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WATER RETICULATION AND MAINPROPOSED SUBDIVISION OF THE REMAINDER OF SHAMVA -WATER RETICULATIONBILL OF QUANTITIESBILL NO.1: PRELIMINARY AND GENERALItemDescriptionUnitQtyRateAmountPRELIMINARY AND GENERAL1.1Provision of Insurance (Premiums + 5%) - add 5% to the premiumP/Sum1,993.00amount that is to be paid to the Insuarance Company.1.2Allow for material testing not provided for in the SpecificationsP/Sum5,000.001.3Performance BondSum6,050.001.5Establishment of camps and plant on site.(fixed cost)a) Contractors Camp EstablishmentSum7,000.00b) Engineers site Office 4mx5m including 1 table and 4 chairsSum6,000.00c) Transport Plant to Site (As per list Appendix E)Sum3,000.00d) Remove Plant from SiteSum3,000.00e) Remove Contractors Camp and make good to Engineers satisfactionSum500.001.6General costs - including the Contractor's administration of the Contract (Time related)weeks12300036,000.001.6Removal and Reinstatement of existing ServicesP.C2,000.001.8Allow for the Project Sign BoardNo118001,800.001.9Allow for Resident Engineer's phone and transport for administration of the ContractSum5,000.001.10Allow for extra works orderd by the engineer not covered elsewhere and to be paid atProv. Sum8,000.00given rates, dayworks rates or as qoutedTOTAL CARRIED TO SUMMARY85,343.00PROPOSED SUBDIVISION OF THE REMAINDER OF SHAMVA -WATER RETICULATIONBILL NO.2: WATER RETICULATIONItemDescriptionUnitQtyRateAmount2.1SITE CLEARANCE2.1.1Clear and grub the line to a minimum width of 2m including removal of trees with girth notm13945includedexceeding 0.52.2EXCAVATION AND BACKFILLING2.2.1Excavate in all materials, pipe trenches OD+500 wide backfillcumto 91% Mod AASHTO and 150mm above pipe crown, dispose ofsurplus material within freehaul distance of 1.5km.i) for 160mm diameter pvc pipesm488310.0048,830.00ii ) for 110mm diameter pvc pipesm27837.3020,315.90iii ) for 90mm diameter pvc pipesm62797.0043,953.002.2.2Excavate valve chamber bases and other structures measuredcum67includedexcavation and depth2.2.3Extra over item 2.2.1 for excavation in hard material or rockirrespective of depth, backfill, compaction to 91% Mod AASHTOto 100mm underside of pipe ini) Hard material (Prov)cum10015.001,500.00ii)Rock (Prov)cum5075.003,750.002.2.4Anthill excavation to spoil within 500m including treatment of affected areascum20included2.2.6Extra over item 2.2.1 for additional compaction up to 96%HCE when refilling trenches at road crossingsi) Extra over 2.2.1 for importing material suitable for backfilling.Rate include win fromcum5025.001,250.00borrow, load,haul up to 500m and dump.To be measured after compactionTOTAL CARRIED FORWARD119,598.90PROPOSED SUBDIVISION OF THE REMAINDER OF SHAMVA -WATER RETICULATIONBILL NO.2: WATER RETICULATIONItemDescriptionUnitQtyRateAmountTOTAL BROUGHT FORWARD119,598.902.3PIPELAYING AND PIPE FITTINGSSupply, inspect, take delivery, transport to site,load,unload handle, lay,joint and testto a head as specified the following pvc pipes, galvanised and cast iron pipes,specials and valves including for cutting and wasting of cast iron work with 2 coatsof approved bituminous black or bitumen based paint on PVC PIPES LASS 162.3.1In 6m lengths with one rubber ring joint per lengthi)160mmm627920.19126,773.01i)110mmm27831130,613.00ii)90mmm42148.2034,554.802.3.2VALVESPlain ended sluice CI gates valves as specified with 2CISCjoints eachi)160mmNo.8includedii)110mmNo.9includediii)90mmNo.25included2.3.3Fittings for PVC piping (including all necessary joints)a) bendsi) 90mm x 11.25 degreepvc bendNo.2516.40410.00ii) 90mm x 221/2 plain ended bendNo.2016.40328.00iii) 90m x 450 plain ended bendNo.616.4098.40iv) 90m x 900 plain ended bendNo.1016.40164.00vi) 110mm x 11.25 degree pvc bendNo.327.1081.30vii) 110mm x 221/2 plain ended bendNo.627.10162.60viii) 110mm x 450 plain ended