Bumps, Upsells, Cross Sells And Down Sells

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Increase your sales with these simple techniques

Transcript of Bumps, Upsells, Cross Sells And Down Sells

  • 1. Bumps, Up-sells, Cross-sells and
    Debra Templar: Retail Check ups, Tune Ups & Makeovers....Its in the bag!

2. What is a BUMP?
3. On every sale you have the opportunity to dramatically increase your margins with a simple bump or upsell
Bumps are offers made at the point of sale by offeringa simple suggestion.
4. 9 Simple Ways to Create a Bump
5. Unbundle your product or service + offer one of the pieces of your bundle as a bump.
eg.Unbundle a training kit + offer one of the cds when selling the training kit.
2. Offer instructions on how to use your product on video, cd, dvd or a manual.
eg.An instructional video when selling a lawnmower.
Offer additional tools to make your product or service easier, faster + simpler.
eg.A hands-free car adapter when selling a mobile phone
6. Offer a low-priced complimentary product.
eg.A hand shovel when selling a full-sized shovel
Offer an extra unit of your product or service
eg.Two pans instead of one
Offer something to clean your product
eg.Lens cleaner when selling sunglasses
7.Offer a secrets of special report
eg.Secrets of Do-It-Yourself Beauty Makeovers when selling a haircut
7. Offer a consumable product
eg.A set of dvds when selling a dvd machine
Add extra shipping and handling
eg.Add a shipping + handling fee 30% above the actual cost
8. Upsells
9. The goal is to add so much value that your offer becomes irresistible. But dont get greedy.
Are offers made to customers for larger, more expensive products and services.Upsells are the art of persuading buyers to purchase either a premium version of the same product or an additional premium package or products or services.
10. Upselling a Package of Products
11. Oil change> Total Engine Service Checkup Package
One dvd> Monthly all-you-can-view dvd continuity program
Tax Return> Comprehensive Personal Financial Analysis
Dinner> Multi-Item Coupon Sheet
Hot Tub> Premium Hot Tub
Holiday Package> Hotel Upgrade +Additional Activities
12. Other Ways to Offer
13. Website:send buyer to up-sell webpage after they have clicked on the Buy link. On this page place a short sales letter upgrading them to the premium version of what youre selling or simply selling an additional but complimentary product.
Direct mail:Put an up-sell item in a second envelope that goes inside the main envelope.This creates intrigue and separates the main offer from the upsell offer.
14. Every time someone buys from you, why not include a sell sheet or catalogue inside the product package that you are sending the customer?
(In retail its called a bag stuffer)
Once your customer has purchased from you, put them on a scheduled follow up direct mail program.eg.1 week after the sale, offer an additional bag, an engine cleaner the second week, a mower cover the third week etc. etc.
15. Cross Sells
16. Cross-selling is often called back-end selling.
Usually cross-selling to your customer comes after youve established a relationship with them over a period of time and they have purchased 1 or several products from you.
You need to set up a cross-selling list.This will be a one-to-many list, which identifies all the products you carry that compliment (or that someone would be interested in) 1 product.Once that list is done then you move on to the next product.
17. If I were a pest control company, my cross-sell could be:

  • Tree cutting service

18. Lawn care + maintenance service 19. Landscaping service 20. Small home repair service 21. Mosquito repellant system