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Stanmore College Supporting learning with a Personalised Learning Environment (PLE)

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  • 1. Stanmore CollegeSupporting learning with aPersonalised LearningEnvironment (PLE)

2. Motivating learnersUnderstanding and supporting studentsMaking sure they know where they are and what they haveto do to make progressRegular reviews and checks on progress - Personal Tutors*Helping them address issues with their learningRecognising and celebrating success 3. Using ePace as part of the colleges initialdiagnostics to identify and then support andchallenge for studentsIdentifying the support and extension needs instudentsImproving support and therefore retention, successand achievement rates 4. ePace is a simple online assessment for children aged 7 to 17years, the results of which are used to evaluate the strengths andweaknesses in a range of skills and abilities essential for learning.ePace examines how well each child can process, retain andrecall information, helping teachers to understand learning ofstudents.This is achieved through using assessments that test auditorymemory, visual memory, listening , literacy, mental speed,decision- making, emotional control, focus, impulse, control,hand-eye coordination and timing. 5. Jayesh PatelAmanda SmithShiv ShahBharat HassimJulia BanksDerek BrownLearner Assessment Record (LAR) 6. LAR by Class & Added Value 7. Attendance data: issues 8. Students will receive 10 e-points on a termly basis for 100% attendanceand punctuality (up to three late marks will be ignored)Every student in this category will be entered for a termly prize draw100% attendance and punctuality over a whole year will be rewarded witha special certificate and a voucher for 25Rewards! 9. Motivating Staff 10. ? IDEA ?20(Stanmore)e-Pointscould be thecriteria tomotivatestudent with? and aStanmoreOpen Badge?