bendNo.527.10135.50iix) 110mm x 900 plain ended bendNo.727.10189.70vi) 160mm x 11.25 degree pvc bendNo.641.82250.92vii) 160mm x 221/2 plain ended bendNo.564.01320.05viii) 160mm x 450 plain ended bendNo.541.82209.10iix) 160mm x 900 plain ended bendNo.641.41248.46b) Teesiii) 90mm x 90mm equal Tee515.0075.00iii) 90mm x 110mm unequal TeeNo.730.30212.10iii) 90mm x 160mm unequal TeeNo.1173.35806.85iv)110mm x 110mm equal TeeNo.021.200.00iii) 110mm x 160mm unequal Tee6111.70670.20iii) 160mm x 160mm equal TeeNo.173.3573.35vi)90 rrj hydrant TeeNo.297.40194.80vii)110mm hydrant TeeNo.3110.80332.40vii)160mm hydrant TeeNo.7151.291,059.03TOTAL CARRIED FORWARD317,561.47PROPOSED SUBDIVISION OF THE REMAINDER OF SHAMVA -WATER RETICULATIONBILL NO.2: WATER RETICULATIONItemDescriptionUnitQtyRateAmountTOTAL BROUGHT FORWARD317,561.47c) Endcapsi) 110mm end capNo.r/o11.05i) 90mm end capNo.37.3021.902.3.4House connections2.3.4.1House saddle connections complete to take 20mm GI pipe approx 0.3m long and GIfitting for single service connectionii)From 90mm nb pipeNo.1336.80478.40iii)From110mm nb pipeNo.342.00126.00iii)From160mm nb pipeNo.851.58412.642.3.4.2House saddle connection complete to take 25mm GI pipe approximately 0.3m longand GI fittings as shown on the for double service connectionii) From 90mm dia pipeNo.8351.004,233.00iii) From 110mm dia pipeNo.4956.202,753.80iii) From 160mm dia pipeNo.4263.712,675.822.4.2Supply, install and test fire hydrant complete with flanged riser pipe - 80mm fire hydrantNo.12297.603,571. all materials and construct fire hydrant boxes as detailed.Excavation measuredNo.12200.402,404.80in item all materials and construct gate valve boxes as detailed.ExcavationNo.42109.004,578.00measured in item and place marker platesi) Valve markers and hydrant markers complete with postsNo.54included2.4.5Supply all material and place Grade 20 concrete for thrust blocksAllow for trimming of trench and rough shuttering as necessarycum30included2.4.6Allow for disinfection of pipelines after completion of hydraulic testsSumincludedTOTAL CARRIED TO SUMMARY338,817.03PROPOSED SUBDIVISION OF THE REMAINDER OF SHAMVA -WATER RETICULATIONBILL NO.3: WATER SUPPLY MAINItemDescriptionUnitQtyRateAmount3.1.1TRENCHING AND EARTHWORKS3.1.1.1Clear 2m wide pipeline route for the main suplym1000included3.1.1.2Construct, maintain and rehabilitate access for use duringconstruction3.1.1.3Excavate and refill pipe tretches OD + 500mm wide in any class of material to the depthas measured from ground level to pipe invert level, including supplying backfillmaterial from any section of trench within 0.5 km and compacting to 91% Mod AASHTOto 300mm above crown of pipe, for depth:a ) Up to 2m deepm100016.5016,500.00Note: Excavation at any point on trench paid for under one subitem only. over item to compact backfill material to 91% ModAASHTO above 300mm above the crown of pipe where ordered by the Engineerm5included3.1.1.5Excavate for valve chambers and other structures measured in excess of trenchexcavationsa) Not exceeding 2.0m deepm7includedb) Over 2.0m deepm3included3.1.1.6Refill in confined spaces below ground level around structures where ordered by theEngineer including supplying backfill material form any section of trench within 1.5 kmand compacting to 91% Mod AASHTOa) Not exceeding 2.0m deepm1025250.00b) Exceeding 2.0m deepmr.o40TOTAL CARRIED FORWARD16,750.00BILL NO.3: WATER SUPPLYItemDescriptionUnitQtyRateAmountTOTAL BROUGHT FORWARD16,750. over Items and for excavation in hard material, irrespective of deptha) In trenchesm50301,500.00b) In bulk excavationsm530.00150. over Items and for excavation in rock,irrespective of deptha) In trenchesm2085.001,700.00b) In bulk excavationsm5included3.1.1.9Excavate trench bottom below underside of pipe where ground is unsuitable for beddingand refill with selected fill and compact to 91% Mod AASHTOa) In