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Buzz Connected's digital solutions bring products to life by leveraging the opportunities of connectivity, information, mobile web and social media.

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  • 1. Buzz connectedOur digital solutions through Buzz connected bringproducts to life by leveraging the opportunities ofconnectivity, information, mobile web and social media.
  • 2. Buzz connectedSensors and connectivityto enhance your product.Advances in design and systemsmean that everyday productscan now include sensors.We offer new insights and moremeaningful experiences throughconnecting products.
  • 3. Buzz connectedData and monitoringto add value.We look at how data and theway people interact with ourproducts can tell a story to helpyou get more meaning from yourmarketing campaign.
  • 4. Buzz connectedConnecting yourproducts to apps.We explore how Smart Phonesand Tablets can be used asa hub device for accessoriesthat are built around them.From monitoring your health,finding your car keys, tochecking house temperature.
  • 5. Buzz connectedHelping your audience discover,recommend and share.The social graph provides new ways foryour community to connect and interactwith each other. Linking your social strategywith products offers the opportunity forubiquitous action and engagement.