Brooke James' Bachelorette Challenge- Day Three

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Day Three of Brooke's BC

Transcript of Brooke James' Bachelorette Challenge- Day Three

  • 1. Day Three

2. At the start of day three we say goodbye to Fred Pie and say hello to romance sim desperation, and more tickling.John David Jay Morgan from fireflower314's Morgan Legacy was still in the lead with William Loste, grandson of sim self thls0 and Juno Jones from Lorinsv60's Romancing The Apocalypse in a tie for second. Also still in the house are Byte Pinch from mountainshade1's A Measure Of Things OWBC, the red head with his back to you and Bernardo Mobacy from joandsarah77's The Mobacy.On script today is more hot tubbing, chess dates and in the morning two low level flirts. Hopefully something in all of that will help pull Brooke out of her funk.Plus, costume change for our bachelorette relating to my later to be published story. 3. The time for hot tubbing arrives and finds four of the boys hanging out on the back porch chatting and playing red hands. The one you don't see is Berni who is in cleaning toilets autonomously.Pause. Ask to join. Un-pause.Let's watch. 4. * sound of a starting gun *Byte is off the blocks fast and Jay and Will stop their game. But where did Juno go? 5. Woo! I'm first!Yes you are. I knew you could do it. 6. Juno's path was blocked by Byte and he circled out though the front door followed by Berni. Leaving Will and Jay as the odd men out for today.Do you ever feel like we are on the set of a campy 'B' flick? 7. Jay ignored the 'join' command and lined up with a tickle Brooke action. Right action, wrong time buddy! Go join Will in the other tub since you have no other needs pending. 8. Sound of birds chirpingHello? Somebody say something! 9. Nice weather were having today. Again with the weather! 10. Byte liked the subject and Berni makes a new friend. That's great. All aimed in the wrong direction though. 11. More birds...Brooke looks annoyed. 12. Makeup?No!Byte wasn't pleased with that topic either. 13. Think fast!Juno is not only a hugger but a splasher.All women want anymore is expensive jewelry.What is your problem? You won't talk about makeup but you're okay with jewelry? 14. Over in the other tub...Any chance you will being leaving soon?Not on your life buddy! I'm in this race to the finish. 15. Byte? Where are you going?Despite my making fun of Berni's trouble with normal conversation, he and Brooke just became friends. I just missed the big point headline for him. 16. Juno, let's go play catch.I don't think I've ever seen hot tub ADD before.Do you even like girls?What kind of a question is that?! Of course I like girls. 17. I'm not gay!What's wrong with being gay?It's not normal!For your information, I have two mothers.Everything is an argument for Berni and he has seven nice points. 18. Thank you Will for reminding us that Juno is naked. Why won't my sims stay in the hot tub? 19. It was then that Berni made a fatal mistake. He brought up flowers. Even Juno knew this was a bad idea.What the hell man?! What are you thinking! She hates flowers! 20. You can just barely see it, but look close at Juno's eyes. He looks ready to eviscerate Berni.What's wrong with flowers? They smell nice and look pretty.Do even have any idea how many relationship points I'm going to deduct for this? 21. Lots?Lots and lots. 22. From that point on everything Berni said got a negative reaction from both Juno and Brooke. It seems that when it comes to flowers, Juno and Brooke are kindred spirits. 23. Hey! Think fast!All right. I think that's enough torture tubbing for today. I've got hungry sims and five chess dates to get through. 24. This little scenario I like to call Operation: Block The Cock. Please excuse the euphemism.Jay seemed to have got his flirting game back, charming Brooke in the dining room after a quick meal. He was the only one with any hearts for her at this point so I didn't freak out about the public display. She accepted and their relationship was boosted. 25. And then Will swooped in and grabbed Jay for a conversation preventing him from doing anything else. Some would say this is just a popularity sim looking to make friends and maybe it really was but my paranoid mind was seeing something else. 26. You see, this wasn't the only time. Earlier in the day he had stolen Brooke away from an attempted tickle by Jay and later on he would swoop in for another conversation besides this one when Jay was trying to flirt again.Will never tried to interrupt anyone else from interacting with Brooke, just Jay. It was suspicious to say the least. And who did benefit from this interference? 27. Byte may be shy, but he's no fool. He made good use of the diversion and jumped into tickle monster mode and a big relationship bonus. 28. On with the chess dates. Which Jay was not happy about.What's not to like about a little quiet time with a pretty girl in a bikini? 29. Two things here:1. The buffet table and Juno's low active points have caught up to him. I will try and fix that but I have a little trouble removing weight with the blender. It doesn't always work the first few times.2. There is no such thing as a quiet game of chess in this house. 30. I didn't take a lot of pictures of everyone's chess games unless something happened that was unusual. Jay's game was uneventful except for all the other boys wandering around. 31. Berni actually had a positive encounter with Brooke without any negatives. 32. I hear you like whipped creme. And he did. 33. Then it was Will's turn and Jay decided to watch. After he left to go do something else though... 34. I hope I get to kiss you before this is over. 35. The look on his face was priceless. 