hard materialm5025.001,250.00b) In rockm40includedc) In clay or other soft material to a depth of not less than 100mmbelow underside of pipemR/O35. around structures above original ground level where required,including supplying fillmaterial from the trench within 1.5km,compaction to 91% Mod AASHTO and trimmingto correct lines and levelsm3023.50705. over, and to obtain fill from borrow pits within 0.5km. Allow foropening material up and reinstatingm3025.00750. over, and to haul material further than 0.5km, measuredto the nearest 0.1km in excess of 0.5kmmkm451.2054. over, and to load, transport up to 0.5 km, dump in spoil dumpsand spread surplus or unsuitable soil,as directed by the Engineer.(Payment based oncapacity of truck)mR/O25.00TOTAL CARRIED FORWARD22,859.00BILL NO.3: WATER SUPPLYItemDescriptionUnitQtyRateAmountTOTAL BROUGHT FORWARD22,859.003.2.1PIPELAYING AND PIPE FITTINGSSupply, inspect, take delivery, transport to site,load,unloadhandle, lay,joint and test toa head as specified the following pvc pipes, galvanised and cast iron pipes, specialsand valves including for cutting and wasting of cast iron work with 2 coatsof approved bituminous black or bitumen based paint onPVC PIPES LASS 6m lengths with one rubber ring joint per lengthi)160mmm100021.3821,380. ended sluice CI gates valves as specified with 2CISCjoints eachi)160mmNo32,150.006,450. over for 160 pvc, inclusive of all necessary detachablejoints. Allow for all work incidental to pipe jointinga) 11 1/4 bedNo127.1027.10b) 22 1/2 bendNo127.1027.10c) 45 bendNo127.1027.10d) 90 bendNo141.3041.30d) 160mm/160 mm equal teeNo1111.70111.703.2.1.9Supply and deliver, place markers as detailed on the drawingi) Valve and hydrant markersNo.375.00225.00ii) Saddle connection markersNo.21.903.803.2.1.11Flow measuring bulk meters: accuracy +2%No.12,462.802,462.80BILL NO.3: WATER SUPPLYTOTAL CARRIED TO FORWARD53,614.90PROPOSED SUBDIVISION OF THE REMAINDER OF SHAMVABILL OF APPROXIMATE QUANTITIES SUMMARYDESCRIPTIONAmountUSD1PRELIMINARY AND GENERAL85,343.002WATER RETICULATION338,817.033WATER SUPPLY MAIN53,614.90Sub-Total477,774.93ADD 10% CONTINGENCY47,777.49Sub-Total525,552.42ADD 15% V.A.T78,832.86TOTAL TENDER SUM CARRIED TO FORM OF TENDER604,385.29

Ps&GPROPOSED SUB-DIVISION OF WARREN PARK STANDSROAD AND STORMWATER DRAINAGEITEMDESCRIPTIONUNITQTYRATEAMOUNT(USD)1.0PRELIMINARY & GENERAL-BILL 11.1Provision of InsurancesLumpSum1.2Provision of Surety BondLumpSum1.3General Costs (time related)Weeks161.4Establishment of camps and plant on site.(fixed cost)a) Contractors Camp EstablishmentLump Sumb) Engineers site Office 4mx5mLump Sumincluding 1 table and 4 chairsc) Transport Plant to Site (as per list Appendix E)Lump Sumd) Remove Plant from SiteLump Sume) Remove Contractors Camp and make good toLump SumEngineers satifactionf) Any other operation necessaryLump Sumspecify----------------------------------1.5Provision and erection of approved SignboardNo11.6Allow for Compliance to with specificationsa)allow for setting ooutLump Sumb)Allow for sampling and testing as per specLump Sumc)Allow for gravel stockpilingLump Sum1.7Allow for sampling and testing by nominatedLump Sumlaboratory as directed by the engineer1.8Allow for maintenance of works including SiteLump SumTOTAL CARRIED FORWARD

RoadsBILL NO.2:SUBGRADE - SUBDIVISION OF REMAINDER OF WARREN PARK TOWNSHIP ROADSItemDescriptionUnitQtyRateAmount2.0SUBGRADE2.1Clear all grass, bush and weeds in either side of the roadHa4and dispose within 1km as directed by of the road2.2Fell, stump and remove main roots of trees exceeding 1m girthNo.R/O2.3Removal of topsoilcum39002.4Common excavation for use in the embarnkments of roadsincluding all excavation for forming of drains loadingloading (free haul 0.5km) watering, mixing and compacting to93% Mod AASHTOi) Excavate from cutcumR/Oii)Excavate from borrowscumR/O2.5a) Extra