Briefing Detroit 2015 - International Triathlon Union 2015-08-16آ  PT1, your race package...

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Transcript of Briefing Detroit 2015 - International Triathlon Union 2015-08-16آ  PT1, your race package...

  • Saturday August 15th 2015 Paratriathletes’ Briefing

    World Paratriathlon Event

  • Briefing agenda

    • Welcome and introduction

    • Competition jury

    • Schedules and timetables

    • Check-in and procedures

    • The course

    • Post-race procedures

    • Weather forecast

  • Welcome and Introductions •Leslie Buchanan, ITU Team Leader

    •Marie-Claude Grégoire, ITU Technical Delegate

    •Joyce Donaldson, ITU Race Referee

    •Shana Harrington, Head of Classification

    Welcome and Introduction

  • Competition Jury

    Marie-Claude Grégoire, TD, Chair

    Craig Hanken, USAT

    Eric Angstadt Torres, ITU

  • Classification Procedure

    • Final classification results will be posted in the Athletes’ lounge before the end of the paratriathlon race, according to the ITU Competition Rules.

    • Unconfirmed classifications are now posted on the wall in the briefing room.

    • Only one classification panel in Detroit; no protest opportunity for classification.

  • Schedule and timetables 1 Saturday 17:15 Race pack pick-up + Bike Check PT1, your race package includes: Helmet stickers (3) Handcycle sticker (1) Race Wheelchair sticker (1) Daily Wheelchair sticker (1) Race bib numbers (4) - 2 for the athlete and 1 for each handler Yellow handlers t-shirt Bag sticker (1)

    PT2-4, your race package includes: Helmet stickers (3) Bike sticker (1) Prosthesis/aiding device sticker (3) Race bib numbers (2) - 1 for the athlete and 1 for the handler Yellow handlers t-shirt Bag sticker (1)

  • Schedule and timetables 2

    Race pack pick-up, continued

    PT5, your race package includes: Helmet stickers (6, being 3 for each helmet) Bike sticker (1) Race bib numbers (2) - 1 for the athlete and 1 for the guide (showing ‘GUIDE”) Bag sticker (1)

    All athletes & handlers also get a wrist band to get access to the athlete’s lounge on race day. Note: Any athletes yet to pay entry fees will not be provided their race pack until this is paid. NEW RULE: PT2, PT3,PT4 handlers have to be approved by ITU. No approval = no handler.

  • Wait list procedure

    Immediately post briefing, if necessary • Wait list exists for this event. • Start list athletes that are not present at the athletes’ briefing,

    and who have not informed the TD of their absence, will be replaced by the next athlete on the same gender wait list, if exists. All athletes who are not over quota take preference over athletes on the wait list who are over quota

    • The wait list athlete must be present at the briefing to be assigned to the start list and must make themselves (& handlers/ guides) available.

    • The classification of any new start list athletes will take place after this briefing.

  • Schedule and timetables 3 Sunday 07:45 Athlete lounge check in and remaining bike checks 07:45 Transition check-in 09:00 Swim Warm-up 09:35 Athletes’ presentation

    Starts as follows 09:45      PT5-B1 (Women) + PT3 (Men & Women) 09.48.48  PT5-B2/3 (Women) + PT5-B2/3 (Men) + PT4 (M & W) 09:55      PT2 (Men & Women) 10:40      PT1 (Men & Women)

    **Race cut off 2 hours after the start of your wave-DNF in results

    12:15 Medal ceremony

  • Access to venue & map

  • Pre Start and pre transition




  • Check-in procedures 1 Athletes’ Lounge • Come with the registered handlers • Handler yellow t-shirt and bib number check • Equipment check & marking (braces, tethers, etc.) • Bike check (Bike mechanic available) Note: approved impairment adaptions for bikes available online at: approved_paratriathlon_impairment_adaptations_on_bicycles

    • Swim cap distribution, according to your swim exit needs • Wave number written on left hand • Registration of the equipment for the pre-transition area • Leave bags in the athletes’ lounge

  • Swim cap colours

    Swim cap colours are assigned to the athletes according to the assistance they will need at the exit of the water


    PT2, PT3, PT4

    PT5 Athlete

    PT5 Guide

  • Check-in procedures 2

    Transition Area • A folding chair will be provided to each of the athletes • To add any equipment to the bike, approval is to be obtained

    from the TD at the end of the athletes’ briefing. • Only athletes and their handlers will be allowed in the Transition

    Area • Helmet check – Don’t leave your helmet fastened in the transition 

    The athlete who misses to comply with this rule will receive a time penalty of 10 seconds in TA1.