36. And now for Byte.Will decided to watch this game rather than play darts. 37. The moment you were all waiting for, I know.Look! A giant pink flamingo dancing with a bear!Just how gullible does he think she is? 38. What? Where?He cheated twice and she caught him zero times, so no negative scoring.And check out Will staring at her chest. 39. Heh! Boobies!They never really grow up, do they? 40. The last remaining game was postponed till the next morning as Byte's game started at midnight and everyone was tired. Not to worry, Juno didn't mind. 41. I forget what the negative points were for but it wasn't cheating. 42. Before Juno's chess date there was a little awkwardness in the shower room when Brooke crossed paths with Jay and Byte.Oh my god! She's naked! 43. Notice he didn't leave.There are floor dividers on the floor so Byte thinks he has his own little room. I know she's over there. I'm just being cool about it. 44. After the last chess date it was time for breakfast. I really should find one of those custom buffet tables with different food on them. Salad for breakfast is just plain wrong.Will scores some more points by being quick to join her. 45. I see you're having the jello for breakfast. Interesting choice. 46. Jay too, goes for the sweets.Juno however skips breakfast. Why? 47. He has a Buddha belly. Oh look! Green undies.The slides are a little out of order here. Juno's chess date occurred after breakfast but I wanted to keep all those slides together. Juno go take a shower and get dressed. 48. After the chess date was some more poker. Byte hung out and watched.And where is Berni? Cleaning toilets. All by himself.A confession- I nearly forgot about the two simple flirts that were supposed to happen before elimination time today. In fact noon arrived and I was about to move the low scorer out and realized just in time to cancel out the action in his cue. Had I missed those flirts I would have had to start all over again to make it fair. On to the flirts... 49. Following Doc's advice, the boys were moved up to the locked bedroom via move objects on to prevent walk ins.Up to bat first: Bernardo.Flirts: Charm and Suggestion- I chose to use the same flirts for each guy unless that option wasn't available. In that case I would use the next highest scoring one available.You know, you have a very rugged handsomeness about you. It's a shame that we can't seem to find anything good to talk about.You're just not my type of girl. That's all.Berni accepted both the charm and the suggestion and somehow I failed to get a picture of crush these set for Brooke. Not both of them, just Brooke. Berni smiled. That was it. 50. Next up: ByteByte, you have the cutest little smile. I wish you would show it off a bit more often.I do?Yes you do. Are you going to smile for me? 51. Oh. I-I don't know. You're making me nervous.Nervous can be fun. I bet if I ran my fingers up your arm I'd give you all kinds of goose bumps.Shy sims can be so cute. I have more pictures of Byte's flirting time than anyone else. 52. Man! Is it hot in here or is it just me? Needless to say, both flirts were accepted. 53. Brooke is smitten. 54. And so is Byte.Thanks for making me use two slides guys. Next! 55. Jay- who is already in double crush with Brooke but will this bump them up to l.o.v.e?You are the type of guy who goes for what he wants, aren't you?We've got great chemistry Beautiful. There's no point in wasting time. 56. But can I count on you to be faithful to me and not step out with other girls?You keep looking at me like that, and you can.No surprises here. Both flirts were accepted and no red hearts. But it's still early yet. 57. Next: WilliamShowing up half naked for your flirting date. I like it. I could get used to you being around half naked all the time. 58. You could be doing the same you know. I'd love to see your silky unmentionables. Both flirts accepted. 59. And we have another crush. Once again they failed to crush at the same time and I seemed to fail taking a picture of Brooke's pink hearts. But I know she did, it's written in my notes. 60. Last, but most certainly not least, is Juno. And his still present Buddha belly.You know Juno, you are sweet and charming and a girl could really fall for those deep black pools you call eyes.You like my eyes? What about my nose, or lack thereof?That doesn't bother me at all. 61. Noses just get in the way of kissing. Would you like to kiss me?Ohh! Yes Ma'am. 62. You seem to be afflicted with pink brain hearts.I am? 63. It's okay. I have them too. End of the day and Brooke has a crush on everyone. I told you she likes to be in love. 64. Scores for Day Three- Let's see if I can get this chart rightContestantScoreMods Bolts Change Jay 140Friend/D. Crush 3+14 Will131Friend/D. Crush 2+13 Juno129Friend/D. Crush 2+11 Byte128Friend/D. Crush 2+73 Berni 106Friend/Crush--1+62Brooke As you can see Byte made a massive improvement for the day. Good conversations in the hot tub and the very successful flirting as well as some one on one interactions really helped him.Berni too made some big improvements but it just wasn't enough to over come his lack of initiative on the previous days.Jay made just enough points to stay ahead of Will but Will is closing distance fast. The next day could see a big change in the leader board if Jay doesn't get a little more motivated. 65. Sadly, Bernardo we must bid you goodbye. I had plans for you. Your background would have fit you in nicely with my Tess and her crime family but it obviously wasn't meant to be. Arrivederchi! 66. House so dirty! Must clean! Why is there no maid service here? Thanks for reading! Day four will be up soon.