over item 2.3 for excavating anthills within formationcumR/Owidth,dispose(not exceeding 1km) of waste material all asdirected by the Engineer, measured insitu (Prov)2.6b)Supply and apply ant-treating chemical where directed(Prov)sqmR/O2.7Extra over Item 2.4 for rock where directed and disposecumR/O(not exceeding 1km) of spoil as directed by the Engineer2.8Extra over item 2.4 for excavation of expansive soils wherecum7800directed (not exceeding 1km) of spoil (Prov)2.9Overhaul on items 2.3 to 2.5cum/kmR/O2.1Supply approved fill material, haul, dump, spread andcum7800compact to 93% HCE in excavations, sponge areas,anthillsetc in layers not exceeding 150mm (Prov)2.11Form roads as specified on standard details - road prismsqm243752.12Scarify, shape, water and control compact subgrade over thesqm24375carriegeway width including shoulders and embankmentsto main roads to a compacted depth of 150mm and to notless than 93% Mod AASHTOTOTAL CARRIED TO SUMMARYBILL NO.3:PAVEMENT - Proposed Subdivision of Remainder of Warren ParkItemDescriptionUnitQtyRateAmount3.0PAVEMENT3.1Supply approved base 1 material, haul, dump, spread,watercum3170and controlled compact to not less than 98% HCE densityall as specified to 150mm compacted thickness3.2Supply approved base 2 material, haul, dump, spread,watercum3412and controlled compact to not less than 96% HCE densityall as specified to 150mm compacted thickness3.3Supply mountable kerbsm1203.4Supply approved fill material, haul, dump spread and compactcumR/Oto not less than 93% HCE density layers.This is to be in allareas enclosed by kerbs and as specified3.5Over haul on item 3.1cum/km22190TOTAL CARRIED TO SUMMARYBILL NO.4: Bituminous Surfacing - Proposed Subdivision of the Remainder of Warren ParkBILL NO.4:BITUMINOUS SURFACING - BIKITA ROADS4.1Supply all material and apply cutback bitumen MC30 as primelitres16900layer at a rate of 0.8litres/sqm to all road surfaces.4.2Sand cover to Prime as ordered by the EngineersqmR/O4.3Bituminous surface treatment using 80/100 penbitumen at 1.2litres/sqm for tack coat and 19mmaggregate at0.0133cum/sqmi) bitumen @ 1.2litres/sqmlitres21450ii) 19mm aggregate @0.013cum/sqmcum2324.4Seal Coat using 80/100 pen bitumen at 0.8litre/sqmand 10mm aggregate at 0.009cum/sqmi) 150/200pen bitumen @0.8litres/sqmlitres14,300II) 10mm aggregate @ 0.009cum/sqmcum1614.4Supply all material for and apply single seal spray and chipsurfacing (including over shoulders if required by the Engineer)using the following materials and application rates:i) Straight-run bitumen tack coat at 1.2l/sqmlitresR.Oii)13mm aggregate at 80sqm/cum as directedsqmR.Oa)Wankie tar or other approved primesqmR.OTOTAL CARRIED TO SUMMARYBILL NO.5:STORMWATER DRAINAGE -Proposed Subdivision of the Remainder of Warren Park -ItemDescriptionUnitQtyRateAmount5.1Excavate for pipe culverts, catchpits, andcum1528drains5.2Extra over 5.1 for excavation in intermediate material ascumR.Ospecified5.3Extra over 5.1 for excavation in rock as specifiedcumR.O5.4Supply, lay, bed and joint class 40D concrete stormwaterpipes with interlocking Ogee joints in pipe culverts.Includingfor necessary backfilling and ramming.a) 450mm bore (access culvert)m292B) 600mmm121c) 750mmm14D 900mmmR/O5.5Supply, lay, bed and joint 100mm bore porous concrete pipemR/Oas under directed5.6Provide 150mm thick Grade10 concrete surround to culvertcum96pipes where directed5.7Supply all material and construct 230mm brick headwalls ofsqm120culvert inlet and outlet5.8Supply all material and construct trapzoidal drains in grade 15cum341concrete5.9Allow for Kerbstones at junctionsm512TOTAL CARRIED TO SUMMARYBILL OF APPROXIMATE QUANTITIES SUMMARYRoads and Stormwater Drainage - Proposed sub-division of Remainder of Warren Park - WESTLEA PHASE 2BILLDESCRIPTIONAmountNo.1SUBGRADE2PAVEMENT3BITUMINOUS SURFACING4STORMWATER DRAINAGETOTAL FOR 20M ROADS