By Emma Finn, Sharon Finn and Aoife Murtagh

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By Emma Finn, Sharon Finn and Aoife Murtagh. Aims of Presentation. Outline our service learning site. Our planning process How we funded the project Our service learning experience Healthcare provided in Zambia. Zambia is a large land-locked country in Southern Africa. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of By Emma Finn, Sharon Finn and Aoife Murtagh

Mpongwe Mission Hospital, Zambia.

By Emma Finn, Sharon Finn and Aoife Murtagh

1Aims of PresentationOutline our service learning site.

Our planning process

How we funded the project

Our service learning experience

Healthcare provided in Zambia

2Zambia is a large land-locked country in Southern Africa.Population 12.9 million (US Department of State)Median age of just 16years.Climate: Dry season & Rainy SeasonMpongwe is an isolated village in the copperbelt region.

3Mpongwe Mission Hospital100 beds

Female, Male, Paediatrics and Maternity wards.

Outreach Community Clinics

ART Clinics, Outpatients Dept, Dental Therapist, Doctors Clinics, Major and minor Theatre, TB unit, Malnutrition unit, Neonatal unit.

4The Planning ProcessReasons for choosing Mpongwe:To gain a broader insight to illnesses and treatment in Africa in a hospital as opposed to a hospice.We liked the idea of working in a remote area.

5Getting StartedMaking contact with our service learning site.Getting fundraising ideas.Booking flights.Getting Vaccinations Checking passports. Looking up relevant information on Zambia and illnessesFinding information on the Irish embassy in Zambia etc.

6In total we brought over 12,500.Pharmacy and lab supplies, Oxygen cylinder, a glucometer for each ward, Cleaning products, kettles, bins, stationary.

We each did our own fundraising and have different experiences.

7Planning Difficulties, Concerns and AdviceContacting our link person.Obtaining a permit.Fundraising without a charity name.Passport office strikes.Flight cancellations - Volcanic Ash.Fundraising interfering with exam studies.Difficulties keeping motivated.Have events advertised in the local paper and at mass.Get your name in early for bag packing.Try to finish fundraising early as it can take priority over exams.Use your contacts and Clubs.Consider having t-shirts printed8Service Learning ExperienceFirst Impressions:On arrival: heat, poverty, local people, armed military presence, road safety.Service learning site: people on sides of roads, dawn and dusk, insects, housing, isolated, dirt tracks.

9Thoughts/ExpectationsPleasantly surprised: people, building boom.

Hospital:Better fundedHygiene- hand washing, lack of running waterBeautiful scenery

Expected less bugs and lizards.

10Differences in Health Care SystemsFunded by non-governmental organisations.

No sick benefits.

Less standardised- lack of policies and procedures.

Involvement of patients families- Bedsiders.

Lack of available medicines in Zambian hospitals.

Less autonomy in patient care (Beauchamp & Childress, 2009).

11Outline of the clinical speciality Male, female, paediatric and maternity wardsART clinics provided for those with HIV/AIDSTook turns working in each areaLearned basics about each specialityOutreach was most beneficial


Languages and cultural differencesLanguages Spoken: Lamba and BembaGreetings: Muli Shyani/Mutende MwuaneClapping and genuflecting for respectCustomary to call to peoples houses.Forward and honest peopleLaid back attitudeDress codeReligious people

14Main Areas of LearningImportance of CD4 count in HIV patients

Importance of feeding malnourished children only the Nutriset formula (International Malnutrition Task Force)

Non verbal communication skills

Interesting/Shocking/Exciting AspectsLack of resources and improvisation Optimistic outlook on lifeSuperstitionsLack of privacy and confidentialityHygiene, wound care, T.B. patients not isolatedSurgeries, snake bitesOutreach-going into the unknown

16Recommendations for StudentsBring; Appropriate ClothingTorches, batteries, candlesSolar ShowerMusic, board games, portable DVD playerSun cream, Mossie repellentToysAlcohol Hand wash

Do;Get a VISA credit cardGet only necessary vaccinations & anti-malariasMake friendsTravelContact us for more information!

17Suggested Reading ListVisit Tropical Medical Bureau on www.tmb.ieDepartment of Foreign Affairs www.dfa.ieIrish Embassy in Zambia and Customs of Zambia by Scott D. Taylor.Zambia & Malawi - The Lonely Planet Book18Reference ListBeauchamp, T.L. & Childress, J.F. (2009) Principles of Biomedical Ethics. 6th edn. New York: Oxford University Press.International Malnutrition Task Force, Accessed on 5/10/2010. Masiye, F. (2007) Investigating health system performance: An application of data envelopment analysis to Zambian hospitals. BMC Health Services Research 2007. 7:58.US Department of State Website (2010), Bureau of African Affairs, Accessed on 5/10/2010.