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Whats a CANVAS? Its a useful tool created to express a BUSINESS MODEL in an effective way First introduced by Alex Osterwalder Business model innovation is about new ways of creating, delivering and capturing value How is CANVAS? just like a graphic scheme summarizing how a company should create, deliver and capture value EXHAUSTIVE: all features of the business are clearly expressed! SIMPLE: its easy to understand and communicate! SHORT: it avoids huge documentations! How does a CANVAS appear? The CANVAS structure:1. Value Proposition VALUE PROPOSITION The Value Proposition How could my company create value? Performance (better; faster)? Customization? Design? Cost reduction? Risk reduction? Accessibility? Usability? The CANVAS structure:2. Customer Segments CUSTOMER SEGMENT The Customer Segment Whos the consumers subset for whom the created value is higher? Customer groups represent separate segments if:Their needs are well defined and recognizable; They are reached through different distribution channels; They require different types of relationships;They have substantially different profit abilities; They are willing to pay for different aspects than the others; The CANVAS structure:3. Customer ChannelsCUSTOMER CHANNELS The Customer Channels Which is the best way to deliver and communicate the created value?Its about evaluating issues concerning: Delivery (web, dealers, sales agents,) Awareness Evaluation After Sales The CANVAS structure:4. Customer Relationship CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP The Customer Relationship What could I do to keep my customer network?Its about choices concerning: Personal assistance Automated assistance Self service Cooperation or Co-creation The CANVAS structure:5. Revenue StreamsREVENUE STREAMS The Revenue Streams How could my company earn money?Its about choosing the proper way to make the customer pay: Asset sale Pay per use Fee Leasing Royalties The CANVAS structure:6. Key Activities KEY C ACTVITIES The Key Activities What must I do to put my business up? The choice of the steps I should follow depends on the progress level of the startup: early ideaMVP development and Market assessment Product is ready!Building up of sales channels The CANVAS structure:7. Key ResourcesCKEY RESOURCES The Key Resources Which resources should I use to make my business successful?Its about choosing and then planning the proper set of resources, which could be: Physical (machineries, raw material) Intellectual (patents, brand) Human (developers, managers) Financial The CANVAS structure:8. Key Partners KEY PARTNERSC The Key Partners Who could I cooperate to create value with?We can distinguish between four different types of partnerships: Strategic alliances Coopetition Joint Ventures Buyer-Supplier relationships The CANVAS structure:9. Cost StructureCOST STRUCTURE The Cost Structure Which are the cost items I will incurr in my business?They could be classified into: Industrial vs Overhead Fixed vs variable Accounts departments (production, logistics, marketing, ) Where can I find all information? Literature Personal know how Background Experts Opinion Buyers or other partners Customers Lets go on with an example Everybody knows How was the business raised? value proposition? customer segments? customer channels? customer relationship? revenue streams? key activities? key resources? key partners? cost structure? Thanks for your attention and Lets start up our Business Game