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1. Buy Undervalued Stocks By 2. stocks The stock market is overvalued and probably ready for a correction but there are still opportunities to buy undervalued stocks. 3. stocks An insightful article in InvestorsPlace suggests that IBM, Chevron and the shipping container company, Textaniner Group Holdings, are all undervalued stocks and set to go up against the tide of a falling market. 4. stocks Before We Continue Click the links below to get your FREE training materials. Free Weekly Investing Webinars Dont miss these free training events! Forex Conspiracy Report Read every word of this report! Get 12 Free Japanese Candlestick Videos Includes training for all 12 major candlestick signals. 5. stocks The S&P 500 is currently trading at more than 20 times earnings its price-to-earnings ratio of 20.7 is 42% higher than its historical median P/E of 14.6. 6. stocks Simply put: Stocks, as a whole, are richly valued. 7. stocks But not all stocks are overvalued right now. 8. stocks A recent look across the market has revealed a few currently undervalued stocks two of which have some pretty big, familiar brands. 9. stocks And, as a perk, all three of these stock picks are yielding at least 3% in dividends. 10. stocks (Thats a pretty nice sweetener while you wait for the market to truly appreciate these companies.) 11. stocks Each of these companies operates in different industries, so youll have to be on the watch for different catalysts to spark each of these undervalued stocks. 12. stocks But a little diversity isnt exactly going to hurt your portfolio. 13. stocks Read the article for details. The point is that the market is not always efficient and it is in spotting inefficiencies that you can buy undervalued stocks and make a tidy profit. 14. stocks And More Undervalued Stocks 15. stocks Barrons joins in by listing 11 undervalued stocks that they think are good buys. 16. stocks The writer is especially interested in bargains in the European market. 17. stocks We like Europe-centered, regionally focused companies in sectors like consumer discretionary, hotels and telecoms. 18. stocks We like German retailer Metro ( MEO.Germany ) it took a hit for uncertainty over its Russian business, but its a capital reallocation story, as well as one about consumption in Europe. 19. stocks We like telecoms given the increasing movement and trend for cross-border consolidation. 20. stocks We own Koninklijke KPN ( KPN.Netherlands) and Vodafone Group ( VOD ). 21. stocks Swiss telecom Sunrise Communications ( SRCG.Switzerland ) is a typical cheap and good quality company. 22. stocks In hotels, we like Accor ( AC.France ), a French company that operates Sofitel and Novotel while not well known in the U.S., this is the largest hotel operator in Europe. 23. stocks Ultimately, the goal of the current management is to separate the real estate activities into a real estate investment trust if that happens, it would be an extremely desirable business. 24. stocks Since its aim is to lighten up its assets, return on capital is going up fast. 25. stocks One caveat when looking at European companies is that if and when Greece defaults on its debts and leaves the Euro there may be significant currency fluctuations that could affect EU investments. 26. stocks Biotech 27. stocks The Motley Fool looks at undervalued stocks in biotech. 28. stocks Despite the fact that the sector has outperformed other sectors in the last years there are still opportunities to buy undervalued stocks. 29. stocks In this case a bit of technical insight is useful. 30. stocks There are still a select few companies in the industry that could arguably be called undervalued. 31. stocks Today, well take a look at three biotech stocks that I believe are undervalued and worth buying. 32. stocks They list Gilead Sciences, Celgene and ANI Pharmaceuticals. In each case they believe that products in hand and patents in hand are being undervalued by the market and will lead to unexpected profits.