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Books; ABC PPT By Meha Alston
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Books; ABC PPT. By Meha Alston. Alphabet is used. Books use words, words contain letters and letters make up the alphabet. It’s commonsense for this to pertain to books. Biographies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Books; ABC PPT

Books; ABC PPT

Books; ABC PPTBy Meha AlstonAlphabet is used.

Books use words, words contain letters and letters make up the alphabet. Its commonsense for this to pertain to books.


Biographies are when people write about their own lives. When people do write about their life its usually in the form of a books.


Content is whatever the said object contains. Books can contain a lot of things and words and stories. What books contain make them.


Dictionaries are essentially large books filled with words and their meanings. Dictionaries are composed in the form of a book. They are also a type of reference.


Encyclopedias are large books of knowledge. They are alphabetically arranged. They contain articles and pictures on various topics.


Fiction is something that is not real. Books are devised into two main categories, fiction and non-fiction. Fiction books are made up stories.


There are many books containing maps and readings of the areas around us. These books contain maps and images of our geography and others. They are found in books.


History pertains to the past and anything that has to deal with it. Many books, fiction and non-fiction deal with history. History is also a genre.


Information is essentially knowledge. Again, books both fiction and non-fiction contain information. This information has no limit and is confined to no topic.

John Grisham

John Grisham is a fiction writer. He has written many suspenseful fiction books. He is also a best seller.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx was a German philosopher. He was born in 1818 and died in 1883. He wrote many articles and books explaining his opinion on various philosophical topics.


Language is unique to every culture, weather its in dialect or various usage of slang. Books again contain letters and words in a given language. Many books are translated into different languages.


A manuscript is the original, often un edited or handwritten version of a work. Almost all, if not all books have been revised from the original manuscript. Each author has their individual design.


In a manuscript or during editing, many works are revised and things are remarked on. These remarks can be in the form on notations . They can be helpful, and some editions there are annotated versions for the readers pleasure.

Old wives tales

Old wives tales are fairy tales. Usually passed down and different from person to person. They are also sometimes superstitious.


Many non fiction books contain pictures on different topics. Fiction books usually dont. However, many children books do to illuminate the minds of children.


Quotes are the authors words. In any book that someone has written and where the words are their own, can be quoted. Many students and sometimes authors quote the words of others.


Books have lots of information, fiction and non-fiction. Many students and people researching may need to use the books and other sources for information. These sources, that are often books, are resources.


All books contain sentences, they are what compose them. They make up paragraphs and chapters. They form the books little fragments at time.


The theme of a book is pretty much what its about and the genre. Themes can often be expressed to provide a lesson, which is popular in children's books. Many readers have chosen a favorite theme as well as genre.

Used Books

Many people choose to read used books, they are much cheaper. Libraries circulate books and therefore almost all of the books found in one are used. When being used they are passed from one person to another.


Paragraphs make up books. Sentences make the paragraphs. Words make the sentences. Words are essential to a book and the book would not be one without them.

X isnt often used

X is the 24th letter in the alphabet. The alphabet contains 26 letters. Among those letters, X is the most unused.

Yellow Woman by Leslie Marmon Silko

Leslie Silko is a Native American author. She was born in 1948. Yellow Woman was her bestselling books.


A Zebra is an African animal. This animal has black and white stripes and resembles a horse. There are many non-ficton books that talk about animals that also contain mentions of Zebras .

The End