    • Running Shoes on the ground, helmet on the bike • Spare wheels collected at bike check & returned to Athletes


  • The course


    1 lap of 750m


    3 laps for a total of 18.69 km


    2 laps of small road section for total of 5.08 km

  • Allowed Equipment – uniform 1


    • Leg and arm covers are allowed • Skull caps permitted • Wet suits to 5mm thickness • Vest warmers NOT permitted • Gloves NOT permitted • Any part of the body may be covered except the face, hands and

    feet • No prosthesis socks, unless the pins are adequately covered.

  • Allowed Equipment – uniform 2

    Bike & Run • Athletes can wear a long sleeved shirt underneath their uniform but

    must wear it the entire event. • Athletes will not be allowed to remove the shirt at anytime during

    the event. • Arm warmers will be allowed and can be removed during the event

    only in transition. Do NOT remove arm warmers during the race and hand them to someone along the course. You may be disqualified if seen doing this.

    • PT5-B1 athletes must wear black-out glasses on the run. • If you would prefer to wear a jacket during the event the jacket

    must be clear/transparent.

  • Pre-start procedure

    Athletes’ Introduction

    • 15 minutes before start – line-up just before entrance to beach - A TO will be present to help

    • Order will be wave number, then category, then race number • Move to the swim start when you are introduced

    • Between start line officials • Personal handlers can escort you to the swim start and take your

    prosthesis, crutches or daily wheelchairs to pre-transition. • Select your position, and stay in water at that spot. Please remain

    there until instructed start • No prosthesis socks are allowed in the swim unless the pins are

    covered. We ask you to remove these before entering the water.

  • Start procedure 1

    Wave Starts

    • New staggered start to accommodate varying levels of ability for the PT5 athletes

    • Each wave will start at an exact time

    • Please follow instructions promptly.

  • Start procedure for waves

    Athletes in position in the water:

    • In water start

    • The start can be given any time after the Race Referee announces ”On your mark”

    • Air horn

    • The race starts

  • False start procedure

    False start Example: • Several horn blasts • Kayaks in front of you • Everyone goes back to her/his spot

    Valid start but with early starters: • If someone starts before the horn and everyone else starts

    with the horn, the false starter will receive a time penalty of 
 10 seconds in TA1. (During the time penalty athlete cannot take any equipment!)

  • Swim course

    • Today at 10h00 ✓ Water temperature: 24ºC ✓ Air temperature: 24,4ºC (max of 30ºC), 66% Humidity

    • 1 lap of 750m: counter-clockwise - out and back

    • Distance to the first turn buoy 300 m.

    • Pass all the buoys on your left shoulder

    • Raise arm in air if assistance required

    • Can stand without movement forward **Exception @ Exit

    • Swim behaviour will be closely monitored, including video

  • Swim course

  • PT5 swim conduct

  • Pre – transition area

    • Athletes’ registered equipment (prosthesis, crutches, day chairs)

    • Folding chairs for wetsuit removal • Athletes from PT5 category are not allowed to use

    the pre- transition area • Only PT1 handlers’ are allowed in this area

  • Transition

    • A Frame bike racks – number, name and country flag • All equipment – wetsuit, goggles & swim caps to your area.

    • Not doing so ! time penalty • Mount line at the end of the TA (GREEN LINE) • Dismount line at the beginning of TA (RED LINE) • PT1 shall stop completely at mount and dismount lines • Helmet MUST be fastened before un-racking bike • Personal handlers should stay next to the athletes’ bike rack

    during the bike leg or at the wheel station. Handlers’ moving to and from TZ to the wheel station, should inform the Transition Technical Officials

    • Bibs facin