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    Boral BricksBuild something great


  • Choose from the following five brick stylesEscura

    Smooth FaCe 6

    Velour 9


    FuSion 10

    aSpire 11


    harCourt 12

    arCaDia 14

    oasisCoaSt 16

    impreSSionS 17


    naturalS 18

    ClaSSiCS 19

    Boral Bricks

    Why Bricks?When it comes to walls, todays natural clay brick is unrivalled in performance, looks and long-term value.

    Strong and Safe

    Bricks wont twist or warp, rot or decay, erode or dent.

    natural character

    made from clay and shale, no two bricks are identical giving each home its own distinct personality.

    temperature control

    Brick homes even out temperature fluctuations because of their mass. homes made from brick are slow to warm up in summer and slow to loose heat in winter.

    acouStic performance

    the density of brick makes for a quiet home, with reduced external sound such as aircraft and road noise, compared to lighter weight materials.

    fire reSiStance

    Boral bricks meet the requirements of all six categories of the Bushfire hazard building standard, aS 3959-2009, including the highest category Bal-FZ, as all bricks are greater than 90mm thick.

    loW maintenance

    Bricks have negligible routine maintenance. this is an important factor to consider when looking at the whole-of- life cost of your home.

  • Diagram: think Brick australia

    an energy-wise home or building will use the best combination of sustainable building considerations such as site orientation, wall and ceiling insulation, ventilation and materials to reduce energy consumption and in turn greenhouse gasemissions.

    its all about taking a long-term view on our impact on the environment. From the initial sourcing and manufacture of materials to the need for ongoing maintenance and temperature control, its the efficient use of energy over the lifespan of a building that counts.

    together with good design principles, bricks can help you take advantage of the weather when its hot or cold. When around 38 per cent of energy use in australian homes is directed toward artificial heating and cooling*, this is serious long-term value.


    Home Energy Use, Baseline Energy Estimates 2008

    never before have new homes been built so responsively to our landscape, climate and lifestyles.

    Energy efficient design there are four factors crucial to the energy performance of your home:

    orientationSite orientation or the position of a building relative to the sun provides the opportunity to take advantage of the naturally available energy. With northerly living areas the use of extended eaves will block the higher summer sun while allowing the low winter sun to enter your home.

    inSulationCeiling insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow and is essential to providing year-round comfort. in regards to walls, this is where high thermal mass double brick cavity wall construction comes to the fore.

    VentilationCross-ventilation, with openings on both sides of a home, is the best way of cooling naturally. Fresh breezes will circulate better in open plan living spaces however internal walls are still required for their thermal mass, helping moderate temperatures. Vents should also be installed in the roof space to help regulate air flow year-round.

    thermal maSSmaterials with high thermal mass, or ability to absorb and store heat energy, are important in most australian climates where there is a need to average out temperature extremes. the density of clay bricks effectively delays the flow of heat through a wall by as much as 8 to 10 hours, producing a warmer house in winter and a cooler house in summer.

    tiP Conserve energy over the long term by using a strong, long-lasting and non-toxic material.

    The energy life cycle Boral Bricks | Queensland 3

  • 4 Boral Bricks | Qeensland

    How to Choose Bricksstep 1: styleresearch and explore ideas to try and establish the type of house youd like to build. examples of house styles include Contemporary, traditional, Beach, Georgian and homestead. the type of house style and design will greatly influence the type of brick chosen.

    step 2: Locationthe location of your property and the conditions it is subject to will determine your need for exposure grade bricks and mortar joints.

    exposure grade bricks are made to withstand severe coastal conditions, including homes subject to air borne salt spray. these bricks have enhanced durability ideal if your home is located up to 1 kilometre from a surf coast or 100 metres from a non-surf coast, on land with high saline soil, or is near a polluted atmosphere (such as an industrial site).

    General purpose (Gp) grade bricks are suited to all other external wall applications.

    step 3: colour & texturethe colours and textures now available in brick provide myriad opportunities to be creative.

    look at the big picture and think about roof colour, the guttering and fascia finish of your home, along with doors and window frames. But keep it simple on the colour front by limiting your selections to one or two trim colours. Focus instead on textural detail and decorative effects to create a point of difference.

    texture is a key feature in house design, and is easily achieved through a balance of finishes and surfaces that contrast and complement.

    eXampleS oF teXtureS:

    tiP Look for the symbol that identifies Boral bricks as exposure grade.

    smooth bricks have a consistent texture and almost ceramic appearance with straight edges.

    velour bricks have a tightly grained texture and straight edges

    torn face bricks have a dragged or ripped appearance across the face which gives them a weathered look.

