Building Better Neighbourhoods

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Building Better Neighbourhoods Salford Strategic Partnership Meeting Sue Lightup: Salford City Council Executive Director, Community, Health and Social Care EVERY O N E CAN!

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CAN!. EVERY. ONE. Building Better Neighbourhoods. Salford Strategic Partnership Meeting Sue Lightup: Salford City Council Executive Director, Community, Health and Social Care. Introduction: Two questions, One answer. Neighbourhoods: SSP request – March 2008 Future Search – July 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Building Better Neighbourhoods

Page 1: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Building Better Neighbourhoods

Salford Strategic Partnership MeetingSue Lightup: Salford City CouncilExecutive Director, Community, Health and Social Care



Page 2: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Introduction:Two questions, One answer• Neighbourhoods: SSP request – March 2008• Future Search – July 2008• Summit held December 2008• “Strategic Direction of Neighbourhoods Review”• “Building Better Neighbourhoods” Programme

• SSP review of governance, commissioning etc

• Aligned today

Page 3: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Understanding our task

Our shared business drivers – “the non-negotiables”• Improve outcomes/narrow the gap• Efficiency: achieve more for less• Partnership targets - LAA• Partnership inspections - CAA• Deliver service business plans• Legislation eg Duty To Involve• “No change” is not an option

Page 4: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Understanding our task

Improve our whole system to be:• Informed by our successes as a national leader• Clear and understandable• Effective – delivery focused • Efficient – no gaps or overlaps• Well aligned: vision, plans and structures • Well aligned: roles and responsibilities• Well aligned: talents and resources - all sectors, all levels • Well aligned: core work and emerging agendas • “People and culture” as well as “structures and processes”• Affordable!

Page 5: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Understanding our task

‘In my view it’s all about…..’

Community Committees!

Neighbourhood Managers!

Resources! Governance!

CommunityAction Plans!

Co-location Services!

Engagement & Empowerment!

Delivery!Management Structures!

The Council!

My Directorate!

Pledge1, Pledge2….Pledge 7!

This area!

Those targets! LAA! CAA!

Cohesion & Equalities!


Neighbourhood Level!

Smaller than neighbourhood

level!The big picture!

Area Co-ordinators!

All Partners!

Or all of the above?

Page 6: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Understanding the task


“We need to be all driving in the same direction…

to the same place”

That’s got to mean all joined up at:

•Agency level

•Partnership level

•Neighbourhood level

•Community level

Page 7: Building Better Neighbourhoods


1. Develop shared vision

2. Align SSP and Neighbourhoods reviews

3. Develop unified, well-led neighbourhood approach

4. Develop core offer to each area

5. Jointly commission to narrow the gaps

6. Adjust NPBs, Community Committees, Political Execs

7. Improve engagement and empowerment

8. Align with “Total Place”

9. Support people and relationships

10.Partnership briefings

Page 8: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Recommendation 1Our Vision: “Everyone Can”Salford will be made up of successful neighbourhoods where:• Everyone can see things improving.• Everyone can be proud to live and work.• Everyone can get along.• Everyone can find out what is happening.• Everyone can access the services they need.• Everyone can connect to opportunities.• Everyone can have their say.• Everyone can work well together.• Everyone can help.• Everyone can benefit.

Page 9: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Recommendations 2 & 5Governance and Commissioning• Align Neighbourhoods Review with SSP review• Detailed SSP report to follow• Need whole system solution• Need clear structures and roles• Need to use commissioning at city and neighbourhood

level to narrow the gap• Need strong link between neighbourhood and strategic

levels• Area Co-ordinator / “Executive Link” role

Page 10: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Recommendation 3 & 4Neighbourhood leadership and delivery• Unified neighbourhood approach• Lead professionals from key services• NPB role• Thematic leadership from partners• Single Neighbourhood Plan• Core Offer• Targeted services and interventions• Strengthened role for Neighbourhood Managers• “Matrix Management”

Page 11: Building Better Neighbourhoods












? ??

Neighbourhood-level co-ordination and leadership: Have we got it right yet? For each theme? As a joined-up whole?

