Bullying by Tiara

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Transcript of Bullying by Tiara

  • 1. BullyingBy: Tiara Castaneda

2. Does bullying happen global?Yes, Bullying happens global some placesthere are laws against it and some placesdont think of it as a bad thing that its justKids being kids. 3. What Im trying to prove Im trying to prove that bulling is not theanswer to anything so dont put otherpeople down to make your self feel betterbecause that person that you made downcould severely hurt them self or worse killthem self. 4. Information 5. Bullying Bullying is a type of aggression whichoften occurs in schools around theworld. 6. Overview of Bullying Bullying is a bunch of people whodisagree on what they see and spreadharmful rumors and in some casesphysically hurt someone because theydont like them. 7. History of bullying 8. How Bullying effects kids Every day a kid will be bullied physically ormentally but either way it is bad it makesthe person feel down as if there worthlessand sometimes leads to suicide andcutting them self. 9. Where it happens Bullying happens on the streets at schoolon the bus and many other places. 10. Comparing countries In the united states 1 out of 6 kids will bebullied every minute. In china 1 out of 4 kids will get bulliedevery minute. 11. Solutions to Bullying You dont have to bully you couldcomplement them or just dont sayanything if you dont have anything nice tosay. By schools making a rule against bullyingand in some cases it works and some ithappens any ways and people dontrealize it. 12. personal connection