C. Rubens 2010.

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Resume Chaya Rubens 62 Monarch Court Lyttelton Road N2 0RB, London, U.K. Home: 0208 458 6279 Mobile: 07974700348 [email protected] Raise the child according to his path’ 1

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Chaya Rubens62 Monarch Court

Lyttelton RoadN2 0RB,London,


Home: 0208 458 6279Mobile: 07974700348

[email protected]

‘Raise the child according to his path’


Page 2: C. Rubens 2010.

Chaya Rubens

62 Monarch Court

Lyttelton Road

N2 0RB

Home: 0208 458 6279


email: [email protected]

Educational philosophy

To empower children’s lives and make a positive difference in their lives. To open the

doors of Jewish knowledge to them in a vibrant, positive and enjoyable atmosphere so

they will take place in the wider world and become responsible and caring citizens.


I have taught and been an elementary school director in Melbourne Australia, the USA and

here in London for over 25 years as well as developing Yeshivah College in Australia and

leading it into the 21 century with my qualifications, passion for education, leadership

skills, organisational and curriculum skills.


1975-1977 Diploma of teaching Primary and Secondary obtained at Institut

Superieur Culturel D’Hebreu “Beth Rivkah” Paris, France.

2001 U.S degree of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

2008 Management in Education Courses.

2009 Masters Degree at Greenwich University of London


1977-1980 Teacher, North West London Jewish Day School

Infant school teacher, also taught at Yeshurun Synagogue Hebrew

classes. Conducted assemblies for the chagoma and Shabbat.


Page 3: C. Rubens 2010.

1980-2001 Administrator and teacher, Yeshivah College, Melbourne, Australia

Experience in teaching all levels at both Beth Rivkah Ladies Colleges

and Yeshivah College as well as working in administration, closely

working with parents and giving lectures on various topics in Judaism,

devising programs, writing curriculum for both Secular and Judaic

studies, presented workshops to the staff and community on various

educational aspects, organised assemblies, supported staff, organised

fundraising activities for the school, used technological skills to

enhance level of school and student’s performance by designing

curriculum, programs, workbooks, etc. on the computer using my

graphic designing skills.

1993-1995 ICT, Graphic designing courses

In addition to my administrative and teaching position took courses in

Graphic design to be up to date with technology, and to facilitate ICT

usage in my teaching.

2001-2002 Teacher, Seattle Hebrew Academy

Teaching position as grade 4 teacher in Seattle Hebrew Academy,

Washington, U.S.A.

2002-2004 Teacher, Torah Vodaas Primary School, London, U.K.

Teaching position as Year 4 teacher in Torah Vodaas, London, U.K.

2004 – Present

Hasmonean Primary School, London, U.K.

Full time Jewish Studies teacher of all subjects such as Chumash, Rashi,

Chagim, Jewish History, Halacha, General Knowledge, Tefilla for all grades,

as well as teacher mentor and ICT Coordinator.

Private tutoring, one to one, to students with a variety of needs, all levels and

subjects. Film scripting and directing; development of educational DVD’s and

programmes for TV and screen.


Page 4: C. Rubens 2010.

Design programs for Smart board and Interactive White Board on all topics in

Jewish Studies.


Senior Management courses by Mr. Faivish Pink from Manchester.

Life coaching courses.

ICT and IWB Training.

Masters degree in Jewish Studies.

May 2008.

I recently received an outstanding # 1 for my classroom teaching on our Pikuach

inspection at Hasmonean Primary School.

I also presented my interactive Whiteboard presentations on all topics ie. Sedra,

Chagim, General Jewish Knowledge etc. and Rabbi Shisler; the Head Pikuach

Inspector recommended that I promote these for all teachers to have access to


I am writing a book on Education for children around the world due to be

published in 2009.

September 2009

Head of Woodside Park Cheder - Religious School this involves youth

programming, adult education, and a comprehensive B’nai Mitzvah program.

Commenced Masters degree in Jewish Education at University of London.

Nominated for Jim Joseph Foundation Fellowships

This fellowship program is developed by The Lookstein Center for Jewish

Education of Bar-Ilan University's School of Education.

For references please call:

Mr. Phavish Pink: 01144 161 773 1789

Torah Headteachers Training Scheme and mentor

[email protected]


Page 5: C. Rubens 2010.

Rabbi Beaton: 00972 2 571 4384. Rabbi at Hasmonean Primary School.

Rabbi Livingstone: 01144 208 458 3306. Mobile: 01144 7813183331.Rabbi at my Shul.

Avital Fisher: 01144 7790789196.

Coordinator and Pastoral Care Leader at Hasmonean Primary School,

London, UK.

16 November 2009

Chaya RubensHeadteacherWoodside Park Synagogue Cheder Woodside Park RoadLondon N12 8RZ

Dear Chaya

Re: Mitzvah Day

I am writing on behalf of the residents and staff at Rubens House, who had a wonderful morning yesterday, when they were entertained by the Cheder children.

The children were all fantastic, we so appreciated the preparation and work they and their teachers had put in, to make their presentations so successful.

The interaction after the performances was lovely – the residents really thrive on seeing and talking to children. It was nice to see so many parents participating too.

We look forward to more visits from the Cheder children, and to some of the residents being invited to your end of term events. I am sure we will build a good relationship and show the children that Mitzvah Day can be every day!

Warmest regards

Gillian Gold


Page 6: C. Rubens 2010.

Volunteer Support Officer


Page 7: C. Rubens 2010.