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Powerful tool for design teamsUsed to generate ideas in a groupCan be used on any sub-problemIt is best after knowing the main design


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Ground Rules

RelaxHave funSupport not criticize

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Ground Rules

No boundariesCompletely free your mindNo limits on the number of ideasFragmented ideas OKJust keywords OK

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Ground Rules

No criticizing (during or after)No evaluating or dismissing No dismissing EVEN your own ideasNo “You must be joking” looks or comments

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Ground Rules

Explain quickly (few seconds)No questionsLet ideas you don’t understand goSpeed is the key

Important is “Association” not “Viability”

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Ground Rules

Avoid subtle evaluations How is it going to do … Isn't this violating the rules That is an excellent idea How is this different than that idea

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Ground Rules

Select a moderatorNo dominatingNo interruptingNo passing

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Ground Rules

Short session (20 minutes)Create ideas in silenceMultiple rounds

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Idea Trigger Method

Phase I: Idea Purge Phase The objective is declared. Many ideas written rapidly on sheet of paper. There is a relaxation break after two minutes. The process continues for another minute.

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Idea Trigger Method

Phase II: Idea Trigger Phase Leader calls each member for their ideas. Team members cross out shared ideas. Each idea as read may trigger other ideas in other

members who write them down quickly on a second page.

After the first round, the members repeat the reading process for the second sheet and more until no new ideas are triggered.

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Idea Trigger Method

Phase III: Compilation Members compile and classify ideas into a master list

and distribute it.

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Work alone to create more ideas.Meet and selects promising ideas. Promising ideas are developed in more detail

listing pros and cons.

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Idea Selection

Team meets and selects one design to be engineered.

Team members identify critical sub-systems and hold brainstorming sessions on such sub-systems.