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Building a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Building a Successful Automated CampaignWe will be starting at 19:00 GMT

InTouch Success Centre

Matthew Ruddle

Customer Success Director


AgendaWhy Use AutomationFirst Step - PlanningLets Build an Automated Campaign!A Few Helpful TipsQ & AOne Final Thought

Why Use Automation?

Why are we here?www.intouchcrm.comMarketing Automation will helpdrive business!

7The First Step Planning!

Plan, Plan and PLAN!You need to make time to PLAN


Tools to help you plan

Gliffy www.gliffy.comMicrosoft VisioA Pen and Paper! ( !)

Whats your Goalwww.intouchcrm.comSet Clear Goals


Is the Goal to Keep in touch with your customers?

Is the Goal to Target people based upon their actions?Is the Goal to Promote an Event?Who are you going to communicate with?

How are you going to add them in?

Lets Build an Automated Campaign!

A Few Helpful Tips

Test and measure different ideas

Include company contact information

Provide value in your Automation for the customer AND YOU!Dont overcrowd your Automation Dont try and do too much too quickly

Now what?

Plan your next move

Q & A

One Final Thought

When is the next Webinar?1st of April (no joking!)Whats it on? Leads and Sales Getting more bang for your buck!

InTouch Success Centre