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A Presentation about the BULL Company

Transcript of Bull

  • Bull Machines (Pvt.) Limited is the company that manufactures a wide range of low cost cum high quality tractor attachments such as front-end loader, back-hoe dozer, back-hoe loader, aerotiler, biomass / garbage shredder, harvester, etc. More than 4000 BULL material handling tractor attachments are running successfully across the country
  • Front End Loader Backhoe Loader & Backhoe Dozer Radial Loader Bull Dozer V2 Aerotiller Biomass / Garbage - Shredder Harvester.
  • It is a Varatha Raja Group Of Companies. It has 3 plants in Coimbatore i.e Fabricating-Counter forting shop Assembly Shop. This plants produce a complete machines.
  • Initially they started the company with the investment of RS 8 LAKHS at 1997. 1st product of the company took more than 6 months to sold . It only sold to 65% of the orginal cost (they only thinking about people satisfaction). After it the BULL attracted towards the customers
  • Initially they called by Mahindra to produce trucks in the name of their company, Bull refused to do so as they were seeking for a unique name for their company. After few years again Mahindra approached them,to produce products in the name as Mahindra Bull,again Bull refused. Finally Bull got their own identification, the name changed to Bull Mahindra.
  • They produce more than 36 types of bucket. Up to the height of 13 feets the arm can raise. This products is mainly produced for indian conditions. We can get the tractor of BULL with the 40% of total JCB cost.It will give 70% benefit out of it.
  • BULL material handling tractor attachments can be easily mounted at customer site Low diesel consumption Suitable for 55 and higher HP tractors Robust construction and low maintenance Tallest dumping height (4 mtr) loader available in India. Suitable for heavy duty applications Easily detachable bucket with angle at 45 D and 90 D Bull loaders can also be fitted even on old tractors Wear bushes and pins provided in all joints and more.
  • Quality is the main thing they follow in the company. RULE:When the quality product is reached , the same result will also be given by the customers.