectually curious about the useless parts of the world, particularly on themselves.” This piece of information has been determinant for the development of methods that guarantee that at least some form of valuable knowledge may get encapsulated inside the adolescent’s brain, although at the ex-pense of highly sophisticated and difficult to manage technology disguised as the electromagnetic energy emitting apparatuses they crave. However the proper implementation of this technology can be easily corrupted by the previously mentioned Homo stupidicus adults, who being so closely related and similar to a teenager, also thrive from the heavy use of senselessness and will constantly attempt to saturate the lives of teenagers with it. The two species, the Peripubertus homo erectus insapienticus and the Homo stupidicus adults subsist successfully and are thriving in our environment to the extent of possibly being reclassified as a new species within the next decade: The Homo moronicus. This possible new species has as a predominant characteristic an insatiable appetite to sit in front of television sets absorbing massive amounts of useless information that they use as nourishment. The group itself prefers some very predetermined sources of this use-less information such as reality shows and endless hours of exposure to cartoon shows repeated over and over, and that apparently represent they way they communicate with their superior leaders known as Spongebob, Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga. The information presented in this article is just a small review of only a part of all the vast amount of material available on the subject. To compile all these materials in one volume would be a monu-mental task, however there are several good sources in print that cover many more aspects not even mentioned here. Any book covering the topics of the next zombie apocalypse, dooms day, or how to breed your own piranhas at home are definitively a good start. Sometimes you may find some very valuable hints behind cereal boxes or happy meals. Keep your eyes open and be sure to start a good collection as soon as possible. But in the meantime be warned that the survival of the whole world as we know it is at stake, and if you, by any change, co-inhabit with any specimen of Peripu-bertus homo erectus insapienticus, or worse yet a Homo stupidicus adults, be sure to have some access to a good supply of garlic and holy water; just saying

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The crispness of autumn’s air settles in after a long summer of hot and humid weather. The leaves begin to turn vibrant colors and the children head back to school. Adults settle back into their regular routines and begin preparing for the upcoming winter months.

If you’re like most adults, one of your priorities is to lose weight and tone up. Perhaps you want to drop a few dress sizes or add a few pounds of lean muscle. Whatever your goal may be this season, here are a few tips that will jumpstart your fat loss:

1...Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. Each meal should be 2-3 hours apart. Each meal should contain one protein and one carb. The first meal should be eaten within an hour after waking.

2...Drink a cup of water at each meal.

3...Rest properly. This means taking at least 48 hours between strengthtraining the same muscles, and it also means getting at least 7-8 hours of

sleep per night. Lastly, it means taking 1-2 days off from exercising perweek.

4...Cardio should be done at different intensity levels and differentsession lengths. Consider doing a low intensity/long session, a high intensity/short session and a few medium intensity/medium length


5...Strength train each muscle 1-3 times per week. You should lift a proper weight and perform the proper amount of sets/reps for your strength training method. If you need more guidance or

exercise ideas you can search the web. Try using the search term “strength training woman” or “strength training men” to narrow down your results. Include the quotation marks for best results.

It is possible for us to begin the autumn season and start checking things off of our “To Do” list. The secret to successful fitness programs lies in correct execution. Non-stop dieting or crash course

fitness regimes will not help you achieve lasting fat loss.

For motivation: - Join a gym and talk with a personal

trainer about your specific goals.

- Find a workout buddy.

-Create a fitness and nutrition journal. Log your daily food intake and workout program. Also note your

moods and feelings.

Whether your goal is to slim down or bulk up, combining the 5 tips above with a focused fitness

and nutrition program is the absolute best path to long-lasting fat loss. Your success depends on


5 Tips and Motivation Hints to Start Your Fitness Routine This Fall! by: Lynn VanDyke

health & fitness


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If you want to understand how to stop panic attacks naturally then it sounds like you are planning to go the self help option instead of making use of prescription drugs to manage your anxiety and panic. Anxiety attacks can be halted and there are incredible all natural means of accomplishing this. Panic and anxiety attacks start off in the brain and they are created in the area of the brain referred to as amygdala. This really is rather like a switch that turns anxiety and off.

Controlling the amygdala is the vital thing to mastering precisely how to cease panic and anxiety attacks naturally. Panic and anxiety believe it or not accomplish a useful purpose as their function is to alert you of approaching threat so that you can do something to assure your own survival. This process is named the fight or flight response. Panic and anxiety symptoms happen once this process becomes too easily induced due to over excitement of this response.

The good news is that panic attacks and anxiousness really are a behavioural pattern which you acquired over time when you are in contact with stressful stimulus. Any kind of behaviour that is acquired may be unlearned as well. This is how to prevent panic disorders naturally. Although there are natural cures for panic and anxiety attacks such as natural herbs they simply offer you short-lived reduction because the secret is unlearn this behavour rather than manage it using drugs or herbal treatments.