  • Boral Bricks | Queensland 5


    step 4: sizeDifferent brick sizes are available and can be used for the whole house, patterns, window sills, internal features, facades, formal areas, fireplaces and architectural details.

    the standard brick size is 76mm high x 230mm long x 110mm wide but some colours are available in a slimmer 50mm high size or a larger 162mm high.

    step 5: MortarYou may be surprised to know that the mortar joint and colour can considerably alter the appearance of your bricks.

    Your mortar can help achieve either a relaxed light feel or a dramatic contrasting effect. For example, a cream mortar with light coloured bricks to achieve harmony or bright white mortar in contrast to darker bricks for a more distinct look.

    Common mortar ColourS:




    Colouredmortartomatchthe brick colour

    the mortar joint refers to how the band of mortar between the bricks is finished.

    raked joints are most commonly known however rolled or ironed joints complement nearly all brick and house styles. Flush joints provide a flatter look by minimising shadow.

    tiP Wherever exposure grade bricks are used, finish with an Ironed or Rolled mortar joint to minimise erosion from salt.

    rolled bricks are treated with distinctive patterns prior to firing, producing a variety of textures.

    tumbled bricks have a rough texture and uneven edges which give them a rustic look.

    Fritted bricks have a glass-like substance melted into the surface for a glossy or mottled appearance.

    standard Height

    double Height

    Types of mortar joints

    raked ironed Flush Struck

    tiP For professionally developed colour schemes that take the stress out of selecting exterior finishes, refer to the Boral Colour Inspiration cards at These colour cards recommend modern tonal combinations across bricks, pavers, roof tiles and complementary fascia & gutter trim options.

  • pearl GreY

    Cream Sahara Cream


    neVaDa Cream

    aesthetically superior bricks,

    exuding todays contemporary style

    achieve strong, clean lines and

    uniform colours

    Sharp edges and a refined texture

    outstanding quality and


    Escura DISTINCTIVE SHARP LINES Smooth face: Brown

    Smooth face: choc tan

    when only the best will do

    Smooth face StanDarD

    6 Boral Bricks | Qeensland | Escura

    luna GreY

  • terraCotta

    these products are exposure Grade and ideal for building in coastal areas or harsh soils.

    Smooth face: Brown

    BroWnjute ChoC tan

    Flame reD reD

    Carry through the clean crisp look of Escura by using white mortar and

    ironed (or rolled) joints.

    Smooth face: choc tan

    Boral Bricks | Queensland | Escura 7

  • Cream 50mm

    BroWn 50mm

    reD 50mm

    Smooth face Slimline: red 50mm

    8 Boral Bricks | Qeensland | Escura


    Velour: pearl grey

    Smooth face Slimline

  • reD



    neVaDa Cream

    pearl GreY


    Boral Bricks | Queensland | Escura 9


    Providing an understated warmth to man-made building materials, Escura is suitable for todays

    composite building design.

    Velour: pearl grey

    these products are exposure Grade and ideal for building in coastal areas or harsh soils.

  • fusion: Blue rio



    Blue rio platinum



    Fusion StanDarD

    Distinctly different finishes for the latest looksinbrick

    Be confident with exceptional solid colour

    Design-focused and infinitely adaptable

    making first impressions lastfusion: Blue rio

    fusion: Blue rio

    10 Boral Bricks | Qeensland | Nuvo

  • euCalYpt panama

    Slate CheStnut



    BamBoo aDoBe


    Bold design and a bolder palette will ensure your home is brewing with original ideas.

    these products are exposure Grade and can be used for building in coastal areas or harsh soils.

    Boral Bricks | Queensland | Nuvo 11

    aspire: chestnutaspire: alloy

  • harcourtmoWBraYleXinGton BentleY

    latroBeroSe kinGSleY

    warm, rustic appeal that never fades

    a tumbled texture for a handcrafted look

    Bring timeless charm to modern styles

    offset edgy designs with informality and warmth


    12 Boral Bricks | Qeensland | Woodstock

    arcadia: potters gold

  • these products are exposure Grade and ideal for building in coastal areas or harsh soils.

