By: Josh Soto Favorite Food Favorite Movie Favorite Video Game Favorite Season My Pets Favorite...

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Transcript of By: Josh Soto Favorite Food Favorite Movie Favorite Video Game Favorite Season My Pets Favorite...

Me Power Point

Favorite FoodThe reason I like Chinese food is because I like all the seasonings and varieties of food.One of my favorites is orange chicken.My other favorite is chow mein.My favorite place to get it from is Mr. Yous.

Favorite Movie

The reason Expendables 2 is my favorite movie is because it had a lot of famous actors known for being in action movies.I dont know who would exactly be my favorite character because they were all pretty cool.My favorite part would have to be the last fight scene when all the characters are going at it.

Favorite Video Game

inFamous 2 is my favorite video game because it had good graphics, story line, and gameplay.My favorite thing about the game is that you can use your electricity to conduct many different attacks and movement abilities.My favorite character is the main character Cole McGrath.One other cool thing about the game is that you can choose to be either good or evil and the story line changes with what ever side you chose.My PetsMy dog Sumo is a Yellow Labrador, she is almost 13 years old.My sister Alyssas bird is named Midnight.My sister Vanessas cat is named Ushio and she is around 7 months old.

Favorite Place To Go

Every summer me and my family go to Lake Havasu to hang out with family and enjoy the fun things to do at the lake.We always rent a boat and a tube to drag behind on the water when we give people rides.We also rent Sea Dues for a day so we can ride around and enjoy the water.Lake Havasu also has many good places to go eat at.Favorite Animal

My favorite animals are wolves because they are the undomesticated ancestors of the dogs we have today.Personally I just find them really cool and interesting.I also like Siberian Huskys because of there wolf like features.Wolves are just really cool in my opinion.

My Old Job

Last year I got a job at Your Place Pizza Sports Bar. My bosses were really cool and fun to work with.I would work in the kitchen making food such as pizza, sandwiches, spaghetti, bread sticks, and ect.Sadly they went out of business during the summer and they had to close it down so that left me and the other employees jobless.I still talk to my bosses on FaceBook so that I can keep in touch with them.My Sport

Track & Field is the sport I play here at Tahquitz High School.I like it because it gives you many opportunities to do many different things.My events are the Sprints for the 400m and the 4 by 400m.I also compete in Pole Vault.Future Career

I have 3 different things that I would like to do in the future.#1 I want to open up a sushi restaurant because I love sushi and I like the style of how the sushi looks and tastes.#2 I want to join S.W.A.T. or any type of police force because I want to protect what ever city I live in.#3 I want to be a fire fighter because I want to prove that even somebody with asthma can push him or herself to get the job done no matter the cost.Favorite Book Series

My favorite book series is the Alex Rider series.All nine books are about Alex discovering new truths about his parents and his own secret life he never knew of.In the first book Alex learns about the truth of his uncle and takes on his uncles responsibility to be a spy for MI6 and save the world from evil.My favorite book would have to be the 5th book, Scorpia.