Learning how to overcome your anxiety and panic necessitates finding out how to do a few simple techniques that can stop this pattern. It is easy to avoid anxiety and panic attacks as soon you feel anxious by performing psychological exercises which have been intended to retrain the amygdala. Once you are in the position to stop the amygdala initiating panic and anxiety attacks this ultimately turns into a brand new behavior which changes the previous behavour where panic and anxiety attacks are brought on easily.

The most essential approaches to getting to know how to stop panic attacks naturally is finding out how to breath correctly. When panic attacks arise your breathing becomes faster and shallower. It's a sign of the fight or flight response getting triggered. By taking power over your breathing by taking extended deep breaths you'll be able to seize control preventing an anxiety attack. It is essential to make deep breathing exercises a part of your every-day regimen because this will help you become a more serene person and less at risk from the stimulus that bring about panic and anxiety.

The most beneficial step you can take with regard to ending panic attacks naturally would be to follow a training course that will take you through each of the approaches you must learn to bring your anxiety and panic under control. The very best help I have found with regard to learning how to end anxiety attacks naturally are The Linden Method and Panic Away. They are easy to understand self help products created for assisting you to simply triumph over any kind of panic and anxiety disorder. Myself and also 1000's of other individuals have found these programs to be very effective methods for teaching the best way to stop anxiety and panic attacks naturally.

Stopping Panic Attacks Naturally by: Jacinta Hawthorn

health & fitness 37

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Author Sets Lake County As The Stage

Hometown Writer Hometown ThrillerW.E Literary Digest: “Stephen Michael Natale offers in

‘The Shopkeeper’ a compelling story that can be considered among the best in the meld of genre realms, certain to appeal and enthrall

a wide audience.”

Available in Paperback and

Rated 5 Stars by Authors & Readers

Short hair cut has lot of advantages. Of course it must suit your life style. Now if a woman has to go to her workplace everyday in the morning then she has no better option than a short and simple hair cut. If a student has no time to spend extra bucks and extra time for her long hair cut and hair care then again this hairdo is favorite. Least hair maintenance is the pro factor. So, the short hair style that suits you and your life style can dramatically and drastically change the way you feel and you look. It boosts you’re your confidence, make you look younger and reduce the amount of money and time you spend on hair care.

Choosing the right short hair cut is partly technical and partly artistic. It is about the basic elements of balance, line and movement. So be sure which hair cut will look good and match your personality. Use consultation tools and virtual styling software to watch out the difference.

Discover the proper hair care products and styling tools for your scalp care and to ensure beautiful healthy hair. Proper care for scalp is very important for short hair style because everyone can watch your scalp. So wash your hair daily with shampoo and conditioner. Short hair needs extra care as its length is short and can not hide the dirt and dandruff as a long hair can do. Conditioner is must as everyone keeps open their short hair and therefore there is a strong possibility that the hair stink dirt and become rough. So, conditioner is must. But do not use a conditioner in the hair root. It makes hair weak. Always use this on the hair.

For reproducing hair style that is ‘fresh and formal’ and so much like the salon you can use various types of styling products like hairspray, mousse, volumizer, styling gel, paste, putty, pomade, finishing gloss, frizz and curl control products. Using these things you can give your hair a style very much like the salon.

Hair color is another important thing. Coloring depends on your complexion. Fair looking people can go for some bright color and dark complexioned people can use shades like dark brown, burgundy, copper. Sizzling shades, fiery red browns, red coppers are fashionable for highlighting. . Your hair style determines your color too. What will match with short curly hair style that may not go with long silky straight hair type. So it is advisable to consult your hair expert first time then you apply yourself. So decide what color you prefer for your short hair. Colors are great ways to update your look and choose the right one to have a exciting new appearance for every occasion.

Short hair cut is time saving and money saving too. If you have hardly any time to spend for your hair care then switch to short hair cut. But be careful choosing a short hair style because it should match your personality, life style, hair thickness, hair texture and body shape.

After Care Of Short Hair Style by: Stephen Hall

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Thai Sushi AmericaThai food cooked with an American

flairThe restaurant is open

Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 2 pm

for lunch and then from 5pm to 9pm for dinner.

They are closed on Sundays. The lunch menu prices range

from $7.95 to $8.50 and the dinner ranges from

$9.95 to $18.00.

925 N Bay Street, Eustis

(352) 357-1949 Also visit them online at

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WhereCreative People

Shop! Complete Artist’s Supply

Affordable Custom Framing Without A Coupon!

StudentsDiscounts& SalesPrices!

9910 US Hwy

Across from Chili’sOpen M-F 10-6, Sat. 10-2, Closed Sun