Brands Can Make Friends Too

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Social Media is a term for a plethora of technologies, tools and strategies that leverages the connectedness of people. New tools appear every day which makes the market seem chaotic for marketers and corporations. However, there are amazing opportunities for companies that manage to see the forest for the trees.

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  • 1.1.0 - The Opportunity 2.0 - Consumers Are Waiting 3.0 - Social Media Strategy 4.0 - About Social Intent 5.0 - Our Promise 6.0 - How We Work 7.0 - Program Development 8.0 - Our Services 9.0 - Social Applications Best Practices 10.0 - Senior Team Brands can MakeFriends Too 2008 Social Intent, LLC

2. Social Media is a term for a plethoraof technologies, tools and strategiesthat leverages the connectedness of The Opportunity people. New tools appear every day whichmakes the market seem chaotic formarketers and corporations. However, thereare amazingopportunities for companies thatmanage to see the forest for the trees. 2008 Social Intent, LLC 1 3. Consumers are waiting for brands to engage: Three on four of US online adults now use social tools to Consumers Are Waiting connect with eachother1 85 percent of US consumers believe companies should interact with them via social media2 1/3 of hard-to-reach consumers (ages 18-34) and 1/3 of the wealthiest households believe companies should actively market to them via social networks2 Forrester research, October 2008 1Business in Social Media Study, 2008 Cone. 2 2008 Social Intent, LLC 4. Social Media offers an inexpensiveway for organizations and brands to: Social Media Strategy Create brand awareness Generate leads Introduce a product/campaign Improve reputation Collect data/content Keep an ongoing dialogue withcustomers Whats your Social Media Strategy?Organizations from the Humane Society to Dunkin Donuts have Facebook Pages 2008 Social Intent, LLC 3 5. Social Intent builds customtechnologies and programsthat help companies About Usleverage the social web tofriend customersandachieve their marketing andbusiness goals. 2008 Social Intent, LLC 4 6. We will help you: Make sense of your opportunities from social sites like Facebook, MySpace and YouTube to niche communities like LinkedIn and Eons. Our Promise Align your marketing with established online social media conventions. Uncover opportunities that span marketing & sales, recruiting and product development. And finally build your applications in ways that harness network effects to get better the more people use them! 2008 Social Intent, LLC 5 7. Business Model How we work: Organizational Facts Core Offering & Customers Sales & Business Model Environmental Factors Business How We Work Model Marketing StatusStrategic Goals Brand Promise Competitive Landscape Existing & Previous Efforts Discovery Project Resources Project MarketingBudget & Personnel Allocations Resources GoalsMaterials & Content Design & Branding Requirements Technical & Functional Requirements 2008 Social Intent, LLC 6 8. Define How we work: Propose candidates for programs Outline schedule with benchmarks and cost estimates Program DevelopmentDefine a metrics & measurement plan Define DevelopDesign, build & test program componentsFrequent reviews to make certain that Programclient expectations are met Debrief Develop Development DeployImplementing the solution and ensure it scales to expected traffic levelsCollecting performance metrics Deploy DebriefAnalyze results & recommend next steps 2008 Social Intent, LLC 7 9. Social media strategyOpportunity identification Educate stakeholders Outline outreach and engagement programs Social application developmentSocial network applications (Facebook, MySpace, Eons, OpenSocial, Orkut, Ning, etc.) Our ServicesGoogle Gadgets iPhone applications New platform development Develop content for online audiencesCopywriting Audio & Video production (via partners) Social marketing & application distributionDesign Interactive Ads (Social Ads) Media buying Installs buying PR (via partners) 2008 Social Intent, LLC 8 10. Social Applications Best Practices Offer experiences that drive user actions in line with your marketing goals Build programs around a whats in it for the user paradigm Enable users to communicate your story through established social media channels and conventions Track, measure, analyze & optimize (set aside funds for mid-course tweaks) Constantly seed traffic viral doesnt just happen Reach influencers Buy installs Tout your success. Nothing breeds success like success Marketing & PR Build an opt-in database of participants Complete with measurements of each person's influence level. A person's influence level should bebased on that person's connectivity, propensity to share your content and ability to drive action amongthe people with whom they share. Multi-channel value of identifying your vocal & engaged influencers: priceless Keep your influencers engaged Give them reasons to keep engaging and sharing - reward them for doing so 2008 Social Intent, LLC9 11. Vidar Brekke, CEO Past positions: Strategist at Ogilvy, VP Marketing atJPMorgan, VP Marketing Linkstorm, Strategist/Creative Director Kurani Interactive. Clients: Coca-Cola, IBM, Vonage, Cisco, General Senior TeamMotors, American Express, Wal-Mart, E*TradeVineel Shah, CTO Past positions: Senior Technical Yahoo at HotJobs,Manager of Software Development at MTV Online,Software Developer/architect at iVillage, Citibank,ProgrammableWeb. 30 Christopher St. Suite 4C. New York, NY [email protected] +1 (646) 465-2965 2008 Social Intent, LLC10