Page 12: Building Better Neighbourhoods

We need everyone facing in the right direction, strong local leadership on each theme and clear overall leadership at neighbourhood level. = Effective delivery for all.

Page 13: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Recommendation 6Adjusted terms of reference

• Strengthened NPBs – key role in driving delivery• Community Committee – informs, affirms, checks• Community Committee – nominees to NPB• Wider forms of engagement, not just CC• Political Executives – absorbed into NPB• Elected members to meet as they choose

Page 14: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Recommendation 7Engagement and Empowerment• History in Salford. One of 18 NEA members• Statutory Duty to Involve• These are delivery issues• Outcomes are not just what services do• Need shared: language, approach, ambition, action plan• Part of everyone’s job• Align our messages for savings and impact• Perceptions are an outcome and an enabler• Align agendas such as cohesion, inclusion, supporting

democracy, role of Third Sector, Citizenship, etc.

Page 15: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Recommendation 8Align with Total Place• Important emerging agenda• Efficiency priorities• Significant opportunity• Salford pilots• Needs to be aligned

• (We need a flexible system capable of integrating any future new drivers.)

• (Keep on track: “Bend not break”)

Page 16: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Recommendation 9Organisational Development: People and Culture

• “This is a people business”• “We’re only as good as our people and the

relationships between them”• “People and Culture” not just “Structure and Process”• “It doesn’t just happen”• Leadership needed to “mainstream” neighbourhood

working• Partnership approach needed to developing skills and

relationships• All levels

Page 17: Building Better Neighbourhoods

How does it all fit together?

At this point, please see the A3-sized slide which, for formatting reasons, is attached as a separate file.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Page 18: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Many Products, One VisionEveryone Can


Everyone Can


Everyone Can


Everyone Can


Devise, adopt and implement “Everyone Can” partnership vision and core principles.

SSP Board/Forum Aligned reviews with a strong neighbourhood focus for:•Clean/green/safe•Children’s Services

Shared language, vision and ambition for engagement/ empowerment work. Devise, adopt, implement.

Devise, adopt, implement a comprehensive partnership organisational development plan. Training, skills, relationships, etc.

SSP Governance/commissioning structure/s.

(Various products – tbc)

•Total Place•Working N/hoods teams•Efficiency agenda• Social care, etc

Integrated, cost-effective and technologically up-to-date implementation plan for partnership marketing and communications.

Collaborate to Innovate – data/intelligence, business planning, performance mgmt.

Neighbourhood strategic needs assessments inform core and targeted offers for each area.

Joined up partnership approach to agendas including:•Inclusion

This slide will be re-done to show all the products

5 thematic partnerships Localised LAA targets with appropriate commissioning.


“jig-sawing” together to form the big picture.

Area Co-ordinator /Executive Link role

CAPs are replaced by single, comprehensive N/hood Plans,

•Citizenship•Democratic Renewal

Our perspective is that all this work needs to come together within an

New membership, Terms of Ref and delivery focus for NPBs,

Partners resource “lead professionals” to strengthen delivery via NPB.

•Third Sector role•Etc

aligned vision and approach - hence “Everyone Can.”

Adjusted terms of reference for strong, effective Community Committee, Task Groups.

Revised NM role plus matrix management.

Page 19: Building Better Neighbourhoods

Programme Management

• Needs active political, partnership and service-level support

• Needs the right place in our portfolios• All partners will have to lead• Needs to be clear and a priority at all levels• Needs joined-up, effective programme management• Needs to keep on track

Page 20: Building Better Neighbourhoods

How are we progressing?

• Securing partnership understanding and commitment• Organising ourselves in neighbourhoods together• Strengthening local leadership including identifying “lead

professionals”• Working on strengthening Neighbourhood Manager role• Simplifying neighbourhood-level structures – NPB & Political Exec• Turning CAPs into neighbourhood priorities linking to business

plans • Being clear about “core service offers” • Working on how to link the neighbourhood and strategic levels• Demonstrating that “You said so we did…”

Page 21: Building Better Neighbourhoods

“Win/Wins”- Benefits for all

Get this right and the winners include:• Citizens/customers• Taxpayers• Service providers• Staff and managers• Elected members• Neighbourhoods and the city• The Partnership