    WiCkham BlenD

    arcadia: Winter gold dh

    BrunSWiCk BlenD

    BarWeaVe BlenD

    harcourt DouBle heiGhtleXinGton Double height roSe Double height

    CarBrook BlenD

    mt Cotton BlenD

    Boral Bricks | Queensland | Woodstock 13

  • homeSteaD GolD BlenDDiGGerS GolD BlenD BakehouSe GolD BlenD

    arcadiaWinter GolD SanDStone GolD

    hiGhlanD BlenDrYWooD BlenD

    potterS GolD

    DuStWooD BlenD

    arcadia: Winter gold dh


    14 Boral Bricks | Qeensland | Woodstock

  • these products are exposure Grade and ideal for building in coastal areas or harsh soils.

    arcadia: Winter gold dh

    arcadia DouBle heiGht

    DuStWooD BlenD Double heightrYWooD BlenD Double height

    homeSteaD GolD BlenD Double height

    potterS GolD Double heightWinter GolD Double height

    DiGGerS GolD Double height

    BakehouSe GolD BlenD Double height

    SanDStone GolD Double height

    arcadia: Sandstone gold dh

    Through naturally wistful hues, Woodstock lends a genuine and gentle beauty.

    Boral Bricks | Queensland | Woodstock 15


    GranGe BlenD


    Coast StanDarDBianCa



    light, airy and natural

    Subtle tones and textures

    Warm, cool and neutral hues

    forrelaxed livingcoast: Bianca

    weekends are for living

    16 Boral Bricks | Qeensland | oasis

  • these products are exposure Grade and ideal for building in coastal areas or harsh soils.


    StoneWaSh Double height

    BianCa Double height


    tamBo BlenD

    raFFia BlenD



    BarClaY BlenD

    impressions DouBle heiGht

    Coast DouBle heiGht

    alpine Double height

    Boral Bricks | Queensland | oasis 17

    Faded creams and pale terracottas make for true-blue sun-drenched appeal.


    each brick is as individual as you are

    textures, colours and blends for every

    family and budget

    Distinctive textures in brown and red tones

    impressions: raffia Blend






    18 Boral Bricks | Qeensland | Horizon

  • marina



    St GeorGe


    WinDorah outBaCk BlenD

    these products are exposure Grade and can be used for building in coastal areas or harsh soils.

    classics: St george


    Your home isyour sanctuary Boral Bricks | Queensland | Horizon 19

  • For more information about Boral bricks and clay pavers:

    call us on 1300 134 002

    visit our website at

    drop into a Boral Selection Centre or reseller at the following locations:

    BoralvisionCreate your dream home with a click of a button! mix and match your bricks, tiles and pavers with a huge range of windows, fascia, gutter and paint colours under the careful guidance of your Boral consultant. Call to make an appointment now.

    Clay bricks are made from naturally occurring minerals. Variations in colour, texture and size are natural characteristics of clay products and production variations can occur from batch to batch. Colours shown are indicative only and should not be used for final selection. products ordered should be chosen from actual samples current at the time of order and are subject to availability. Whilst every effort is made to provide samples, brochures and displays consistent with products delivered to site, they should be viewed as a guide only. Customers should ensure that all delivered products are acceptable, and any concerns about products are notified to Boral prior to laying. Some photos featured in this brochure are an artists impression of how Boral bricks will look on a house.

    Copyright Boral Bricks pty ltd all rights reserved 2011.

    Boral, the Boral logo,, and Boral Vision, escura, horizon, nuvo and Woodstock are trade marks or registered trade marks of Boral limited or Boral Bricks pty ltd in australia, other countries, or both. if these and other Boral trade marked terms are marked on their first occurrence in this information with a trade mark symbol ( or ), these symbols indicate australian registered or common law trade marks owned by Boral at the time this information was published. Such trade marks may also be registered or common law trade marks in other countries. other product, company or service names may be trade marks or service marks of others. Boral Bricks pty ltd aBn 66 082 448 342. Correct as at june 2011.


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