#brandvandals and internal communication - an overview by Rachel Miller

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An overview of the latest book, #brandvandals by Steve Earl @mynameisearl and Stephen Waddington @wadds (Bloomsbury, 2013). Internal communication and social media strategist Rachel Miller @AllthingsIC highlights the parts of the book that are relevant and thought-provoking for internal comms pros. Join in the conversation on Twitter using #brandvandals.

Transcript of #brandvandals and internal communication - an overview by Rachel Miller

  • Q. Why should people who are interested in internal communication read the book #brandvandals by Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington? A. You cant afford not to! Here are the bits I liked, that sparked further thoughts and that I think are relevant for IC * I hope you find it useful too Rachel Miller @AllthingsIC * I havent included my section of #brandvandals, but theres lots in there for IC pros too
  • #brandvandals Brands need early warning systems that give them eyes in the backs of their heads. Anything less than full disclosure leaves blind spots, and blind spots can leave enemies drooling.
  • #brandvandals Media has become a two-way weapon. Nobody can control it. It's anarchy.
  • #brandvandals There are still external and internal audiences, but there is no longer really external and internal communications, at least not as we knew it.
  • #brandvandals Organisations used to operate under the belief they could control how a message was communicated to an audience. Much of the organisational discipline of corporate comms has been built on this premise. In reality, organisations can plan their public relations activity and carefully craft messages and content, but control has never been possible.
  • #brandvandals Communication between an organisation and its audiences can no longer be one-way. (It never should have been, but it definitely isnt now).
  • #brandvandals A message will only resonate with an audience if the audience believes it to be sincere and authentic.
  • #brandvandals Brand vandals arent just members of your external audience. Sometimes theyre employees. A lack of robust processes in an organisation can endanger it.
  • #brandvandals Keep your reputational shield polished. Make it harder for mud to stick.
  • #brandvandals In recent years we've been coming to the end of the road for the line drawn between internal and external audiences. We've also seen lines blur, diminish or cease to exist between the way external audiences used to be communicated with as discrete groups.
  • #brandvandals Stopping a snowball from turning into an avalanche has become one of the most strenuous and most sought-after skills in communications.
  • #brandvandals Brand vandals love to exploit not only weak spots in the brands infrastructure, but also inadvertent or ill-advised pieces of comms that come out of the rest of the organisation.
  • #brandvandals There is no such thing as a digital crisis versus a regular crisis. Today, all crises are digital because all media is potentially digital, just as all information is potentially digital. In fact, we should stop thinking of stuff as digital at all. This is the modern world and this is modern media.
  • #brandvandals Get your communications right first time You need a team, but one person has to be given the responsibility of handling a crisis Take the time to get to know your advocates Tell authentic stories and generate real conversations Be prepared, and you can stand tall rather than looking over your shoulder
  • #brandvandals There are no real boundaries anymore and brands have to communicate with the audiences both en masse, as smaller groups and as individuals. And above all, as human beings.
  • #brandvandals Find out more @wadds @mynameisearl @bloomsburybooks #brandvandals is coming soon www.bloomsburybooks.com