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CLOSING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE815 Monroe St., NE, Washington, D.C. 20017 202-529-3395, (f) 202-529-4684, E-mail:

Byte Back is a nonprofit organization providing computer and job training to low income individuals. Located across the street from Washingtons Brookland Metro Station, Byte Back serves the entire Metropolitan Area. Byte Back is licensed as a Post-Secondary Educational Institution.

Byte Back is licensed by the D.C. Education Licensure Commission.


Byte Back Board of Directors Chair: : Mario Burney, The Edge Advisory Group Vice-Chair: Keith Clark, Intelsat Treasurer: Ron Hulen, Fannie Mae Secretary: Jewel T. Scott, Dean & Co. Adnan Bokhari, CPA, Corporation for Enterprise Development Kelley Ellsworth, Byte Back Linda Esah, Corp. for National and Community Service

Byte Back Staff Executive Director: Kelley Ellsworth Director of Finance and Administration: Isel Perez-Castellanos Director of Programs: Eleanor Grewal Director of Certification: Carine Umuzayire Director of Volunteer Services: Ashley Luttmer Employment Specialist: H.Y. Griffin Registrar: Francisco Vasquez Communications Associate: Jessica Bates Development Associate: Cristina Moscoso Office Manager: Felicia Hawkins Director of Refurbishing and Repair/Onsite System Administrator: Ronald Wade Logistics Coordinator: Terry Johnson

Byte Back is licensed by the D.C. Education Licensure Commission.


POLICIES AND PROCEDURESRegistration Policy: Students may register by simply calling or coming into Byte Back during regular business hours: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday during a time when registration is open. If students call or come in when registration is closed, they are placed on the Prospect Student Call List and will receive a call notifying them when registration is open. Registration is open anywhere from 1-3 weeks before the first day of class. Students are then registered for Application Day for the class they have chosen, which typically takes place exactly one week before the first day of class. Students must show up on time for Application Day and must bring proof of income and proof of residence. Our sliding fee scale and the students proof of income will determine if he or she qualifies for free or reduced tuition. Students may speak to the registrar before Application Day to obtain more information. In order to complete the registration process students must: be present on Application Day, fill out the application sign the student contract sign the media release letter provide proof of income and residence and pay full tuition for the course (if applicable) before the first day of class. Due to limited capacity for each class, some students may be placed on the class waitlist. If there are any available slots left after Application Day, the students on the waitlist are called and notified immediately. Students who are notified must then come into Byte Back to fill out the necessary paperwork, provide proof of income and residence, and pay full tuition for the course they wish to take before the first day of class in order to register for that course. The only requirement to enroll in a given class is that students must take the prerequisites for that class or pass the placement test. Tuition and Scholarships: Tuition must be paid in full before the class begins. Payment may be made in the form of money order, certified check, or credit card (through our PayPal account online). We do NOT accept cash or personal checks. For those students who are low-income, Byte Back offers full and partial scholarships, based on household income and size. Students must bring proof of income and household size to take advantage of this opportunity. Refund Policy: Occasionally, a student may find it necessary to withdraw from all classes during the training period. Depending upon when this action is taken, all or part of their tuition and fee charges may be refunded. This refund will be given to whoever paid the tuition, whether that is the student, a family member, the District government, or any other entity. If the student is a financial aid recipient, Byte Back, as well as the student, may be required to return to the federal government all or a portion of the aid that had been disbursed to the student and /or the students account.

Byte Back is licensed by the D.C. Education Licensure Commission.


Tuition Refund Criteria: For Courses with 48 or More Course Hours: Such as Office Track (48 course hours) or A+ Certification (291 course hours): 100% of the tuition and fees must be refunded for a student who withdraws from all classes prior to the 5th day of class. 90% of the tuition and fees must be refunded for official or unofficial withdrawals made between the 6th day of class and the 13th day of class. 50% of the tuition and fees must be refunded for official or unofficial withdrawals made on or after the 14th day of class but prior to the end of the 21st day of class. For those students whose tuition is paid by the District government, funds are to be returned to the District within four weeks following the establishment of a students official or unofficial withdrawal. For Courses with Fewer Than 48 Course Hours: Such as the PC for Beginners Course (20 course hours) 100% of the tuition and fees must be refunded for a student who withdraws from all classes prior to completion of 25% of class duration (e.g.: prior to the 3rd of 10 sessions) 90% of the tuition and fees must be refunded for official or unofficial withdrawals made between 25% and 50% of class duration.(e.g.: between 3rd and 5th of 10 sessions) 50% of the tuition and fees must be refunded for official or unofficial withdrawals made on or after 50% and 90% of class duration. (e.g.: between 5th and 7th of 10 sessions). Credit from Previous Studies: Students who have already learned the material for a certain class, either through study elsewhere, or through work/life experience, may test out of that class and move on to the next class, provided that they pass the placement test. Placement Assistance: Our staff is available during regular business hours to assist students in deciding which class or program would be right for them. Tutoring and Resume Support: Byte Back regularly provides free tutoring and assistance with computer skills, resumes, and cover letters. Students should ask their instructor or a Byte Back staff member about upcoming dates and RSVP in advance to ensure there will be a tutor available. Individual Support: Students in our certification classes who are preparing for specialized IT careers can contact our employment specialist for more individualized support with professional attire, resume editing, pitch preparation, or other employment services. Byte Back Job Seekers Club: Once a month, Byte Back holds a special information session on topics related to the job search and professional development. Students should ask their instructor or a Byte Back staff member about upcoming dates. Attendance Policy: In order to receive a certificate of completion or other associated benefits, students must adhere to the attendance policy. In order to complete a class, students must attend a minimum number of sessions. This minimum differs from class to class. Students who have more than the allowed number of absences from class will not receive a Complete grade, a certificate of completion, or any associated benefits such as a free, refurbished computer. Students should refer toByte Back is licensed by the D.C. Education Licensure Commission.


the student contract or ask their instructor how many absences are allowed for each class. Because each class session covers important material, Byte Back has a policy of no excused absences, regardless of health, family, work, or other circumstances. We welcome students to re-enroll at a later date so that they may master all the course material, but they must pay tuition again if applicable. In extremely rare cases, absences will be excused at the discretion of the director of programs. If for any reason students miss class, they must make up missed work by arrangement with their instructor, but this does not remove the absence from the attendance record. Tardiness Policy: All students must be prepared to begin class on time. Instructors will record late arrivals. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, the student will be marked as late. Two incidents of tardiness will count the same as one absence. Evaluation and Grading: Byte Back evaluates students in several ways: through placement tests to place students in the appropriate course level through informal assessments to ensure individualized learning experiences during class through formal assessments to determine if students have mastered material and may receive a passing grade through assessments of professional and soft skills through application processes for certain advanced classes through practice exams for certification preparation

Byte Back believes in learning through doing. Courses focus on the real-world application of computer skills. Much of each class session will be comprised of learning a new skill and then using that skill to work on a practical project. Formal and informal assessments help instructors and students evaluate strengths and weaknesses throughout the course. Some tests and projects may be graded to determine whether students receive a grade of Pass or Did Not Pass. In certification classes, passing the certification exam may count for all or part of a passing grade; but additional Byte Back assessments may also be considered in determining students grades. Students may need to receive a certain score on practice exams before receiving a voucher to take a certification exam. Evaluation is a critical compon