By Richard Peck

By Richard Peck The Three- Century Woman


The Three-Century Woman. By Richard Peck. Goals for the week. Reading Goal: Students will draw conclusion from clues in the text. Team Cooperation Goal: Active Listening Genre: Realistic Fiction. claim: state as a fact. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Richard Peck

The Three-Century Woman

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• Reading Goal: Students will draw conclusion from clues in the text.• Team Cooperation Goal: Active Listening• Genre: Realistic Fiction

Goals for the week

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claim: state as a factThe radio broadcaster claims that he saw a UFO

shaped like a horseshoe flying over the radio station.

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fondly: with affection

I think fondly of my dog Solobino, who died when I was 15.

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murmured: mumbledThe boy murmured the words on the page he was

reading because he was still learning to read.

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barged: entered rudelyThe thief barged into my neighbors house a little

after 8:00p.m, luckily we called the police on time and they apprehended him.

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casual: relaxedAlejandro was very casual about shooting a basket to win the game, and said his basket was no more important than any body else.

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pondered: thought aboutErika pondered the name Hercules for her dog, but she decided on Bony instead.

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Test Each Other

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Build Background

How can you tell if someone is sad without talking to the person?

When we make guesses about somebody based on what that person says, thinks, or feels, we are drawing conclusions.

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Draw a Conclusion

Josh woke up on Saturday planning to go play baseball at the park. He brushed his teeth and went downstairs just as his father came inside. Josh’s father was wearing boots. He had on a wet yellow coat and he was carrying an umbrella. Before his father closed the front door, Josh could hear thunder rumbling. He began to think there would be no baseball game today after all.

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Listening Comprehension

Listen for characters actions, words, and thoughts to Draw a Conclusion

Children of the Fire

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Let’s Preview the Questions• Page 51

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Build Background

What is “The Three-Century Woman” about? Make a prediction.

Write 2 questions you have about the story.

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Partner Read- 15 minutesPut 2 sticky notes on words that are new or

unfamiliar to youphilosophyRead and restate with partners page 518Read Silently page 519

Discuss with your team the words you clarified

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Team Discussion-15minutes

• Discuss answers to team talk questions• #2 answer questions #4 Summarize• #3 agree or disagree #1 Ask question• Write answers to question 2 and 4

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Fluency – 5 min

• Page 518